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Here you can find all previous versions of of Millénaire, including download links and compatibility with Minecraft versions. Most tables in this article are collapsed. To view a collapsed table, simply press the '+'-sign in the table's header.

As per version 3.0, there is also a server-side version of Millénaire. For now, this will have a separate link in the first column. For each entry, the top link, which name will be the date and version, will be for the client. The bottom, named Server, will link to the server version of the mod.

To download a version, use the link on the version number in the first column.

Minecraft compatibility

1. ^This is an experimental build. It requires Modloader 1.2 and Forge for MC 1.2.3. The Sprite extender is not included at the moment. Use at your own risk!

3.0 and above

Version Changes


Note: Caution, this version is in a beta state and should only be used by people who want to experiment and test.
Note: There was a packaging error in the initial release of this version. You might have to redownload it.

  • Fixed several other sources of crash
  • Other bug fixes


Note: Caution, this version is in a beta state and should only be used by people who want to experiment and test.

  • Fixed several extra MP crashes
  • Big reduction in network use
  • Note: some new text is missing in the English version. I will of course translate it for the release.


Note: Caution, this version is not stable and should only be used by people who want to experiment and test.

  • Fixed several MP crashes
  • Villagers' dialogs show up again


Note: Caution, this version is not stable and should only be used by people who want to experiment and test.

  • Experimental MP support for non-Bukkit servers
  • Switch to Forge API, so Forge is now required
  • Some tweaks and fixes

2.7 - 2.7.8

Version Changes
  • Support for translations in local variants (en_UK, fr_CA...), like Minecraft itself
  • Building export: writing "snow" on the last line of the panel will preserve snow in the exported building
  • Fixed a bug with the saving of villages that could cause intense lag spikes
  • Fixed a bug with the new crafting goals that could cause errors in Norman villages
  • [For modders] New "mods" directory system. Allow modders to override any Millénaire core file and to package all their files in one directory
  • [For modders] Improvements to the generic crafting goal
  • Up-to-date Dutch translation by Keesdechinees
  • Some new japanese skins by Rasseru
  • New Japanese building purchasable by the player: archery stand
  • Tweaks to some villagers' activites

Note: The initial version was wrongly packaged, causing missing items and bugged trading.

  • [For modders] Custom crafting goals can now be added, taking any input to produce any output
  • [For modders] The list of items recognised by Millénaire is now in a text file. Custom items can be added in new text files in millenaire-custom/items
  • [For modders] Custom blocks can be declared in millenaire-custom/blocks for use in building plans
  • Bug fixes
  • New Japanese Player House by Rasseru
  • Fixed bug with the 8th upgrade of the fort in controlled Norman villages
  • Other minor fixes
  • Added dirt walls, used by villagers instead of regular dirt blocks for basic buildings. "Free" resources for the villagers, and can be bought in unlimited quantities by the player.
  • New Japanese armor sets: A "keiko" armor set for the guards (equivalent to chain mail) and a "ō-yoroi" armor set for the leaders (equivalent to the iron armor set), both made from iron and leather and with high enchantability. Graphics by Rasseru.
  • Fixed bug with Yumi bow graphics missing in the 64x texture pack
  • Fixed bug in Norman World Quest
  • Fixed missing files in Spanish translation
  • Other minor fixes
  • Added new "Yumi Bow", purchasable from Japanese villages. Fires faster and longer ranged arrows than a regular bow
  • Fixed bug introduced in 2.7 that prevented purchased player buildings from being built
  • Fixed bug that caused the Japanese military forge to be absent from villages
  • Other minor fixes
  • New Japanese kitchen design by Rasseru
  • Reworked the priority system for fetching goods used by the household (for example, stone for the stone carver)
  • Increased the priority of the Japanese Crafter, to help Japanese villages get paper walls early
  • Fixed bug where turmeric and maize crops could die due to the tilled field reverting to dirt even though they do not require water
  • Fixed bug where some of the Alchemist chapter missions would be skipped in some cases
  • Fixed bug where stairs would cost 6 of the raw resource (they now cost 2, rounded upward from 1.5 in vanilla)
  • Fixed bugs with some Mayan buildings
  • Changes to the Creation Quest:
    • Reworked the Alchemist's chapter: some new missions, a new reward
    • To play the revised Creation Quest in a world where you have started or completed it, delete "tags.txt" in the millenaire folder of your saved game
  • New Alchemist apprentice villager for Norman villages
    • Unlocked during the Alchemist chapter
    • Grows Nether warts and makes awkward potions for trade with the player
    • Rather expensive, but means that brewing is now possible without wart farms in the Nether
  • Added explanations to the Pujas interface
  • Reworked the trade interface so that enchanted items and potions display properly
  • Fixed a bug introduced in 2.6 that prevented the Alchemist's tower from spawning (thanks to Trancid)
  • Fixed a bug that would cause error spamming when generating villages near high mountains
  • Fixed two bugs that could cause crashes in rare circumstances

2.6 - 2.6.1

2.5 - 2.5.9

2.4 - 2.4.8

2.3 - 2.3.6

2.2 - 2.2.8

2.1 - 2.1.6

2.0 - 2.0.9

1.10 - 1.10.4

1.9 - 1.9.2

1.8 - 1.8.7

1.7 - 1.7.6

1.6 - 1.6.9

1.5 - 1.5.1

1.4 - 1.4.6

1.3 - 1.3.3

1.2 - 1.2.6

1.1 - 1.1.6c

1.0 - 1.0.9

0.9 - 0.9.1

0.8 - 0.8.6

0.7 - 0.7.8

0.6 - 0.6.5

0.5 - 0.5.6

0.4 - 0.4.5b

0.3 - 0.3.8b

Before 0.3


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