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*<s>'''Level 15 <span style=color:blue>Water Gym</font>''' in the Ultra Warp at X:172, Z:-1820</s>
*A '''<span style=color:red>Fire Gym</span>''' in the Ultra Warp at X:-1338, Z:-820, this gym syncs to your highest level!
*<s>An '''<span style=color:yellow>Electric Gym</span>''' in the Ultra Warp at X:821, Z:615</s>
==Upcoming Tournament==
==Upcoming Tournament==

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Pixelmon LeafGreen

Pixelmon LeafGreen is a Millenaire and Pixelmon server. Since this is a server all natural Millenaire village spawns have been disabled, to request a village be spawned you will need a gold block and to contact felinoel. Lone buildings can also be requested to spawn and require any metallic block to spawn but can be denied if the request isn't in good faith.
People who are new to the server will get four friend balls.
On the ides of every month, anyone online will be offered a randomly generated egg.

Pokemon of the Week

  • Roselia - Show felinoel a roserade for a random egg and tier 2 loot box gifts.

The server has been live for a week now so let's start a weekly contest! Gotta catch 'em all, gotta catch 'em all, so let's start with randomly chosen pokemon number 315 in the National Dex, Roselia. Roselia is a Grass/Poison type pokemon that evolves from Budew when leveling up during the day while at a high happiness level and evolves into Roserade with a Shiny Stone. Roselia can be found in Flowery biomes during the morning, these biomes are the Flower Forest, Sunflower Plains, Cherry Blossom Grove, Flower Field, and Lavender Fields. Killing Roselias grants 2 Sp. Attack EVs and as such is good to target when trying to raise a pokemon's Sp. Attack.

Current Known Gyms

  • Level 15 Bug Gym at X:742, Z:2044
  • Level 25 Rock Gym at X:1758, Z:2058
  • Level 30 Ice Gym at X:-665, Z:3219
  • Level 37 Grass Gym X:-928, Z:3933
  • Level 37 Flying Gym X:-115, Z:1771

  • A Fire Gym in the Ultra Warp at X:-1338, Z:-820, this gym syncs to your highest level!

Upcoming Tournament

June 29th, 2019
Time is not set but is pending for noon EST. Discuss in the Discord chat your availability.

Tournament Rules
  • Level 25 Pokemon maximum, all need to be level locked to prevent leveling during the tournament
  • Items allowed, no duplicates
  • Only one Mega Pokemon per team
  • Battles will be 3v3

Future Tournaments

  • UU Pokemon only, level 37 cap (see Smogon) - early July
  • NU Pokemon only , level 37 cap (see Smogon) - late July
  • Choose one type and only use that, level 42 cap - early August

How To Join

This is a Patreon server, available as a benefit for donating money to fel each month. To join the server just select the applicable tier and you will be able to join shortly!


Mod List

Once you have been whitelisted from joining the Patreon tier, you can join the server by downloading the ATLauncher and run the Pixelmon Reforged pack.