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Some short notes about different types of Millenaire and Minecraft Villages

Millenaire normal villages - Spawns randomly in the world, if its the correct biome, there is enough space and its not too close to other Millenaire villages and buildings. - Only spawns in the normal Minecraft dimension. - You have very little control over what and where they villager build stuff.

Controlled Millenaire villages - Once you have enough reputation, are a leader of that culture and have the wand of summoning, you can spawn your own controlled village. - You can control where stuff is built and in what order. - All buildings are versions of the normal Millenaire buildings for that culture - The Town hall/village center is fixed (only one to chose from each culture)

Custom Controlled Millenaire Villages - Here you have to build all the buildings yourself including the town hall - You have to include the proper amount of panels, chests, work benches etc within a limited area - And then using the wand tell Millenaire what kind of building it is. - Millagers will then move in to that building and start working/living there. - (It is a bit tricky and there are still bugs (version 7.1.2).

"Hybrid Contolled Millenaire Villages" (not really a separate type) - You can actually mix and match your own buildings with the normal buildings for the selected culture. - E.g. build a fancy town hall but let the rest of the buildings be the normal ones.

Vanilla villages - Millenaire do NOT interact with or change vanilla villages. - Sometimes Millenaire villages spawn right on top of vanilla villages or very close by. This might hinder the expansion of the Millenaire village.

Minecolonies villages - No interaction - Should not be placed too close to a Milleanire village - Might be a mod incompatibility when/after schematic has been loaded