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This page is for suggestions made that will not be implemented, if you find your suggestion here there should be a reason under it as to why it is here. Do not post new suggestions here as this page is not for that.

Archived suggestions will keep their strike-through to make sure people know this is not the place for posting suggestions.


  • Compatibility with Pokemobs - Young children could train their pokemon
    • If there is no Nether or Aether villages being put in this mod, then I doubt the creator will put pokemon
  • Flans Planes mod: Maybe when the villages get advanced enough they can build an airstrip to get items to far away towns quickly - use a custom building pack.
    • We are not in the 20th century to use airplanes.
  • FiniteLiquid mod: Will detect if FiniteLiquid is installed, if it is, mark blocks as forbidden.
    • Do it yourself, there is an option in the config file for that. It would be to difficult to let it detect that FiniteLiquid is installed.
  • Baby Animals Mod: From Now We Will No More Need The Spawn Blocks! They Will Just Go Search For The Animals And Tame Them, Make Them Adults,Then Pregnant:D Wait Until They Will Have Kids...And Take Resorces From Them
    • Minecraft 1.9 has Baby Animals. Rasseru 04:39, 13 October 2011 (UTC)
  • Japanese should be Armed with "rockets"which were basically fireworks with out colors.
    • Japanese never used powder in rockets as a weapon.
  • To Improve compatibility with Builders mod spawn a sign with the text "Private Property X" or add an additional sign inside the town center with the config file's village radius as X. This will still allow the Builders NPCs to build around the village but not in it. The Builders mod will then flag the sign (Confirmed) and respect the village boundaries. (This sign can be buried)
    • Not historically accurate to have odd signs here and there, besides if you alter the txt and png files you can do this yourself.


  • I Have question. Why there is only 500x500 maximum space for village? Make villages expand themselves.

Make dependence between building amount, village size and villagers amount: If there is 150+ people - more taverns, farms, shops, bigger village size, etc. If there are 500 people - Village size greatly increased, Alot shops, entertainment buildings, more harvesting buildings(quarries, etc.) - Doom Angel Blade

    • Because if it were any bigger there would be no where for it to spawn due to not enough flat land.
  • city walls around the important buildings to prevent hostile mobs from entering. and out side the walls (like a real city) would be farms and quarry's and other resource gathering structures. path ways around town to. would help with path finding and having walls.
    • Walls, and roads, aren't possible to be done with the way Millenaire works, it randomly places things and Kinn already tried to make them work a while ago.
      • Wall dont work but there are roads, but the roads tend to be built on top of.
  • click and drag to sell items more quickly instead of clicking individually

Use ctrl or shift.

  • Timber frames should be able to be made and sold

They can be sold to hamlets, and they cannot be crafted so that you need villages to use them.

  • Add well to core buildings for more realism.
    • Done
  • Make a village that you have control of from beginning.
    • Now exists.
  • I want minons dangit! -Mechworks
    • Hired escorts can now be purchased as I assume you are speaking of minions.
  • Add a new building: The mine. Deeper than quarries they can even gather iron and gold ore and smelt them to ingots. Should also rarely get redstone and diamonds to sell.</strike
    • Not very historically accurate, is it?
  • <strike>Village map should show where NPCs want to build so can clear the area if needed.
    • Villagers want to build where there is space, not an already chosen location
  • Priests in ecclesiastic villages should use books and gold to create a map around the area of the village, this would be useful in exploration.
    • There is something called a sign named "Map of the village"
  • The independent town should have a inn so it can trade with any nearby villages, it doesn't make sense (and it's annoying) that just because it's self-sufficient it shouldn't trade with other villages.
    • Already done.
  • Make bandit camps that will sometimes attack villages.
    • Implemented
  • Make all villages have walls to protect them from destructive mobs.They would be done as extra buildings. Villages wouldnt have walls however big communities such as the gros bourg might have a wall otherwise cities would have walls only and cities are probably too big to implement.

This was tried and could not be done.

  • If you kill a town leader, you can take control of it, but the villagers may riot against you.
    • Controlled villages exist now and are less gruesome to acquire
  • When you will have good village reputation, the you can go to major of city and at bottom right of the major´s paper you will have button of land with 2 arrows, when you click it will show you a menu of village size (example: 90x90x90), and you can change it in the size menu.
    • villageradius=90 in config.txt should take care of that.
  • Change build priority from town center (example: I want Bakery, but the next project is Elevage Bovin, so i will find Bakery at buildings menu, and I can set it like "Next building", and then the villagers will not build Elevage Bovin as next building, but a Bakery)
    • You can do that yourself in the txt file
  • Villagers could have the ability to make and use basic redstone contraptions.
    • Redstone is not historically accurate
  • Paths to buildings from town hall/fort made of gravel. you do not need to give them it.
    • Can't be done.
      • Done!
  • Walled towns with army's and enemy villages that will attack villagers and destroy buildings.
    • Can't be done.
  • Different shapes of buildings (of the same type, i.e several models of houses villagers live in or few kinds of forts) to avoid repetition (enhancing aesthetics)
    • That already exists for some, additional can be found in the library or you can make them yourself
  • Ability to start a village, for example add some crafting recipes for each type of village to make a town hall chest or something. When you add the chest the town hall and a few villagers will spawn. You have to bring resources to the village to build additional buildings until the village can support their own needs for resources.
    • You can start your own village now.
  • A wizards tower should use redstone and perform "magic" that helps out the village by producing things they need from other items.
    • It has been confirmed that nothing mythological will be implemented.

Village Generation

  • Once when in a fight with a zombie spawner, in a pyramid ruin, a village spawned "on it" as in, poof! suddenly I was in the middle of a village, villages should spawn when the player has no physical chance of seeing it.
    • That was due to lag spikes, hopefully this issue has been fixed.

Countries / Regions (New Cultures)

  • Japanese Villages should be designed in late Heian period. Rasseru 04:55, 23 September 2011 (UTC)
    • Japanese village has been implemented
  • Japanese villages which have extensive rice fields for paper also could use wood frames for houses (scrachatron
    • The Japanese has been implemented

Druidic Village A natural village.

The townhall would be a giant tree, and more giant trees would be built after it. It would sell bonemeal, flowers, wood, leaves, grass, reeds, pumpkins, and other natural blocks/items.

    • The Druids were not 11th Century.
  • "gothic" and "celtic" villages, the original settlers of the british isles had a style of archetecture similar but not identical to norman
    • Too early and other nations took their place. Rasseru 09:45, 9 November 2011 (UTC)

*I was thinking a sort-of Victorian time British, but Im not sure if that fits the 11th century.

    • No no, the Saxons were of that period, go for them.

First Nations

  • admittedly this might not be popular but...north american first nations had a very rich culture before the colonization period
    • Native Americans would mostly be used. Plus first colonies start in the 16th & 17th centuries. Rasseru 07:02, 15 October 2011 (UTC)


  • Underground Villages
    • Can't be done.
  • Aether Mod: Add villages in the Aether that either consist of regular people or of winged people like the Valkyries, if the mod creator ever decides to rescind the "no mythological beings" mandate he's given himself.
    • First of all, the official Aether is unfinished. Secondly, it has been confirmed that no mythological beings will be implemented.
      • First of all, the official Aether is finished enough in the format of world generation. Secondly, I specifically stated regular people -or- winged people. If the mod creator doesn't want to do winged people, that's fine; There's plenty of other ways for people to get around without using wings on their own bodies, such as Moas, Aerabbits, building bridges and the like. Who are you to strike out an idea because a small part of it has been stated as not going to happen anyways? Opinions can change, and it doesn't make the rest of it invalid either.
        • No no, the official Aether is now the End, mostly due to how awesome the mod that copied Notch's idea turned out... regardless, it is mythological and won't be implemented, you can make it yourself though

Fine, he also said no Nether since it wasn't around in the 11th century, seeing as how the Aether also wasn't around I think he may say the same.

  • Buddhism Village would have a Temple with a Three-storied Pagoda. Shinto Village would have a Shine with a red Torii gate made from wood or a gray Torii gate made from stone.
    • A pagoda can be found in the new Japanese culture
  • "Fishing Village" Japanese always been strong fishermen and a lot of food comes from the sea and rivers. Rasseru 06:01, 23 September 2011 (UTC)
    • Implemented.
  • Add a way to convert .schematics to Millénaire building plans. The current system is cool and all but IMHO too inconvenient. Ideally, it could directly use MCedit's .schematic files.
    • The new import/export feature works even better than using MCEdit
  • You can make your own villages and buildings, but also add the ability to make your own shops and NPCs, I am currently working on a farm that raises all the animals, but I would need a new shop to sell leather, pork, wool, eggs, and feathers
    • This can be done.

Building Misc


  • Simple Roads made of Stone or Cobblestone between houses and streets between bigger villages (or the gros bourg and its hamlets), already existing in another mod and here it should have the same feature: for example faster travelling and also a method of coordinated walking of the Villagers.
  • Have roads between houses, developing from gravel to cobblestone to smooth half steps.
  • Roads could speed up the movement of the villagers, based on what they're made of somehow. Also, roads formed between towns could be useful in proving a route from town to town.
  • Build wood/gravel/sand paths between allied towns and use half-blocks (wood or sandstone) for stairs.
    • Roads can't be done.


  • Pathways can be built between buildings
  • They can be upgraded so villagers can walk faster and get goods around quicker
1. Sandy trail (small increase in speed)
2. Cobblestone Pathway (medium increase in speed)
3. Smoothstone Road (fast increase in speed)
  • Pathways can meet in a Plaza, where festivals and market can be held
    • Pathways can't be done.
  • Alternatively, the Alchemist would spend his time making potions that he can sell to a player for a high price.
    • Any magical item that actually is magical won't be implemented.
  • Town Walls: To protect villages from monster or other village attacks. Built after other essential buildings are completed. Could be in a square shape around the village, with a guard tower at each corner.
    • Can't be done.

The Creeps and Weirdos modpack (as seen on youtube) features thieves. Any way of integrating it into the game? also, like hostile mobs, thieves should spawn in not very well-lit areas ;)

  • While the do apparently have thieves, the mod itself is about nonhistorical material and wouldn't likely be affiliated in any way with this mod.



  • Have NPCs offer quests aimed at helping the village, then grant a reward.
  • You may be asked by the village lord to deliver a letter/ kill enemy villagers, enemy lord/ burn down a enemy building. Bring resources of a special kind (not only building resources). Kill a boss monster threatening the town,...
  • Implemented.

New NPCs[edit]

  • Seer/Storyteller: This idea goes hand in hand with the suggestion "knowledge" so check in new blocks for more info about that. The idea is to have an NPC (seer/storyteller) travel from village to village collecting and trading this "knowledge" that it receives from each village and passing it on to other villages. For example, a military based village is visited by a seer and they are given the "knowledge" of farming from a seer who had visited an agri. village so would then create farms as well. Something that would make towns and villages grow and morph even more is the premise of the idea.
    • Implemented with the quests.

Japanese NPCs

  • "Japanese Town Leader" In the Heian period, women could be leaders of villages and government offices. Rasseru 05:22, 23 September 2011 (UTC)
  • "Japanese Soldiers" Sample of Japanese soldiers during Heian Period. [1] Rasseru 06:07, 23 September 2011 (UTC)
    • Japanese culture is implemented.

Player and NPC Interaction[edit]

  • Adding a new amulet called a Lode stone, which is bought from the market and will teleport you to a preset location. (perhaps limited number of uses)-Rytho
    • Magical items like that aren't likely to be implemented.
  • Hire hunters to help you kill monsters like in Tale of Kingdoms mod.
    • Implemented.


Special Events[edit]


villages as they expand should compete by the sword
When you talk to the town leader you could possibly add a feature such as "Suggest War" so that you can push Villages to war since even though I slander both villages to "Open Conflict" There is no "Open Conflict" Also thank you for all the hard work you have put into this mod i think it deserves more recognition I have been with it since Early Yogbox. -Blackjack

MISC / Customisation[edit]

  • what if kinniken makes it so that you can add mob skins from mods like mo's creature and the morecreeps one or other so they act the same as in the mod. He could make a separate file in the millenaire download as 'Millenaire Medival' ( millenaire fantasy) DeadDeed Hard to make.
  • Add the ability to add more skins for the villagers, due to the similar shape skins intended for the player should be compatible.Hummmm.... Put them in with the correct name.
  • Give us schematics of the player houses used in the game. They are awesome and should get spread everywhere (Imagine SMP servers with the Millenaire houses everywhere? :D) [Lakart]Make them yourself. It is not that hard...
  • Buildingplans: Let it read MCEdit Schematics - Alternative: Convert Schematics to buildingplans.png
    • The new import/export feature works for this


  • Japanese Paper Wall from wood and paper. [2] Rasseru 06:46, 22 November 2011 (UTC)
    • Implemented
  • Dry Reed blocks "Sugar Cane" for walls and roofs. Rasseru 09:34, 9 November 2011 (UTC)
    • Implemented