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This page is for suggestions for future releases. Keep them clear and organised, and added on the page. Take time and do some clean-up on the page to ensure one can understand the ideas! If you do put an idea forward, write a small summary in the summary bar below the page so that we can see what you have suggested and we can find it easily. Also your ideas need to be possible to make as this is in java and the modders don't get paid.

Make short suggestions. Do not add suggestions as categories.

Suggestions that are either already implemented, fixed, or just not will be implemented will be archived. Thank you for sharing your ideas. Keep in mind that this is an 11th CENTURY NORMAN, INDIAN, MAYAN, AND JAPANESE THEMED mod. Many of the nations people are suggesting are very similar to the ones alraedy in the game and will be pointless to add. Although creative and ambitious, many of these suggestions are utterly impossible for Kinniken to implement into the mod without sacrificing that central aspect of the mod. Just use some common sense.

Please write in English too, when you add French suggestions, as the majority of the contributors uses and understands the language. If you can't express yourself properly in English, you can also write in French as I at least will understand it. Kinniken 20:22, June 19, 2011

1001 CE/AD to 1100 CE/AD are the years known as 11th Century. This is part of the High Middle Ages Era. Research your suggestions for civilizations before posting.

Rasseru 02:15, 12 May 2012 (CEST)


  • Remove Rice from being sold to Japanese villages. A player can easily farm rice from the village and sell it nonstop getting unlimited money which kills the fun of the game. It also improves relationship way faster.
  • Allow villagers to upgrade tools if they have the right equipment. I traded stacks of cobblestone and my village still use wooden tools.
  • Add a key/key combo to refresh ai when needed instead of having to restart world everytime to do it. This should be adjustable in a config or preferably in "controls" ingame.
  • Quarry's in villages mine iron ore and smelt it into iron ingots, due to the village always relies on the player to trade them iron ingots.
    idk I mean iron has always been the leading route for players to get ahead and it may make towns too independant
  • Quarry's in villages could start mining iron/gold/obsidian at later upgrades, some may complain about towns being "too independent" frankly they should be 100% independent from player. It makes it more interesting that the world doesn't revolve around the player. However it still works out fine sense towns would still grow faster with player help which doesn't make the player useless.
  • Villages being able to produce moderate, increasing amounts of iron, gold, or obsidian (depending on culture/type) as they grow would also feel much more realistic. What self-respecting culture cannot produce the basic materials needed for tools and defenses? Granted not every small settlement in real life can do so, but considering the limitations imposed by it being a simplistic game, having villages produce these without intervention from the player seems quite natural. It also creates a reason to trade between villages and amass wealth, as an alternative to the tedious task of mining. Note: the production should be moderate, but should increase as a village grows.
  • When a village has "Not enough space" generate a quest to clear and mark an area for construction. Many times villages DO have room, but the algorithm for finding room doesn't see it. This way a player can place 3 markers to show them where to build. The quest will give them the dimensions and the markers to use.
  • When an exception is thrown and a message is logged (especially the per tic errors) have the code stop trying to do that instead of continually spamming the player and their hard disk.
  • Villages start with half builded buildings. They do have a chance of empty buildings or teens/children that don't live anywhere. This will make villages more changing and from the start and different.
  • Change the coloring of the main chest slightly so people can tell if they broke the wrong chest and destroyed their building. Or so they can know which one to purposefully break to remove the building.
    Outdated, it doesn't use chests anymore.
  • A GUI is created for placing buildings, which would resemble a village map. Placing buildings in player controlled villages would be a simple point and click affair.
  • Make it possible for custom AI! o.o
  • Saved Pathing-The reason there are huge lagspikes for lower quality processors, is because each npc is finding a path each time it is assigned a new destination. What if the Npc saves the path it took so it does not have to recheck to see if it can move, and it will only re evaluate the path when the blocks located in the path have changed. Like it stores the coordinates of the blocks located in the path in an array, and it moves along the path instead of rechecking over and over.
  • A way to trade in bulk not have to keep clicking. For Example when you need to sell 10 stacks of cobblestone and you have to keep clicking to sell. Could you implement a button to sell the whole thing.
    This is possible by using the Shift key on your keyboard. Or tripleclicking with your mouse.
  • When setting forbidden blocks, it would be great if one could designate either a ranger of blocks such as 145-210 or only certain meta-values of blocks such as 35:14 . This would add compatibility with mods that use only a few block ids to contain the majority of the mods blocks.
    Doesn't Minecraft Forge handle this?
  • Add in the multiple colors of wood planks introduced in the newest Minecraft release in order to create more realistic, varied, and beautiful Millénaire village.
  • Perhaps extend the range that villagers working in the grove chop trees down so it slightly covers area outside the grove too? There's always awkward leftovers from the larger trees...
  • Perhaps let builders skip blocks when upgrading if the player decided to help out and do part of the upgrading themselves? This will speed up the construction speed considerably. A nice bonus would be if resources were saved when blocks were skipped over.
  • At one point I witnessed a minor bug where more than one villager worked on upgrading a chapel into a church. It may be a slight glitch, but I'd like to see multiple villagers work on one building in the future.
  • Remove the Stone block (made from lava falling ON water) from the artificial blocks list, this will add a new way to quickly enlarge the building land.
  • Make player purchased areas be off limits to slaughterers, I used a small plot to herd some animals and two guys rushed in and killed everything, they took the beef but left the raw chicken.
  • To quell the complaints of food not restoring the hunger bar, I propose this solution: Food restores the Hunger Bar while the Beverages restore the Life Bar, a 'Liquid Courage' soultion if you will. Naturally more Beverage Items would need to be added thus I suggest the following: Sake for the Japanese Culture, made from fermented rice. Tharrafor the Hindi Culture, made from sugar cane. Xtabentún for the Mayan Culture, made from Honey and Rum. Ale and Mead would be a given for a Nordic Culture should one emerge.
  • Make all goals editable.
  • Allow marriage and reproduction with villagers - With gender selection each new game (could change in config to default to a gender to stop this) With gender selection options; None, Male, Female, Both. (None: no kids., Male & Female: Kids with opposite gender, both: Kids with both genders but at a highly reduced chance.) Marriage shouldn't be gender determined but being male or female should considerably reduce the odds the same gendered NPC will accept the proposal.
  • Perhaps a Japanese creation quest could start at the Lone Buddha Building or a maybe a Shinto Shrine.
  • Japanese towns should sell fishing rods, and Hindi have and sell infinite supply of dirt and sand (sense the NPC's use a infinite supply of both anyway), gathering both from wild is still the cost effective way for producing mudbricks and cooked, It would provide a way for players to continue produce at a minimal profit after they exhuasted all easily accessible supplies. (Some prices may need to be adjusted to compensate for this.)


  • Robinton's 4096 IDs: allows many more block IDs than vanilla Minecraft. Useful because folks that enjoy Millenaire may enjoy using it with other mods and easily hit the block ID cap. (Developer notes available on his minecraftforums thread.)
  • Could be awesome if you took a talk with the maker of Tale of Kingdoms, about integrate the 2 mods even more, what i mean by this is, that it could certainly be awesome if villagers from the millionaire villages had the oppoturnity to travel and visit TheInn/TheTavarn of the Tale of Kingdoms mod. + the other way around ofc.
  • Add it as a plugin (Bukkit) for multiplayer.
    • ModLoaderMP pack would be nice too.
    • Or just a standalone multiplayer mod. I'd use this even breaking dependencies with other things.
  • Mo' Creatures mod: Stables for horses could be added. Also ogres occasionally destroy the village, fix like with creepers. Perhaps the villagers would have pet cats. Also wolf, boar and crocodile skins could be used for new cultures. (Wolf fur= Eskimos, etc.)
  • FarmCraft Mod: The farms would have domesticated versions of the animals?
  • Add compatibility with the SingleplayerRPG Mod. Add a bartering and speechcraft skill and possibly other skills. Make each Town Center or whatever have a mayor that give certain quests and small tasks. Combined with compatibility with Humans+, this could be the perfect mod.
  • Seasons mod:In winter villagers dont grow and the wheat too dont grow. At spring farmers plant seeds and at autumn they reap the wheat and take it to the bakery.
  • make it work with the walled city generator and wall mod so people live in the city.
  • Nature Overhaul/Treecapitator: Change the way villagers deal with trees blocking their path, either only remove leaves in their own height or removing the whole tree in the way. Normally(1.4.3) they will remove all leaves in a large box around them when they move, this will often leave trees with only leaves on 1 side breaking tree detection for both Nature overhaul and Treecapitator.
  • Because Xie makes many of the custom crop images, why not improve compatibility between Xie's farming mod and Millenaire? Maybe this is something for Xie to do, though.
  • Compatibility with Mods made in Player Model API would be nice. The option of whether or not the NPCs follow the same model path would be a bonus.
  • Perhaps villagers will recognise you as an alchemist if you happen to have Equivalent Exchange tools carried around? I find it odd the people I'm selling supplies to don't seem to notice me pulling out tons of stone out of thin air....
  • May I suggest adding an apiarists villager and/or specialized apiarists home for each culture as a module for, in popularity, ever growing Forestry mod for minecraft? Also a compatibility check with the mentioned mod may be needed. Sengir added those villagers in vanilla villages so i presume a short collaboration on mutual benefit would be worth a shot? Thanks in advance.
  • Compatibility with IDResolver. A NullPointerException occurs when used with Millénaire.


Map information

- Here is a tough one now. Can anyone figure out how to get maps to show villages on the map, as opposed to having misleading tan or red spots to indicate the presence of a town?

- Make the player appear on the map of the village, e.g. to ease the clearing of space or to locate more easily all the building composing the village while wandering in it.


RuneScape had a system of stewards for player-owned domiciles, but I felt that Millenaire could go further.

It would be great if you could have a system of butlers and valets. For instance:

  • A footman is based at the home you are staying in at a village.
  • A valet does the same thing but is based at an inn.
  • A cook is a female NPC based at the home you are staying in at a village, and will serve food on request (requires high reputation)

What these do is that they allow you to interact with storage chests located in the buildings they are based in, but with different tasks. The valet allows you to send items to a storage chest (small) while a footman allows you to take things from a storage chest (large), and these 2 mobs will follow you around for a specific radius (maybe 1-2 villages' breadth). Their services however are not cheap - valets cost 1 bronze per deposit, while a footman might not cost anything but needs a certain level of reputation (and deniers).

Village Misc

  • You should be able to reactivate villages.
    • Depending on the culture, the villagers should get iron or gold from their mines (uprade for mine?) and sell them to the player
    • There needs to be limits on how much of a specific resource a village will gather. Otherwise they'll gather useless resources in vast amounts and fill up their chests to the point that they can't do anything anymore.
      • also if you could gift them chests to use for more storage space somehow.
    • Carved brick and cooked bricks for Mayans.
    • It would be nice if the Indians had more decorative materials for your homes. Indian temples were never as drab as the ones in Millenaire.
      • Also, same goes for Mayan pyramids. Historically, Mayan pyramids and public buildings would have been done in stucco, giving it a nice, clean white appearance.
      • Look at the Arabesque modpack for MineCraft for more details. Perhaps, we could have carved bricks, and carved cooked brick.
    Village Expansion.
    • In history of china, i read that it expanded very fast. It become a large city, and got 1 mil Population.
      • Sounds great. But how can we distinguish them from the Japanese villagers and villages?
        • Going along these lines, I believe it would be possible for a village to expand over time, in terms of the border of building space to go from being a village to a small city. Something a little harder to do would be the idea of buildings getting replaced, for instance: the village is first started and generates a quarry on the edge of the build space. The village build border expands, and the quarry is now too close to the center, and so is replaced by a house or church while a new one is built on the outskirt again.
      • Could be fun to see a speciel town/second mod where, for those who arent running minecraft on a calculater, had the oppoturnity to expand thier town forever, into a huge city or atleast untill crash because of its awesomeness.
      • Villagers should be able to accept all colors of wool to fulfill their wool needs (as wool is generally used by them for beds, and beds can be made using different colors of wool).
        • Ditto that! thus we should have a premium on dyed wool...especially that which uses hard-to-obtain dyes such as pastels, brown wool and lapis derivatives.
      • There should be a law system of some kind put into the mod, i.e. Some villagers steal from the market, but if caught get hung or burnt at the stake. Kind of pointless but will add more depth and make in more realistic.
        • Plus there should be jails, and inside there are the people who have been caught.
          • Also, you can steal things and then if you get caught you end up in jail.
      • Decrease the growth time of the Trees in Groves and Lone Lumberjack Groves, the instant spawn at such speeds cause some saplings to grow into only block high logs. -Dastot
      • Villagers will know if the right block is placed while building and will not replace the same block.
      • Increase the different kinds of Trade goods which the Player can sell to the village, add things like Tools, weapons, bread, fish, meats and leather to all villages. The ability to buy those Cider Apples to sell to other towns and just MORE things to trade with, it doesn't have to be just Metals. I want a reason to find another village. - Dastot
      • Abbey Monks consume Leather at an alarming rate to make Bookshelves. No Paper is used or even books made. Allow Paper/Books to be sold to Abbey Villages and stop the Monks from emptying the Cattle Ranches. Don't make me a Night time Thief to those Cattle Ranchers. Killing them Cows in the night... -Dastot
      • Children can be spawn during both day and night and not just night.
      • Villagers fill up water on their own to make more space.
      • A villager tool similar to the Town Wand Wood=Lumberjack stone=miner farmland=farmer etc.(They would be spawned at their houses and temporary if there is no housing space)-joe Perhaps something more akin to the spawn blocks in castledefenders? or a builders-ish GUI interfase to set up designated areas of land (like the player-owned estates) within distance of a 'center chest'? essentually strip the buildings from the equasion entirely, so the player can build their own (or have very basic huts that can be expanded upon.) would likely need som majics so you could move center chest (perhaps a 'chest wand' or somesuch, place a chest, rightclick, and have a designator GUI for player-owned towns)
      • Be interesting to the children they moved from one town to another if this latter needs population. The idea would be that was close, for example, less 1 km.

      Villagers repair damage done by creepers, fire, etc.

      • If the difficulty is set to "Hard" the town carpenter should go around every day at dawn and replace any doors destroyed by zombies during the night.
      • Should be another button next to the remove building button in the player controlled village, this button would be a repair building button and would make the villagers re-build that building
      • Allow the village wand to function in the Nether. As of now, it does nothing, and pressing "v" will attempt to guide you to a village on the surface.
        • There is no 'surface' per se in the Nether
      • Maybe in the start, be able to buy a room in the Inn, to sleep through the night for a cheap price. This feature includes some kind of house protection: Villagers don't let you sleep in their beds. (dytuno; davars)
        • They never stopped me before? He means they shouldn't allow you.
      • Add more female villager types.
      • The ability to easily destroy a village by killing the block it was spawned from or something similar maybe a button etc.
      • Also when a village town centre signs say "no construction goal" you can order additional buildings with a gui with all the village buildings, and when there is no space for nothing they build the roads.
      • Add citizen houses.(They breed better than other houses, but have no other purposes)
      • Citizens should get their household stuff from the market and can stand together in groups talking, when nothing to do.
      • Additional factors- average village lifespan and health (with doctors) Maybe if a specific party is in power doctors could be more efficient. and content-ness, how happy villages are with the current party in power, goes up if aforementioned requirements are filled and if "flavour" buildings such as wells are present.
      • It may even be possible to have the building priorities change for different factions in power. (Rytho)
      • Adding a Market Central would fill the commercial role currently filled by the Gros Bourg, which could instead have some sort of political function. These towns could have a unique building like a lord's palace (that houses a feudal lord who oversees surrounding villages) that symbolises the government's presence. Maybe then a limited number of Autonomous Towns are generated naturally very far apart from each other, and are ruled by kings and serve as the capitals of these fragmented Frankish duchies.
      • Monsters attack on the villagers and guards stay up at night to protect their town.
      • An Indian version of the Normans Inn/Guest house
      • Parks and gardens. Perhaps have flowerpots in some of the nicer houses(Using a dirt block, placing a rose or dandelion on it, and using open hatches to make it look like a flowerpot/window box.)
      • Villagers when on break - mind their own buisness (they create personal wealth like paintings etc to store in their personal chests, gather wealth)
      • Have it to where buildings from other villages are registered as a no build zone for other villages, this is to keep them from tearing each other apart. This could be very useful for Gros Bourg type villages, as they tend to spawn their hamlets quite close creating issues with where they build.
      • Please, please, please, add a circle to the village map to indicate the current radius of the village. This will make it easier to ensure your village has space for buildings.
      • Have a village that is a combination of all the cultures that hosts trade between all the villages.
      • Please add a "You are here" dot in the map so that we know where we are. This will be useful for purchasing village scrolls and not get lost even though you have the scroll. --<a href="User:Phoenixon">Phoenixon</a> 09:38, 28 December 2011 (UTC)
      • Add another creation quest chapter for the Mayans and the Japanese. I got an idea with the Mayans. But it will be to long if I write it here. --<a href="User:Phoenixon">Phoenixon</a> 09:38, 28 December 2011 (UTC)

      Village Generation

      • Hamlets connect to each other with gravel roads.
      • The algorithm that generates villages should recognize certain features in the surrounding landscape, including if there is a large body of water nearby for maritime villages.
      • Player controlled villages - when the player selects a space for a new building there could be an option to confirm that's where they want it before its added to the village build list. Similarly they can select to not have it there. This would allow players to layout their town before submitting it to the build list.
      • Player controlled villages - Also a marker in the building plan (extra sign) to show where the front door is going to be (in conjunction with suggestion above)
      • Adjust weights of village types to account for existing villages of that type or culture. This would increase variety in village types and avoid situations where you have five military villages of one culture and no agricultural, artisan, etc.

      Countries / Regions (New Cultures)

      • Several ideas:
        • Bulleted list item There should be Tribes/Eskimos, Savages, Persians, More Bandits, Medicine Men, Monks
        There should be Nomadic Tribes/Agricultural Tribes/Hostile Tribes and a Shaman in every tribe and they have tents and long houses also adobe houses. The Forest Tribes use Log Long Houses the Desert Use Adobe houses and the Plains Use Dried Clay houses and the plains also use tents.The Tribes in tundras use snow igloos and are called Eskimos and they collect fish. There should be Savages that roam deserts/some have caves/some have their own community With a farm of Slaves from any culture The Persians made the so the Persians should make medicines and have treatment centers for citizens only because they don't trust strangers and hate enemy's There should be more bandit strong holds and they should raid villages too and rob them And different cultures should Take over >each other/go to war/make alliances/make peace/make offerings/demolish each other there should also be Out Casts of a culture they are hostile to their own Culture and rarely have their own towns there should also be merchant medicine men that pick up plants and seeds to make potions. The monks Should be like a guru but One group worships nature/One group worships The Nether/One group Worships the Fabled Sky Lands maybe a Maori or Hawaiian culture? They were very strong in the 11th Century. They were a farming society, and were very primitive with only stone tools. Their buildings were built from primarily thatch. Again had all aspects of religion believed in many gods. Perhaps a fishing village as well by the ocean.
        • The five 11th Century Irish kingdoms: Munster, Leinster, Mide, Connacht, and Ulster. They spent a lot of time fighting the Normans and that series of conflicts is pretty much the basis of all Irish history, so it fits very nicely with the mod's theme. They would mainly settle on riverbanks and in mountain villages, and if the "regional relations" suggestion below is implemented, they could each have a king who all serve the High King. Their villages would be cobblestone cottages, a central church, and perhaps an ancient burial mound like Bru na Boinne or the Hill of Tara (these were very large, Neolithic archaeoastronomical megaliths which many of the kings and High Kings used as sacred cultural sites), which were very important to the cultures.
        • Inuit culture (uses a mix of dried bricks and snow to build their homes. Appears only in tundra), which specialises in fishing.
        • Tibetan culture (uses a mix of dried bricks and gold ornaments in Japanese-styled buildings, appearing only in snowy hills).

        Amazon Culture in 1.2 in the jungle. The usual men/women roles are REVERSED. They only build with wood and planks.

      • Concentrations of villages that all have relations with each other–each region will have a name. These regions will be active in a group so they would have to be relatively close to each other. A region map is displayed at town center.
      • There should be African villages that dont stay in one spot.
      • Middle Eastern and viking cultures should be added. Middle Eastern would spawn in the desert, and Vikings would spawn along the coast.
      • Aboriganal/African villages that live in tents around the sea and forest and also they go out every night to tell a story around the camp fire and they also tame wolf to hunt
        • Which is it? Aboriginal or African? I ask because I made an Aboriginal to Canada culture...
      • Egyptian villages that use sandstone to build their buildings. They also build pyramids
        • The Egyptians were extinct by the Roman era...a good 1,000 years before the Normans.
      • More specific biome based villages, like Tundra/Taiga only villages would be Inuit-Yupik people
        • Did I post this? o.O Anyways hey if I didn't post this then I made this if you want to try it :b
      • Kingdom of England (Saxons): English villages, can have English castles, crusaders, Crusader weapons and chain mail,

      there could even be some stuff from the story of Robin Hood, like bows, feathered hats, maybe an out law forest camp.

        • Saxons were completely subsumed by the Normans.
      • a roman village that would attack all the neighboring villages
      • Villages based off of the Byzantines that export colored wools and building materials
      • Native american cultures such as the Lakota, Iroquois, Cheyenne, Cherokee etc, May need to consult actual native american groups for accuracy in language, architecture, governments, etc sense few did the tipi thing and few leaders are actually chiefs.

      • 11th Century Vikings. They would build in viking architecture, maybe Vinland (Newfoundland) architecture. They'd generate close to bodies of water, rivers, and oceans where they can easily access convenient ways to other villages. There would probably be many small lone buildings belonging to the vikings as well. Traveling merchants/traders would travel by routes to smaller viking villages, perhaps owned be larger ones similar to Gros Bourgs.
      • Why not Scots clan "villages" that randomly fight/ally with each other if they're within a specified radius?
      • Arabian culture: The Arabs were flourishing in this time period (it could be argued they were the most developed civilization of the time), and Arabic styles would fit in with the rest of the mod.
      • Perhaps a bit on the intergration note, maybe ToK cities could fit in either normandy or a new, european culture, preferably saxons as stated by the above.

      Mongolian Culture

      Mongol villages are only found in resource-less, and/or cold biomes, such as plains and tundra.

      They only like traders, if you are a stranger and don't do anything while in there village for a while they will get suspicious of you and eventually kick you out with means of force. However, if you trade with them a lot, they are quick to like you.

      • Ruled by Liao Dynasty (Northern Chinese Empire) <a href="User:Rasseru">Rasseru</a> 09:55, 9 November 2011 (UTC)

      Russian (Kievan Rus) Culture. --<a href="User:Phoenixon">Phoenixon</a> 09:38, 28 December 2011 (UTC)

      Most villagers here should be warriors and hunters and they spawn in any biome except deserts, swamps, and mushroom (Ocean and river is okay). They are ruled by Yaroslav I the Wise. --<a href="User:Phoenixon">Phoenixon</a> 09:38, 28 December 2011 (UTC)

      Source: <a href=""></a>

      Kingdom of England, the Saxons.

      • Perhaps some British? This is a very small idea but it could grow.
      • "gothic" and "celtic" villages, the original settlers of the british isles had a style of archetecture similar but not identical to norman
        • Too early and other nations took their place. <a href="User:Rasseru">Rasseru</a> 09:45, 9 November 2011 (UTC)

      *I was thinking a sort-of Victorian time British, but Im not sure if that fits the 11th century.

        • No no, the Saxons were of that period, go for them.
      • Yes, another idea by the person who came up with the British. This time Im thinking about 11th century Germany. Im not really good with history so Im just starting another idea.
        • This would be the "Holy Roman Empire". <a href="User:Rasseru">Rasseru</a> 07:02, 15 October 2011 (UTC)


      (the Normans had a strong naval tradition) as a fishing village as a hub of regional commerce. Trade-related structures as market and Inn take priority and therefore merchants are more common here. The town hall could be docks with an adjoining warehouse.
      Possibly a building in a Maritime city would be a harbor? It would need wood and stone. There would be boats which could be taken and ridden out, possibly to fish? And perhaps, larger ships, which you could board, explore, and they could take you to other port cities? (Not actually moving, but teleporting you to a duplicate.)


      • Have villagers terraform sand and stone in a small radius in and around the village to dirt/Grass and make villagers flatten the ground so they have more room for buildings when they have nothing to do.

      New Villages

      • Hindi, Mayan and Japanese equalivent of a Borug Autonome. I don't like buildings not being build & it would make them more versatile.
      • Aggressive villages that attack and steal from other villages.
      • Village type ideas: Mining village, fishing village, city, outpost (near a 'parent' town), more Hindi villages.
      • A village starts with inhabitants, but no buildings. This would result in no more groups of houses with only 6 inhabitants, looking like a lost, given up village.
      • Water villages: villages that are like venice so instead of filling in all the blocks below they place fence posts to support the homes from under water
      • Nomad villages (living in tents) Nord villages (dwarf like bearded axe wielding people) Mercenary camp "village" (hire mercenaries) Monastery village (servants of God, no females, warrior monks).
      • Nomades that travel through the world. That live in huts and tents and raid other villages.
      • An OPTION for advanced villages that start off farming and trading, then upgrade to mining and industrial and then to a full blown modern-ish city. Could also plugin with IC² for electricity and such.
      • Different time periods that can be edited in the options. Say -2nd-5th century,11-12th century, 13-15th century, ect.
      • a method for NPCs to acquire iron. For example, a final upgrade to the quarry which would still make the human player (me) have to help out the villages with getting the initial iron but would eventually, with the upgrade, be able to gather the resource itself.
      • Walled Village: Update and include in game the Walled Village now in the custom section.PLEASE!!!!

      Marché Central (Market Center)

      If world economy was added as a feature, this village would be the backbone of it. Designed around buying low and selling high, this village also imports a lot of raw materials, manufactures them, then exports it to all the other villages for a handsome profit. The town knows how to spend money, and won't buy what it doesn't need, a military is not on that list, and neither is the expensive task of getting raw materials themselves.

      Artistic Hindi Village

      A village which in its final upgraded form could be composed primarily of glass. It would be interesting but not necessary if this village was an aquatic one so that there could be underwater glass buildings.

      • A nomadic African Sahara village that spawns in desert biome only. Also a Islam Empire should be added that would always be invading Hindus and Normans. </p><p>Village Upgrading

        As the village develops, buildings and upgrades allows the village to access more advanced buildingsThis process of developing should be controlled by the NPCs, so that the player will not have cars while only being able to use a bow and arrow. The player should not be able to craft his own technological items, but be able to purchase them from buildings. Please add ideas to the technologies.

        Village Progress

        The "Villages" should progress in stages. These stages would require resources for the citizens to advance, but would increase the parameter distance where they can build, the technology or buildings they can make and/or use, the amount of buildings, and the population cap. For example:

        • Hamlet: Beginning of the "village", just the basics. Distance to other village: 300m. Pop cap: 10. 6 buildings.
        • Village: Making headway, maybe 10-13 days have gone by. Distance 700m. Pop cap: 32. 14 buildings.
        • Town: Very good, at least 38 days have gone by in the life of this settlement, it has at least 2 guard towers, and is at a very stable point. Distance: 1300m. Pop cap: 80. 30 buildings.
        • Province: Slightly smaller than a city, but same technology level. Also, all province's will have at least 1 small barracks with around 4-5 soldiers if not a military "village". Distance: 2000m. Pop cap: 150. 60 buildings.
        • City: Very big. The penultimate upgrade for a settlement. Distance: 4500m. Pop cap: None. Unlimited buildings until no space.
        • Capital: There is only one of these for every country, though not required for a country to exist. Without cheating, at least 100 days have gone by. Size: Unlimited. Pop cap: Unlimited. Unlimited buildings. The capital has unique buildings. A big citadel and town walls for example.
        • Advanced Specialisation: For example, the military settlements could have Military Academy for elite soldiers such as knights, Archery Ranges for archers, etc... Weapon Workshops for all sorts of weapons and armour that cannot be manufactured at the armoury, and so on.
        • Building Processes: You should let more than one citizen work on a building and allow both males and females to work on buildings. It would work kind of like this: There's a building plan that has been decided on by the settlement. Every idle person within 100m is alerted of the construction, and moves to participate in it.
        • News: There should be newspapers, or bulletin boards that display news stories about what happened around the Minecraft world yesterday, like alliances or trade routes. It should update once a day.
        • Smart City Planning: The citizens should build in an organised fashion, making specific sections for stores, fountains, houses, etc... This would result in better, less confusing settlements.

        Village Researching

        Villages have research more and better buildings. Research can also change the way villagers act, like villagers will not be afraid of the dark and more. To research you must require schools or other buildings. Research will be ranked as levels the higher your level the more you can research. For example:
        • Farm, Hut, Well
        Level 1: Professions (Main Building required)
        • Forge,Bakery,Tavern,Market,Fishing hut,tanner,Armoury,Black Smith,Miner,Lumber Mill,School,Alchemist
        • Tanner can produce Clothes.
        • Abilities: upgrade buildings with cobblestone
        Level 2: Trade & Transport (School required)
        • Roads,Lantern,Big Market,Port,Stables,Outpost, Slave market
        • Outpost Explorers can set-up an outpost to expand the village.
        • Roads can give direction where a village is, increasing merchants.
        • Abilities: Trading with other Villages, Upgrade School into Academy
        Level 3: Warfare (Academy required)
        • Training Grounds,Archery, Battle Stables, Hunting Hut,Workshop, Walls, Watchtower, Healers Hut
        • Training Ground & Archery will produce only Militia.
        • Hunting Hut will produce Hunter that only hunt at night.
        • Abilities: Conquer, Riding, Patrolling, Upgrade Academy into University
        • Conquer is that a village can conquer an other village it only works if the Leader is taking the lead.
        Level: Amusement (University required)
        • Arena, theatre, Great Market, City Square, Hospital, Leader Statue
        • Abilities: Musician,Night Life, Hard Training,
        • Musician are random villagers that plays music for the crowd.
        • Night life Villagers will not be afraid of the dark.
        • Hard Training Militia will change into Heavy soldiers.

        Adventure Advancement

        RTS type Building

        Use an RTS advancement system for which buildings can be built, what level they can reach, and building effects Say all buildings have a max of five levels, but some buildings need other ones to be made or advance a level. While some buildings will prevent other buildings from going beyond a level or being built at all. Of course each level would need resources that the player could provide for reputation increase

        Some examples:


        • No church means no marriages so no children born and production takes twice as long due to no husband wife teams
        • Level one, Marriage has a 10% chance to produce a child till reaching population cap and production normal speed
        • Level two, Produce child chance increased to 20% and population cap raises from say 10 to 20
        • Level three, Child chance increased to 30% and production speed by 25% (hard workers, children help, what have you)
        • Level four, Child chance increased to 40% and population cap to 30
        • Level five, Child chance increased to 50%, production speed by 50% population cap 50, and Priest can bless player
        • Restrictions: Level one to three needs town center of same level. Can't progress past level four if a level three or higher military building exists, or three if a level four or higher school exists.


        • No military means only the towns people can defend town and no defensive buildings can be produced
        • Level one, Produces men at arms, can not produce more then half the towns population cap and defensive towers level one can be built
        • Level two, Produces knights 1 for every 5 military persons and ability to build level two towers
        • Level three, Produces bowmen same limit as men at arms for amount and level three towers can be built
        • Level four, Produces 1 sargent at arms which player can ask to form army of all military personal for player use and level four towers
        • Level five, Produces 1 champion which will follow the player defending him and level five towers can be built
        • Restrictions: Level one to three needs blacksmith of same level, level four a level three town center and all level three towers built. Can't progress past three if level four or higher church exists, or four if a level three or higher school exists.

        I could continue like this but I think this gives an idea of what I mean. Say a town center level so that there could be patrols, another for walls, etc. The blacksmith could give iron tool repair for one level, armor repair for another. To work well the player would need the ability to request certain buildings be built, plus if the player requests it they need to supply all the materials. What could make it more interesting is each type of town have it's own building upgrade path it would take by default unless the player controls the choices. As well making different combinations of buildings have different in game benefits for the player which will make each building path attractive.

        • On the above; this seems like a great idea, the main thing that I am interested in though is that upgrades actually DO something other than make it look nicer.

        Better economy

        • Using non fixed prices depending on consumption and the stored amount of resources the prices should raise and fall following the rules of market mechanisms- making it more advantageous to travel between villages and be a human merchant. The Caravaneer model could be great.
        • Payed to slay: killing monsters should yield a bit of reward, operated as a drop by the monsters. Killing mobs that can't attack back yields no reward. Here are some examples I came up with: zombie=1-3denier, skeleton=2-5denier, spider=4-7denier, creeper=5-10denier, ghast=1denier Or (but dropped as 64 denier Argent due to the chance of it landing in lava), charged creeper=2denier Or.
        • limited villages income : Villages could have a income per day depending on the number of villagers in the village including (example : random income beetween 5 and 10 denier per day per villager, maybe more for gros burg center villages), Denier would become a ressource like others and villages could stack it and use it to pay for the player ressources. This way, the player could sell only a limited amount of stuff to villages. The player could give stuff to villages without payement, this incrinsing greatly its reputation. The Forge could produce coins and the merchants could create money from distant land

        Internal Politics / Factions


        • Royalist: People become members of the royalist faction if building stalls under Republican or Labor leadership, there is a lack of food under Republican leadership and if the country has very good relations with nearby cities.
        • Republican: The Republican faction gains strength in times of neutrality with not strong feelings with nearby cities. If the Royalist Faction or the Militarist faction do poorly at providing food people turn to the republican faction. If a city is controlled by a majority of republicans builders work faster.
        • Militarist: People become militarists if a war is going on. If the labor party or theocratic faction do poorly the militarists do better. If the militarists are in power soldiers perform better in combat and relations with neutral and warring factions will go down if they are in power.
        • Theocratic: If a war starts going poorly more people will switch to the theocratic party. The longer a war goes on the more theocratic supporters there will be and if they gain a majority in both towns they will try to restore peace. Reproduction rate is increased under the theocratic government.
        • Labor: The Labor party gains strength if theocratics or militarists do poorly. While labor is in power productivity is down.
        Labor government would be kind of underpowered (maybe it was affected by IRL ideological beleive). A more equilibrated effect would be that under Labor is in power, construction speed decrease by 25%, but ressources prodction increase by 50%.

        In military villages there should be a king trying to appease the majority of the population. In ecclesiastic villages there is a theocracy. In agricultural and artisanal villages there is a council making decisions.

        • There should be a Greek or Roman culture (this whole certain time period is kind of dumb....) I think it would be more fun if there were many different cultures
          Too bad, that's the way this is done. The Greeks were pretty much finished when the Romans took over, and by the time you had Normans the Roman civilization had fallen. Greeks and Romans=BC, Millenaire=1000


        • The forge should have additional upgrades so it is made of stone bricks like the quarry. It looks awkward made of cobblestone next to the wood frame buildings.

        Japanese bandits

        • The building should be called a ronin den. These are people who will attack passers-by unless they are "kind enough" to make an "open-hearted donation" of some bronze deniers. </li>
        • Additionally, ronin will often pay a visit to villages up to 50 metres away, collecting "protection money" every day they pass through. Killing ronin will improve your standing with the Japanese faction, and could possibly be a quest given to the player.
        • Alternatively, ronin can be recruited. By far the most powerful of all military escorts, ronin however have a high monetary and social cost - consorting with them lowers your relations with all other villages by a great deal, and you will also be forced to pay higher prices when purchasing merchandise.
          • As ronin are samurai who became masterless from the death or fall of their master, or after the loss of his master's favor or privilege, it would make more sense if some were still very honorable and follow Bushido (the code of the samurai), and so could be recruited from towns for more money then the ronin who turned to banditry.
          Sound like the wrong Era and can't do something like that. Ronin=1600. That's feudalism, not 11th-century kingdom life.

          Building Generation

          • If the spot a building is going to be built on is underwater, have the building be constructed on a floating wooden platform.

          Custom Building Creation

          • Allow to customise how many upgrades a building gets in each village type
          • NPC navigation .png file for complex buildings. (Atrallax Baltor)

          NPC navigation color palette to help / guide the NPCs in their way from spot A to spot B inside complex buildings. Maybe an independent .png file with the access, exit, transit and other relevant spots/routes inside a building.

          .:Destination Colors / Entrance, Exit, Resting Area, Protect Spot (For Guards), Archery Spot (Archers in Towers or Walls)

          .:Route Colors / Navigation (To guide the NPC inside a complex structure, the way from Spot-A to Spot-B), Patrol (For Guards)

          <p>Onsen Would function in much the same way as the Norman tavern, in that it increases the rate at which children are born. Also, the Japanese have a special place in their culture for bathing, both for practical and religious reasons. Villigers could come here to relax after a hard days work. It could start out as an open air-like pond, gradually being upgraded to an enclosed building. -Knightmare <p>Japanese Pub Serves Sushi, Sake, and cooked rice. <a href="User:Rasseru">Rasseru</a> 07:45, 31 October 2011 (UTC)

          Agree to that proposition. Also, include a Ume-kajuen, which is a plum orchard (possible?) whose leaves if attacked randomly, drop plums which can be used with rice (from the Indian and Japanese farms) with fish to make sushi....

          Japanese Sake Den

          • Serves Sake, but more importantly this should be a building where Ninjas could be hired at a large cost, they could be very good in unarmored close combat and could also climb 2 blocks. </li></ul>
            No ninjas in the Heian Period. Ninjas=1600s in the time of feudalism.

            Japanese Monastery Lone Building

            • Could spawn in high mountainous biomes, and could be a buddhist temple who are peaceful to you to start, that has warrior monks to defend it, and could look like this. <a>[n]</a>, <a>[n]</a>, <a>[n]</a>, <a[n]</a> And could be upgraded into something like this <a[n]</a> </li></ul>
              Warrior Monk and Mountain temples were not seen in Heian Period. That's feudalism in the 1500s to 1600s.

              Building Misc

              • Put fence-gates in the animal farms so the animals cannot escape
              • After some time, the inn's/guest house's log contains 100+ pages. Perhaps shift+click. Maybe a log/merchant change, because at the moment, it will publish the merchant getting 7 cider apples, 15 times in a row.
              • Add a <a href="Norman:Relais">Relais</a> for Hindi Villages like the <a href="Hindi:Village gaanv">Gaanv</a>. Only made out of <a href="Hindi:Blocks">Bricks</a>.
              • Ad shoolhouses/playgrounds for children, they don't do anything all day but rest, this gives them something to do instead of just milling around the village doing nothing.
              • I know, walls have been suggested many times, but i want to propose another idea on how to implement them. Do it as an update to the townhalls, so they are in a fix range around it. Let them just leave out the space in the middle and flat out the area, where the wall stands. Afterwards they build it around the townhall, in an area of 65(?) blocks, depends on how big the village is. Another possibility is to make these upgrades optional. So make a new sign, where you can build the wall without having to upgrade the whole townhall. This would also enable you to only build the wall on a specific side.

              New Buildings

              War Room: Main purpose is to recruit soldiers. Supplies basic weapons and armor (Norman and iron weapons and armour, bows and arrows).

              Mason and Leather Tanner: They craft items out of their respective materials. The first level will be just crafting wooden tools. At more advanced levels they can craft beds, doors, boats, ect. Mason can make more advanced tools and weapons out of cobblestone and at higher levels turn cobblestone into stone in furnaces. The Leather Tanner can start by making simple leather armor, and advance to dying wool, etc.

              Alchemist: (Artificer?) Crafts items that are made of gold and redstone, such as Clocks, Compasses, Levers, Buttons, etc.

              'Bank Trades 65 Deniers into one coin up the ladder. (i.e. bronze deniers become one silver, silver become gold etc.) the extra denier is his loan.

              District: You have a big building with 3 sub buildings. The sub buildings are made of wood. And by upgrades 2 there are 5 sub buildings and roads between the little houses made of cobblestone. By upgrade 3 the houses are made of timber frames and roads made of stonebricks.

              Docks, Fisherman's Hut, Shipyard: Found in maritime/fishing villages. Acts as the town hall, houses an NPC that contributes a new food source, and creates boats out of wood, respectively.

              Cemetery: To bury the dead in. Therefore adding the aspect of mortality. Could be added in higher upgrades of Chapel/Church. Could also be fake with signs showing names of villagers.

              Cartographer's House: The cartographer works and lives here. He uses paper sold by the player (or perhaps a Sugarcane Farmer?) and Redstone (From a Mine, if added, otherwise sold by the player) to make blank maps. The Player can sell fully/partially explored maps to him, the more explored, the more money the players get and his blank maps will be updated (i.e. if the player sells a fully explored map, the Cartographer will only produce fully exlored maps from then.)

              Jails: Jails could harbor criminals and you would be sent there if your reputation goes below a certain point and the guards catch you (possibly after visiting a courthouse). Also, you could be given the option to skip your wait in jail or try to escape. After going to jail you would lose some money and some items.

              Maintenance Hut: The maintenance worker IDLES all day. He works at night, so he's working at the least cpu-intensive time. He would perform ONE check per night, just running through all the blocks of the village. If anything's gone, add it to a list that he will begin repairing that night. The worker could also add new features of each millénaire's updates (doors, trap doors, etc).

              Midwife House/Doctor's Hut: Doctors could live in larger houses and treat sick or wounded villagers after wars or monster attacks. Upgrades require bookshelves for studying. The doctor needs gold for his equipment. Wool or leather would be used in bandages. A doctor in a village increases fertility and decreases chances of death occurring after injuries or due to disease (which would become more of an issue as villages grow).

              School House:: Requires paper from Sugarcane Farms and ink from fishermen. Adults who had been at a school would be better fighters and builders than uneducated adults. It is a high priority for ecclesiastic villages and priests or monks might be teachers. In order to become a doctor or other educated worker the child must have had an education.

              "Statue:" With the newly added quest system (Millénaire 1.7) there could be an extremely difficult quest (perhaps a dragon (to be added in Minecraft beta 1.9) is killing townspeople) and if you complete it, the villagers will construct a statue of you.

              Adventurers/Travellers: New people who stop in Taverns and walk from town to town, looking for quests or to help the player.

              Hunters Hut: Small hut on the village outskirts for a new Hunter. Uses wolves to hunt wild animals (like pigs, cows, chickens, and sheep).

              Fort to Castle: Possibly having the Fort become a castle made completely from stone. Possibly like the White Tower in London or even bigger.

              Harbors Has to be connected to a large amount of water, such as an ocean or large lake. Several villagers, such as Fishermen work there. Merchants can travel from harbor to harbor in boats. Harbors can only be built when they're connected to a sea. Calculate how much water the harbor is connected to and only proceed to build when it has enough water connected to it. For every upgrade the amount of water needed grows. Only in maritime villages once the village has completed a Dock and Shipyard.

              "Mercenary Post" NOT AN AREA WHERE ATTACKERS COME TO VILLAGES FROM! I had to get that out there first, it should be an area where you can hire guards from the village to come and guard you, you can make them stand in one place and only attack mobs that come in a certain area. It is only built once all import an buildings are done. This would help people customize there villages and add walls that actually defend the village.

              Gladiator Arena Suggestions Gladiator Arenas would be a great place to fight and earn money. You have to pay money to get in and you will go through progressive waves of enemies. When you win a wave, you will gain prize money, which will be deposited to a chest near the entrance of the arena. As the waves increase, more enemy gladiators will spawn and they will become armed with stronger armor and weapons. There may be a boss level which has a certain boss. Possible Weapons: Swords, Other tools, bows and arrows, Flint and steel, other Enemy Mobs Possible Bosses:

              • Beast-master (Summons enemy mobs)
              • General (Has many other gladiators with him)
              • Herder (Summons masses of peaceful mobs to bump you about, then attacks)
              • Pyro (Uses lava and Flint and steel)
              • Assassin (Moves quickly and evasively)
              • Archer (Master of the bow and arrow)

              Sugar/Paper farm Add a Sugar/Paper farm? (Maybe books too?) Also a Dye farm - Cacti/Green dye (Perhaps Red/Yellow & orange too). If the player can provide bone/meal the "light" colours can be added as well. <- where else does the merchants get their dyes?

              Cattle Ranch

              • A ranch can produce milk, beef, and leather, and each individual ranch can focus on producing one of these resource over the over two
              • Selective breeding could be implemented: one can get species of cow to mate which when selectively bred correctly can make a cow which produces more beef than other cows, or more milk than other cows etc...
              • Brand baby cows to make sure they don't despawn!
              • Cows could be made to consume grass, and the villager or player can regrow the grass with grass seeds to make sure the cows don't get malnourished and produce less milk and beef.


              Rather than the traditional suggestion of "make a fisherman's hut spawn next to the water!", instead make a hut generate with a small pool or set of pools. Using the same coding as the stonesource and sandsource, have a fishsource from which a fisherman can gather a steady supply of delicious aquatic flesh. The Norman cuisine appears to include a types of few seafood, so with the apples already collected, the villagers could acquire a delicious meal of moules à la normande. Alternately, create a fisherman's hut, and spawn small ponds as extra buildings plans that they could travel to, similar to the patrol tag that draws the guards to it. This allows for more randomness in the layout of the village, but could have a fisherman without a pond to trawl.


              This building would produce ale from wheat, so it would work similarly to the mill. The ale would work in a similar way to the cider, and perhaps could also be sold in the tavern instead of the brewery itself.

              Bounty House: A small house where the player can either turn in monster drops for denarii; perhaps initiate 'standing bounties' which, when accepted, spawn a criminal villager-like entity > 1 km away from village in specified direction (criminal will stay within range of this point). When killed, set a complete condition to true until the player turns in the bounty for a reward. Perhaps a variety of criminal types can be used (e.g. strong melee, strong ranged, group of strong/weak ranged/melee). If a war system is ever implemented, perhaps specific residents (or leader) of the enemy town can be designated (even if enemy town is currently inactive). Once slain, the player can collect money and positive reputation for hiring town, negative rep for enemy town

              Smarter Builders: Have the builders be smarter and not build from one side to the other, so that if they are working on the town center for example they wont go all the way across to the other side just to place one block and then go back. They should work around the building, so if it is a square building they start at one corner and work around the building until they end up back where they started, then they go around again with the next level, and so on until they reach the top. That or expand their building radius so they can reach further, so annoying when a builder gets stuck against a wall of a building and wont move to go continue building cause he wants to build on the other side.
              (perhaps by ordering them to build in spiral/circles from the border to the inside of the area, instead of line by line, and on 2-3 levels of elevation simultaneously instead of 1 by 1)

              Also make the builders place buildings more wisely, to maximize the amount of space available. For example they wont go and place a small house in the middle of a large open area when there is a small space somewhere else that is available for it to be placed. Putting a small building in a large area just wastes space and ends up with the village running out of room much faster.


              Every Culture could have a Monument, a giant building that was built within the Era the mod is about:

            • Japan could have the Byōdō-in, the Phoenix Hall, that was constructed 1053.
            • The Indian Culture could have the Brihadeeswarar Temple.
            • The Maya could get the Pyramid of Chichen Itza.
            • And Normans could have St. Albans Cathedral.

              As soon you get the rank "Natural Leader" in 3 towns of one Culture you could get a quest to find a plot worth the establishment of the monument, that is built by the NPCs in phases that need your supplies (food, tools and materials)

              Norman Sheep Pens

            • Change the sheep pen floors to grass blocks instead of dirt blocks of the Norman villages, I had this building spawn on sand and no grass came to it for them to regrow their wool!
            • NPCs


              Let Lumberjacks chop wood in forests, if there ar none around, let him plant saplings till there are. Anyway, get rid of the groves, they are lame. <p>Princes/Knights and Princesses: In Military Villages and towns with Chevaliers as the leaders, the Chevalier and the dame can have children, the male children of them will become minor knights or princes and patrol around with their father. The female children will become princesses or dames themselves and help make tapestries.


            • Have villagers with the patrol goal (guards) acually visit buildings with the patrol tag (i have never seen them do so, they just stand where they are when they start patrolling)
              • Maybe a way for players to marry NPCs?
              • Player must be considered "One Of Us" and already own a NPC made house. and a new craftable called a wedding ring. Player goes up to girl who is not already married and right click with ring. 20% chance she says no. The girl will move in with the player and if the player falls asleep with his wife in the same room there is a chance a baby will spawn. if right click a girl who is already married the husband will attack.
              • About the above, instead of sleeping in the same room, there should be a new item, "Double Bed" which is made by putting two Beds side by side in the crafting screen. Sleeping in it while your wife sleeps in it will yield a 50-50 chance of having a baby.
              • If you give a unmarried woman a flower she will be your girlfriend now give her a ring and see if she says yes
              • You could have a better reputaition to have a better chance to marry


              • Have guards move into the guard towers, along with their families. Their old house would then become vacant.


              • Different skins/clothes for villagers depending on biomes/weather, particularly if Millenaire's used in tandem with the Seasons mod (Usually through YogBox).
              • Rather than having females be weirdly thin missing a layer of blocks couldn't someone create an 'armour' that the females where that consists entirely of the most Obvous female atrribute. This would make females look more natural.


              • Apart from bandits, respawning NPC's would be nice, so that you don't go through a month's worth of helping out a village to find out you accidentally killed the salesperson and can't sell anymore cobblestone.
              • This would be a huge improvement on the mod. I hate when I'm almost finished with all of the buildings in a village, and the builder dies. The NPCs don't seem to respawn at all.</p>
                Villagers do respawn in later versions unless you have killed them all and used the wand of negation.

              New NPCs

              • Servants and helpers: See <a href="">Villager</a>.
              • Settlers: settlers would, after a town had been completely upgraded for a few MC days, be sent in 2 pairs of 2, 2 men 2 women, and would be able to start new villages at certain distances and also building friendly terrains. This spin off village would only have the base "knowledge" (check "knowledge" suggestion under new blocks) of the mother village it came from. For example, a fully upgraded agri. village that had morphed into an agri./military village would only send off settlers with the "knowledge" of agri.
              • Cleaner: And for not-cheating in MC edit or not spending time in making flat village, you will have a Cleaner NPC

              (Nettoyant) with his house and you can go to Nettoyant and right-click him and then you will see village map, then you can select, what land to clean and make flat.

              • Captain: Would be found in villages with ports/harbors. You would have to talk to him or her to charter a ship to somewhere else.
              • Ambassador: He or she travels from city to city to negotiate trade and alliances.
              • Arms Dealer:
                • The arms dealer buys, sells, makes and repairs weapons.
                • Minstrels and Acrobats. Minstrels sing songs and play guitar in castle/guildhall/etc., and acrobats only play in inns. Before they visit towns, you first must meet one in an inn (10% chance/day) and he will give you a quest to give him 1 stick, 2 planks and a string. Givie him this and he will craft a guitar, then he will come to towns. You can give them some money and then they will play a song for you. You can also buy guitars and songs from him. Perhaps you can craft guitars yourself?
              • Archer: A new NPC that lives in an archery range and rests by day. At night he goes into the watch tower or parapets in the main building and shoots arrows at hostile mobs. If walls are ever added he could patrol those at night too.
              • Assassin: Will go and kill a npc or mob you tell him to and he will bring back what it drops. You have to pay him for him to go assassin an npc or mob.
              • Orphan: Instead of having monks right away in Abby's, the Abbot adopts orphans that later grow up into monks. A wife that has a young boy(not youth), if there is an Abbye/lone Abbye within a 2 Kilometer radius, has a 10% chance, if there are no monks there, of orphaning her baby to the Abbye, if there is 1 monk, there is a 3% chance, 2 monks 1%, and 3 monks, 0%.
                • Orphan Child: the child who is orphaned at the Abbye is given robes to signify he is an orphan and property of the Abbot, it is possible, though rare(0.4%) that a man/woman/couple will come to the Abby and adopt an orphan if there is one, but once an orphan is a youth, he must begin his studies to be a monk and won't be able to be adopted anymore.
                • Orphan Youth: Once an Orphan is a youth he starts to perform the tasks that monks perform, but at a mush slower rate. after a period of time (50% longer than it takes for a child to become a youth) the Orphan Youth will grow up into a full fledged monk.
              • Dyer A person who makes dye wool. Sell them the wool and raw dye items. Later they makes dye wool to sell. They could buy buckets of water and make dye water. <a href="User:Rasseru">Rasseru</a> 07:13, 6 November 2011 (UTC)
              • Leather Smith Person who makes leather armor and saddles. <a href="User:Rasseru">Rasseru</a> 07:13, 6 November 2011 (UTC)
              • Wiseman/Wisewoman They brewing potions then sells them. <a href="User:Rasseru">Rasseru</a> 07:13, 6 November 2011 (UTC)
              • wakō (Japanese pirates): Would be found in sea biomes and near villages with ports/harbors on ships,( that may or may not move). They could raid villages near water or large rivers, from there boat (or from normal minecraft boats if you cant find a way to make the large on move). large military villages can repel them with no help, but smaller towns or ones without guards will need to to stop the raiders. if you choose to help the village it will increase your reputation with them, but Wako will from then on will be instantly hostile towards you. If you help the wako then you can keep what you loot and if they win you can hire them, or even go with them, and join them. <a</a> </li>
                • Also pirate coves could be added as lone buildings, these could act as bases for the wako. If you are helping villages then there could be quests to try to the wako, also it could be raided by you. If you want to side with the wako you can talk to there leader to join, and after you complete an 'initiation' quest he will let you go on raids with them
                No Wako Pirates. Wrong Era of time.

                Player and NPC Interaction

                • An improved hiring system. Namely, this could mean adding an additional GUI for "hired" villagers, allowing for a choice between the standard "body guard" job and other occupations like miner, lumberman, etc. Additionally, tools could be required to do said job in addition to the worker's normal pay, pickaxe, axe, and so on. At the end of their time working for you, the villager would drop off their items with you. Lastly, as part of this interface, a "stay" option is available, limiting a villager's wandering to a certain radius; this would allow miners to work in your mine, lumbermen in your orchard, and guards to defend your house. Tale of Kingdoms has a good AI system for workers and the "stay" option worked out, something along those general lines would be a nice addition. While I understand this is a difficult project, and unlikely at the best, your consideration is appreciated.
                • A better way of selling things...Ex. Selling things by 10s,100s,or 1000s (If you can get that many)...

                Hold Shift when clicking to sell around Half a stack, Hold Ctrl to Sell Whole stacks. (I think) - Dastot It's actually hold shift to sell/buy 8 and hold control to sell/buy 64 (whole stack) - Fiery Death

                • When you purchase a building you should be able to cancel the build.
                • A common problem is that players think the village is stuck because they are lacking resources for the current building. A good idea could be to add a menu-like interaction with the villager at the central building that will have options like See buildings requirements, Sell/Buy and Never mind. Also, the last building viewed would be displayed on the sign in the central building. That way players will chose what they want to help with and they will have a better idea about what is going on.
                • Have a type of Foreign Merchant sell gunpowder. Having the Oriental Merchant sell it makes most historical sense and would add to his currently very small selection of wares. Should be sold at a decently high price to keep TNT from becoming too easy to acquire.
                • You can buy a village and claim it as your own at the town center. The towns leader will keep doing their job but you can tell them what to do and they will not disobey (e.g. attack another village, build more houses and limit population growth.)
                • Like above but also allows you to choose which building to make next and which ones to upgrade
                • Ask Guards to protect you. They will follow you for a short distance out of town before they go back to keep the town safe (Maybe 200m max?)
                • When an NPC can't find a location to put a building ("Not enough space") you can move the location of where they want to build to somewhere with room. I have noticed I have a lot of room around my towns but they have done that. Often requested!
                • If there is no room for the current building plan at all, they scrap it for the next one, and if there is no room at all, they demolish any extras in the way of a good build zone, unless the building has living space. and if there is no room for anything, cancel all construction projects and fully focus on upgrading.
                • Player collect taxes from owned villages (one bronze denier per citizen or family per night).
                • Guards only follow the player up until the city limits, Knights follow the player anywhere.
                • A player-controlled village will not build unless instructed and will not alter land.
                • Player can designate pre-built structures as village buildings.
                • When locked chests are broken open by the player, the villagers attacking would be a logical outcome. Would discourage thievery and increase realism & immersion.
                • Guards should patrol the village at night attacking hostile mobs and hostile mobs should also attack them as it is odd that spiders/skeletons etc ignore them (Mefisno)
                • NPCs cant trample crops
                • Guards could help player to find where the town hall or specific building because i get lost in alot of villages nearby to each other - --<a href="User:Rsdworker">Rsdworker</a> 08:44, 29 August 2011 (UTC)
                • NPCs have "special" skills that they will use for a price. Such as repair items: Tools: Carpenter-Wood, Miner-Stone, Blacksmith-Iron, With diamond having no repair option. Repair armor: Animal Farmer-Leather, Blacksmith-Iron. Others could be Priest-Bless (adds extra durability to armor), Knight-Guard (will follow and defend player for one day night cycle)
                • Enhance the screen, where you can buy land and especially buildings:
                • Make it show how the building looks like or how big the plot is? (for the plot a picture of a block with measures like 64x48 on it for example) Another one would be if you buy land or a building, you get a sign in your inventory and if you hold the sign around it appears a green transparent aura on the ground, that displays the size of the plot/building.
                • Since it is possible for farmers and lumbermen to run out of seeds and saplings respectively, maybe give farmers and lumbermen a statement to say when they run out so players know they need to give them more seeds or saplings. Another maybe would be to offer up a temporary trade window that only appears when they need more seeds or saplings so this way the player has a reason to restock them other than to keep them going.
                • When we get a "one of us" trust level you could go to the leader of the village and apply for a job, such as farmer or baker.
                • Having the coins used like Tale of Kingdoms mod where they don't take inventory space.
                • You can marry and mate with NPCs.
                • Being able to sell diamonds, redstone etc.

                Growing Crops:

                As of right now, all cultures produce three main types of food items: 1) The crop itself. Wheat, maize, rice, tumeric. An unrefined, raw product used to make the culinary dishes. This also includes basic meat such as beef, pork, or chicken. 2) A basic food product. Bread, Masa, Vegetarian/Chicken curry. This is easily producible with the crops the player can buy. 3) An advanced food. In the case of the Norms, this would be stuff like tripe, boudin, and their delicious, delicious alcohol. The Indians have resgulla, and the Mayans have Wah. My proposition is this: Let players be able to purchase seed from the cultures. They can grow rice, maize, tumeric. However, only the cultures themselves can produce the advanced dishes. The basic food products can restore hunger in the manner now typical of Notch's food. To make these advanced dishes desirable, give them the old style of healing: a direct boost to your health. Possibly even both; they not only feed the player and reduce hunger, they straight-up heal them. This gives the player more options for farming besides wheat and melons (because sometimes being only a wheat farmer gets boring as hell; Why can't I build a rice paddy in a swamp, or a corn field in the plains?), but still makes trading with the cultures a desired opportunity.


                • Add a reputation below Public Enemy where the soldiers/guards actively attack you if you enter the village.
                • Make Reputation monitor-able, with a progress bar or a point system (one denier from selling/buying=1 point, assaulting a villager = -20 points, killing a villager = -50, killing a child = -75, killing town leader = -100).
                • Relations between villages and between the villagers and yourself go up and down on a variety of factors strength. Some things that might happen are: theft of resources/food - gifts - murders - destruction - trade.
                • you MUST make it so that killing any hostile mobs like spiders, skeletons and zombies increase relations with the town you are currently in. as long as a finning blow is done by the player reputation is gained. simply trading isn't the only way to gain respect in a real town.

                  When you go to the town leader there should be a bar showing how far you are from the next status.

                • Different levels of relations:
                  • Countrymen- highest relations, villages can reach this relations if the relations count goes up to +40, or they can reach this if one side beats the other in battle. Villages part of the same country will routinely give each other anything they need to continue building. If the lord and lady are killed and the fort is destroyed then the opposite side wins during war and the 2 villages become countrymen. Villages that are part of the same country automatically join wars in defence of their sister cities.
                  • Allies- second highest relations +20 villages will help allies if their attacked and trade/gift with allies more.
                  • Neutral- Default relations between villages from -19 to +19. Trade goes on between neutral villages and they are in many ways indifferent towards each other.
                  • Warring- If the relations between 2 villages drops to -20 they will be placed in a state of war with each other. All trade between the villages stops, and groups of soldiers from one of the village will attempt to burn-loot-kill in the other village. It is still possible for peace to be restored, if no side gains the upper hand then people will gradually get tired of war and relations will rise the longer they stay at this stage.
                  • Blood feud- Lowest relations possible reached at -40 relations. Upon reaching this stage the only end to the conflict now is of one of the villages destroying the other village’s Guard tower, fort and occupying the town center. At which point the villages will become countrymen.-Rytho'
                • Personal Reputation:
                Along with your reputation as a whole in the village, you should also have reputation for each individual, the balance of personal reputation can be different for doing one task depending on if you're a stranger or well-known in the village, such as: selling more material than the villager who would normally do so as a stranger would make them not like you very much, however being liked in the village then doing so will put the gatherer in a friendly but competitive state of mind, trying to match what you pour in. But if you move up form stranger to well known, he will still not like you, resulting in a few random punches and the stealing of your efforts to gather resources (start to cut a tree, lumberman comes running up and takes all the tree from you). ~BionicleManF
                • Donations! Either allow a player to donate items to the TH for more reputation and no money, or make it so players can donate money to the person in charge of the local religious building to essentially buy reputation.

                Special Events

                Sometimes a random event could happen:

                • Riots: work with the people to throw out a leader and elect a new one or against the people by defending the leader. or possibly Rule over a village through Tyranny yourself, by killing the leader's. From there you should make citizens pay you a regulr income, be able to start war with neighboring villages and well generally do as you please.
                • Sales
                • "Bumper Crop"(High yield harvest): where all food is half price.
                • Fire: Cow kicks over a lantern/torch :) or someone "accidently" lights a block and the villagers would use water from the nearest source to douse the flames, this could also give real value pour les puits et les fontaines, or they could just punch the flames.

                Travelling Communities

                • Nomadic communities travel around the world, setting up stores which have produce from lands far away and not found in your current biome
                • they spawn tents, which can be houses or stores, they are temporary and and disappear when the community leaves
                • rare, but some villages, but all military villages will resent travellers and burn down their wool tents. defending their community will give you a discount in their stores but helping in the destruction in the tent village will give you discounts at the attacking village, and travellers will be hostile for a while
                • Travelling Fair: have special fair items and where you can enter shooting contest and sword fights


                2 working mods with mechanics Millenaire would greatly benefit from with slight changes

                1. Castle Defenders - <a href=""></a>

                • Adds blocks that can be crafted and placed and which spawn either archers or swordsmen. Either of them attack mobs that are hostile to the player. These could be bought at villages instead and placed to bolster the defenses. Why? Wait for part 2...
                • Adds a cheaper block that spawns mercenaries. These will follow the player, but have to be "hired" with gold bars first.
                • Adds "bandit" castles throughout the world that can be stormed. Conquering a few of them unlocks a healer mob block as well.


                You could use this one:

                Battlecraft: <a href=""></a> Good unit commanding. This can be used to go to war with other villages or the player.

                2. Invasion Mod - <a href=""></a>

                • Adds a 'Nexus' block that can be activated with other items to generate a magical substance over time. This substance can be crafted into valuables like diamonds. In Millenaire, this block could be a statue of a war god in the center of villages, or even the throne, where war can be declared.
                • However, while active, the Nexus causes groups of special mobs to spawn in the distance and attack the block.
                • Special mobs will break through walls, place ladders or lob siege-sized rocks at walls. These could simply be enemy sappers, siege engineers, and of course soldiers, perhaps even catapults.

                Anyway, combining ideas from these two mods (I already run all the mods together with Millenaire, but the synergy could be much greater) allows you to conduct 1 man attacks on small forts, hire mercenaries to follow you, then build up defenses and get guards, and finally test your defenses against huge raids on your fortification... I definitely recommend at least taking a look at what they do, it's quite neat.

                Easy war idea, maybe a nice one to start from.

                In order to make this war something cool and not just everyone fighting like crazy since they respawn, I have this idea.
                • All villages should have a room, maybe under the fortress that will act like a cell.
                • There should be a way to know when a nation is under attack. Maybe when more than X troops from an enemy nation is in a ratio of X the village.
                • When a nation is under attack its cell will be locked, its cell should be the respawn point.
                • When all villagers of the attacked nation are inside this cell, the cell opens and they will start working for the attacking nation, sending their goods.
                • The mob that sends the goods doesn't need to get inside a cell to capture a village.
                • Attacking nations will have also their respawn points in their cells, but they will not be locked, new respawned mobs will not continue the attack until there is a new one.
                • There could be underground bunkers for women and children to hide in during war.
                From this suggestion maybe then we could add some of the suggestions below, since i find them a bit complicated to start from.(combi)

                Japanese Warfare

                • During the Heian Period, Japanese Long Bow "Yumi" and Pole Weapon "Naginata" were the main weapons used by Japanese Soldiers.
                  Will be added.
                • Heian Period Armour is a mixture of leather with iron scales very similar to the Samarai armour you see in the later centuries as the later part of the 11th century was know as the rise of the samarai and this heavier armour was used by the richer soldiers. Using the durability of chain mail would fit perfect with this type of Armour. Helmet: 67 Chest-plate: 96 Leggings: 92 Boots: 79
                • Villages are ruled by a Clan and are protectors of a village. Their stronghold, which consists usually of elevated ground with a wall surrounding a small castle type building, are located far outside of the village and they would send a Clan member to the village to guard it.
                • Warrior are Lords and likely to be the Clan Leader and Village Leader.
                • Warrior would use a bow or spear more often than a sword at this time period.
                  Maybe later
                • Female Warriors called "Onna bugeisha" are rare and likely to be a Clan Leader or Village Leader or the wife of the Clan or Village Leader . They also use bow or naginata as weapons and were around from 200 AD in one of the invasions of Korea to the end of the Boshin war in 1870.
                Could happen

                Rasseru 09:25, 24 September 2011 (UTC)

                Lemonater47 Edited at, 10:21 9 June 2012 (UTC)

                • I want a Tachi polisher,Togisi: Japanese weapons need maintainance for repair and enhance its damege.Japanese sword polishing technique systemized in Muromati period, but The technique exists in 11th century.It is said that Japanese sword polishing technique starts from 7th century.I think that to add Japanese world quest of Togisi is nice idea. The reason why warrior would use a yumi or naginata more often than a sword at this time period is that tachi is very high price.I hope naginata have longer reach than tachi and I want make tachi's damege enhanced, tachi's ability depend on random luck and I feel tachi is cheaper than Norman Broadsword.I know less Norman civilization, but I know tachi is a very expensive weapon and tachi maked in Heian period have marvelous deadly force, that is spoken in Edo period.Tenkagoken(天下五剣) is the selection of the five best Japanese swords, three swords of five are made in Heian period.

                </dd></dl> <p>
                Indian/Hindi warfare The Hindu people don't have any of their own tools or weapons and doing some research it was hard to find things. But I found an Indian sword called the Khanda that was around from the 4th century onwards. It was a straight double edged sword with a flat, usually blunt tip. This sword was the indians way of copying the indo-europeans (Aryans) as they introduced to uses of iron to india when india was invaded by them. Before the khanda they had iron daggers and very heavy clubs and battle-axes. This sword (though still very heavy for a sword) was lighter and more maneuverable. The indians still used battle-axes as well. <p>Lemonater47 06:58, 26 August 2012 (CEST)

                Realistic war

                Well, there have been alot of suggestions about war, but this one is LEGIT so just get to this one if possible. Not to be demanding but i thought the addition of a barracks building would be a good idea so its not awkward just building a house and having guards appear. In the barracks, guards would "train" and "live". During the day, some guards would train and others would patrol, and then they switch. The more a guard trains the better swords he's allowed to wield The more pork (or another item) a town has, the faster the guards train. During the night some would patrol and some would sleep. OK, getting to the war part, the addition of a new NPC, the general, who could show you (with a high enough reputation) that towns reputation with other towns. ex.
                • Jaime-manger; wants to be allies
                • mange-la-person; Demanding more resources or will attack
                • Lance-les-sandwich; Preparing to attack
                etc. A new building, the outpost, would be built away from the town and selected guards would stay there for X nights and attack and defend it, as well as respawning there until its over-run by either mobs or the enemy. OK, this is were I start suggesting the really hard stuff, maybe even some kind of tech tree, the older a village is the higher they get. ex. tech level one, not many buildings or items etc. and at the most advanced tech level there could be muskets and things. Well, that's it, hoped you liked it :) (TacoStone)

                War: by dwdw55

                • There should be a a better usage for guard towers than just as checkpoint. They could be used for defence against other villages.
                • Go a bit more into military. Instead of just guards and a leader have barracks to train normal troops into archers or knights or heavy soldiers.
                • In the later stages of the village make it build town walls and gates.
                • To start a war another village could pillage, steal or kidnap villagers, etc.
                • Siege weapons. Make catapults and ballistics to break walls and gates to allow soldiers into the town.
                • During a time of war all men, not just soldiers have to fight.
                • The biggest wars would take place between villages with forts as core buildings.
                • Possibly add mercenaries, assassins, thieves, and trading caravans, etc.
                • Assassins could be paid to kill another village leader or a special soldier.
                • Thieves you could hire to steal for you, whether it be the enemies' weapons or attack trade caravans.
                • Mercenaries are troops that can be hired as bodyguards or for use if a big village attacks a smaller village.

                War: whiteeyes32 Expanding on some other ideas, I think that the soldiers, guards, ect, are killed, they work for the attacking village. If all soldiers are killed, or the leader is killed, the attacking village takes control over the defending village. If there were slaves on the losing villages side, they are freed if the winning village is strong enough. If the winning village is on a low percentage of troops left, and the ratio between slaves and oppressors is 1.5:1 the slaves will attempt to rebel. If a rebellion starts and a troop is killed, the slave obtains his weapon and the guard does not respawn. If a slave is killed, they are gone forever or put into a prison. The rebels of course have a higher chance to win if the slave ratio is higher. If a rebellion succeeds, they claim both losing and winning villages to be theirs. The player can assist either village by selling them weapons, destroying enemy supplies/structures, and killing enemies. Doing so will increase or decrease moral depending on who you are aiding and earn you supplies or money in return.

                War: amkrules My version of what war would be like based on what actually happened.

                • War would be caused by issues such as different religion (culture basically) or overlapping boundaries.
                • During war, all men are turned into soldiers to fight, building is suspended, and families reproduce every night.
                • To win a war, a village has to kill the leader or all the soldiers.
                • When a village wins, it takes all the women and children back as slaves.
                • When a village loses, it's buildings are either burned or blown up by the victors.
                • A village can kidnap the dame or equivalent of a village to start war or based on village and/or size will serve the village to keep the dame or equivalent alive.


                • Add option to allow villages to go to war. Maybe not in the beginning phase but with advanced villages. Military villages should "produce" more soldiers and should protect belonging villages (hamlets) (PonPrincep; Dpop)
                • We need a way to conquer and/or raze villages. For this the player or other villagers could have to attack the center of the town and maybe capture a flag from the town halls roof. Replacing it by another villages flag, makes them belong together. Burning it will stop the villagers to respawn and the existing villagers in the village will try to kill you.
                • When the war begins, the teenage boys in the town would become soldiers. Perhaps how they are armed could depend on who they are the son of (guards and smiths get swords, miners and woodsmen get axes, farmers get bows). When the war ends, the surviving soldiers would go back to being teenage boys. In the case of a town, boys from the surrounding hamlets would also join the army.
                • The war could proceed with the two armies (consisting of the town leader, guards, and soldiers) marching straight towards the other village, and meeting in between to have a battle. The battle would end when one of the leaders dies, at which point the rest of that army retreats. The war would be won by the village which kills the other's leader and has their own enter the enemy base (fort, abbey, or manor). However, after a certain amount of time (say, seven or ten days) a new leader would be chosen to replace the dead one, and he would have to be killed before victory. If neither side attains victory after a great deal of time, they sign a peace treaty and the war ends.
                • Perhaps the victorious army should sack the defeated village after the war ends. This might involve goods being stolen, buildings being torn down, or even sections of the population being killed or taken as slaves. the conquered village could act as a hamlet to the winning one, providing troops for future wars. In this way one city could eventually become the ruler of all the others. However, if a victorious village is later defeated, the villages it has conquered regain their independence.
                • I will pay to see warfare on millenaire plzz make it happen ;)
                • If you spawn a village it should automatically become apart of your area, with this feature you could have wars with other kings and lords.
                • Have villages form alliances, trade with each other and go to war.
                • Regional kings can occasionally call their lords to the royal court, and perhaps eventually declare war against other rival kingdoms, but in the mean time would serve as a nice aesthetic touch of realism. In a similar manner, abbeys should be inhabited by a monks who calls priests from nearby villages to council occasionally..
                • If villages will have war with other villages, perhaps you should be able to negotiate a peace treaty between them, and even make them allies.

                Simple but in-depth war idea

                • This war idea cannot begin until creation quest is completed.
                • You start getting quests (Mostly from Millitary villages or hamlets) about killing villagers of other culture (usually gaurds or village leaders), e.g. Normans tell you to kill Hindis.
                • Every time you do this The village that you got the quest from expands its radius(max should be changeable by config), while the village you attacked shrinks its(Military villages expand faster and shrink slower).
                • When a building becomes outside of the village's radius Workers from village pause current project and destroy the old building and despawn any villagers inside it.
                • when part of a villages center is outside its radius it immedetly changes to a village of the same type but of the culture you have the highest rep for(as the war quests give LOTS of rep) with its natural starting radius and buildings.
                • on a further note this idea would probably need two things to be changed before this works, 1: There needs to be a village of every culture for every type, 2: Villages need to be a lot more common.

                War: MatrixofFury11

                • Rarely, you may get a message in your quest log saying something like as"Border Incident" which has an introduction saying "The [Culture]has accused the [Culture] of sending Soldiers of crossing past their borders, looting crops and killing livestock". After you receive this message, soon after, it is likely that a message saying "The [Culture] has declared war on [Culture].
                • After you receive the message, If you talk to a leader from a military village, they will ask if you if you would like to fight for them in the war. If you accept their offer, they will give you an iron sword, a bow, and 64 arrows and 2o (Although this does not increase your reputation) and instantly get "Hired Mercenary" status and the village leader will say to you "[PlayerName], with you by our side those [Culture] will pay for what they have done!" or something. And you can get a small house or a small plot of land if you want for free. Although, this will also make you an enemy to the opposing culture and they will try to kill you on sight if you enter an opposing faction's village or hamlet and recieve "Enemy of the people" status among the opposing faction. You can't join a culture's military if you're the leader of a culture or if the culture is at peace. If you are at war with the Hindus or Normans, you will be unable to do the Leadership or Mind and Matter parts of the Creation Quest unless you are already doing them and you can't trade with enemy villages and factions.
                • If you wish for peace, you can ask your leader to request for peace. Although, you can't request until 1 game week after the war started, otherwise the leader will say "But [PlayerName]! The war has just started! We can just end it right now!". But once you request for peace, you will receive a quest saying "Negotiations" with the introduction, "Negotiate a peace treaty to the enemy" where you go to the leader (The leader is the head of an enemy military village but he has a crown. He can be located at an unexplored chunk in a larger-than-normal military village) of the enemy faction and talk to him. There is 50% chance that the negotiations will succeed, and if this happens, you will have to go back to your leader and tell him. After that, you will leave the military and reach "Friend of the village" status among his village and hamlets and "Known Face" among the former enemy leader's village and hamlets and 3o. But if the negotiations fail, you will have less than a few game hours until people try to kill you again and will be unable to try and negotiate peace again for another game week. Enemies won't attack you while you're doing the Negotiations quest but they will attack if you attack them. You can't leave an army until the war is over.
                • If you have "One of us" status with a culture's village, sometimes, the leader may say that he the peace with a culture is wrong and and rarely he will give you a quest where you do something violent against an enemy faction's village such as kill one of their merchants, kill their livestock or loot their crops or burn down a building. If you complete this task, you will be awarded 1o and 500 reputation. It likely that soon afterwards, a war may break out. To complete one of these quest, you will have to place a culture's banner on the sight where the task was done. The quest-giver gives you a banner at the start.But if you fail this task, you will recieve Public Enemy Status to the village you targeted.
                • Wars will only end if you do the negotiation quests or if a large amount of enemy villages have been destroyed.
                • When cultures are at war, soldiers from villages may gather at a suitable spot about 250 blocks from a targeted village or hamlet and start building a temporary camp so they can strike at the enemy. The faction will make one of his soldiers the "General" and the General will ask you to join them in the assault. If the attack succeeds, the targeted village's resources and supplies will be looted and buildings made out of flammable materials like wood will be set on fire and villagers, militia and any stationed soldiers will fight back. When the attackers are within 85 blocks away from a village, the defenders will gather just outside and charge at the raiders. These attacks will only happen after an enemy village or hamlet has been found by you and 50 wood (For Planks) will be required for the camp to be constructed and the initial assault will begin 1 minecraft day after the attacking army has enough troops (About 12 people not including the general) from the soldiers and militia of your faction. Keep as many men from your villages alive as possible.
                • Soldiers and Militia will have 30% chances of spawning with bows and arrows.
                • Villagers will be able to build walls around their villages and during attacks, defenders with bows and arrows will go to the appropriate section of the wall (The area raiders will be charging at) and fire arrows at a rate slightly slower than the speed a player can fully-charge a bow. Gates are spaces between walls, and raiders are most likely to attack through here. Defenders without bows will go here during an attack if it is where the raiders are going, if raiders are planning to scale walls with ladders, the defenders without bows will stand on the wall with the archers and wait for the enemy to come up.
                • Militia are not really proper soldiers, they are just male workers who have temporarily traded in their tools for weapons during an attack. During attacks, resource-gathering and work will grind to a halt until the attack is over.
                • Villagers, Militia and Soldiers will not respawn if killed. And if there are no men alive in a village, then no more children will be born and the tasks carried out by males would never be done, this means that village growth will be nightmarishly slow.
                • The reason why these wars are so costly, is because in real life,they truly are that bad. I want people to understand the consequences and effects of warfare and to see that it isn't a good thing. Plus, I think these will make players contribute a lot more to villages and show a lot more concern for the health and safety of villagers.
                  • Villages should create different Tiers or Levels of Soldiers each in a class. Class 1: Infantry that start out as Swordsmen, level up to Warriors, and then level up to the highest level of Knight. Class 2: Archers that start out as Bowmen, level up to Sharpshooter and then level up to the highest level of Sniper. Class 3: Special units. Normans would have Berserkers that wield Norman Broadswords and Norman armor. Hindus would have Elephant-Riders that ride vicious War elephants. Japanese would have Samurai that have Bows, Katanas, and Japanese armor.

                  War: dhsimmons

                  • A village should not be able to declare war on a neighboring village until their offensive level is high enough. For example, if the offensive level of the village is 36 then that village cannot declare war. It can still defend against an attack, but it should not be the one to declare war if two villages are in open conflict. So if two villages are in open conflict with one another, and one of the villages has an offensive level high enough to actually be able to declare war, for example a level of 150, then there should be a percentage chance that this village will declare war, similar to the way raids are set up in the config file. If it so happens that the player is of high enough status in the village, just for example say this level has to be 'one of us' or 'leader', then an option should pop up on the screen that could say "Do you think it is wise for (village name) to declare war on (village in conflict) at this time? Yes or No". This could delay the declaration of war until the player feels that the village has a high enough offense to be successful.
                  • Another option for warfare in Millenaire is to add a little strategy to it. Lets say a player has gained enough reputation to become a 'leader' of that culture and his or her village declares war on another village. The player should have an option to then decide how many of his or her men to send into war. So if the defending village has a low defense level then the player can risk fewer men to conquer that village, but if the defending village has a large defense level, then the player can send all of his men to battle. This could add a little risk into the warfare where the men that "die" in battle will not respawn until a certain amount of time has passed, maybe a week in game time, and therefore decrease the offensive and defensive level of the village and the amount of available workers in that village.
                  • Another and final suggestion would be to add a form of a banner to the villages. This banner would show the names of villages and players that are either allies or enemies to that village. So if a player comes across a village, he or she can see what other players and villages are allies or enemies of that village. Also, another banner, or sign, could be added to display what players currently 'live' in the village or are leaders of that village, if the village is player created.
                  • I think the above three suggestions could add quite a lot of fun to the multiplayer aspect of millenaire if warfare is added to the mod. I know the first two would be complicated to add but it would add a little more player interaction with the village during times of war or raiding, and it could set up the possibility of creating player controlled empires in the game. The third suggestions would just be convenient to have, especially for multiplayer servers.


                  MISC / Customisation

                  • Have an easy way to change the names of villagers.
                  • Have an easy way to change the name of towns.
                  • Have a way to spawn vanilla villages from an obsidian block and wand.
                  • Let us choose what is displayed above an NPC's head (having the name, action, speech, etc. is extremely annoying. It'd be better if all speech was in the actual chat bit).
                  • Changeable currency, for example, gold coins.
                    • Good idea especially since Mayans didn't use deniers.
                    • Alternatively, you could use cocoa beans. However, that'd make cocoa beans a tad too common...
                  • A (possibly customizable) population cap in the configuration files for various villages would be lovely, especially for slower computers. I started noticing that my villages became incredibly CPU intensive after the Taverns were built as well as the Church. There were no buildings for the myriads of children and youth to move into, so their presence wasn't needed. It would be great to simply cut off the population after all the buildings have been populated by NPCs instead of having like 4 lumberman in the same house (which I seem to have gotten).
                  • Adding the possiblity that the ruins of old village can spawn with a building or two that would have a chest with some money and/or perhaps an item or two. (Example: An old guard tower that has been damaged and might have an iron sword or some arrows in it).
                  • making npcs teleport to near the player when going to sell items incase the pathfinder is broken
                  • Push L for directions to found lone buildings like V.
                  • More soldiers,archers and maybe catapults or ballista that goes with your army in this mod.
                    • If you hit a cow in an indian village, villagers will get mad at you.
                    • More options for the player to choose for the config.txt These could include village and lone building weights. Good for players who want to play with a particular culture etc. The more config options the better the experience for the player.
                    • When using a village wand on a block a warning note with an are you sure should pop up, to prevent accidental spawnings using sand blocks or something else that is everywhere.
                    • Japanese use bags of rice as currency since they don't use metal coins. Traders can exchange the bags of rice for metal coins.
                    • Villagers repair damaged buildings
                    • Eye of Ender could sell for a really high price. Either the Dame or the Blacksmith could take it and forge into some sort of ornament, such as a necklace, which would be more expensive than the standard Eye.
                    • Ability to set a resource storage cap for all villages. Possibility of setting for every resource.
                    • Ability to add goals and tag, like mod loader does with mods (public class Mod_Example extends MLgoal), so people can make compliantly original cultures instead copies of current ones.
                    • Japanese Sushi and Sashimi food; To make this food you will need a "knife" and "Wooden Pressure Plate" for the cutting board. You buy the knife from the Japanese Blacksmith. Use the crafting to combine the knife and wooden pressure plate together. Your new item will be "Cutting Board with Knife". Using this item will pull up a menu that you can place "raw fish" in a slot and convert it into "Sashimi". You make "Sushi" from combining "Seaweed" with "Sashimi" in crafting. Having a "fishing pole" and a "Cutting Board with Knife" would be a easy way to make food when traveling near water. <a href="User:Rasseru">Rasseru</a> 08:09, 23 October 2011 (UTC)
                    • Futon Japanese bed made from 3 wool and 3 dye. <a href="User:Rasseru">Rasseru</a> 13:43, 4 November 2011 (UTC)
                    • A listing of all the modpacks that use Millenaire would be nice, either in the MCF thread, in an article here, or both.
                    • enable the Millénaire coins in the multiplayer mode
                    • Not sure if it's doable, but to avoid having a lot of items / equipments, why not making these pre-enchented versions of existing ones? Like Norman swords being Iron + Sharpness III for instance... (Nikoleis)
                    • Curry recipes should use bowls; right now curry bowls magically appear when mixing turmeric and rice.
                    • In multiplayer Players can set the Buy/Sell prices in controlled villages


                    • this goes hand in hand with the seer/storyteller idea so check new NPCs for that idea. The item "knowledge" would be used to copy a villages available buildings and basically give them to other towns and villages with the use of the seer/storyteller NPC. This is more of an item of sorts but not sure where else to place this.
                    • Add Wheat Roofs as cheaper versions of planks.
                    • Road blocks that are placed after all buildings are upgraded that the villaers follow and dont get randomly stuck and have to glitch above. to make it seem more realistic. and roads would come inwole and half blocks
                    • with the one above... roads built to close by known towns so merchants can move in between them (local ones of course)
                    • Some shovel or wand or other type of tool available for purchase for relatively cheap that levels the land. Only works in the confines of the town and depending on which town culture it sets the ground level (which is based on the ground level of the town hall probably) as a layer of dirt, sand, or some other ground type for future cultures.
                    • Army recruits. You should be able to join all armies apart from bandit forces. Also randomized building so all buildings are different. Finally, Ages. All buildings are built before they upgrade. (Ronessmagic)
                      • Mud Brick Stairs/Mud Brick Slabs. I find it quite strange looking when the cobblestone stairs are on top of Mud Bricks.
                        • The Japanese should be able to make Plain and Crossed timber frame as they do need them for construction and the only other way for them getting it is trading with the Normans. The Japanese only made contact with europe in the 16th Century when the Portugese shipwreked themselves on the rocky islands in south Japan.


                    • Add an "Official Millénaire Server".