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This is the suggestion page for suggestions for villages, these suggestions can include new village types, new buildings in a village or new lone building types. Please keep it organized and when you add a suggestion write a small summary in the summary bar when you edit the page. Use Bullet Points.

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Villages suggestions

  • ability to use wand of summoning on diamond block and spawn lone buildings

break and repair: maybe add the ability for a raid party to burn down wooden buildings and villagers to repair them

Mines/Quarries : Allowing villages to mine a little iron/gold/diamond would be nice. I noticed that no village will ever have weapons without a player selling iron to the village manually. It would be nice for a quarry to have a small chance to mine ores out. Perhaps 1/10 for iron, 1/100 for gold and 1/1000 for diamond?

  • WALLS: Villages (when finished with most upgrades) would build a huge square wall just outside of the village radius, hamlets would not have this upgrade. If a village were to be raided and it had walls soldiers would stand on top of the walls and shoot arrows down on the enemies, also raiders would have to go in the entrance of the wall, no teleporting through it.
  • The norman's Quarry could have it's grass floor replaced with wood in the last update

- Not sure this is the best section for this, but the ability for the villagers to be able to repair buildings. Maybe it could even be simply a "reapply upgrade" but that would be incredibly helpful.
- Villagers filling in water areas with dirt so they can build on it would be great, or maybe even just a bigger area in general for them to use to build in. I am aware that this can be changed in the config though I didn't notice much difference when I set it to the 70 max recommended.

-You should put torches by the farms, because farms in snow biomes the water always freezes, or maybe you could actually change the chunk that the villagers are in into a new biome maybe? - You can do that yourself if you have Single Player Commands or World Edit installed.

  • japanese should have a dojo and a library
  • you should actually add silk worms
  • Japanese should be Armed with "rockets"which were basically fireworks with out colors.
"Exactly when the first flights of rockets occurred is contested. Some say that the first recorded use of a rocket in battle was by the Chinese in 1232 against the Mongol hordes.""A Brief History of Rocketry". Retrieved 2012-06-14. Rockets are not from 11th Century.
  • where doing medieval buildings and in each village there was a church or some religious shrine because religion was a major part of there lives so maybe each village should start with a church.
  • better armed villages to start of with

- add a building to all civilization that is made after the forge/armory (normand names) that enchants tools/weapons. The higher upgrades put more bookshelves for higher enchantments.

--Maybe a building where the male produces enchanted books and then females would automatically apply appropriate books to tools, weapons, and weapons. Alternatively, if the idea of an enchanter defies the 11th century theme too much, perhaps a sort of "master craftsman" whose creates items slower but they come automatically equipped with enchantments. He could have a bigger larger forge that was made of obsidian, iron, and/or gold, in order to balance with the rest of the mod.

  • Increase the room for a Japanese farming village because they really have no more one to build anymore in the village.

- Extend Millénaire or create a spinoff to allow the player to assign Millénaire villagers to any structure, I was thinking it would be great if a user created kingdom or city could be populated by them and become a living and breathing kingdom or city.

-Maybe add some sort of mercenary core/lone building where the player can hire out soldiers, like for a private army,etc.

-Please make paths in Norman villages optional as they interfere with building upgrades and the Norman replacement core buildings add on. Thank you *Theredstones*

--To elaborate on the above, when you create a Gros Bourg (for example), the gravel path curves behind the fort and ends at the inn, however, in doing so, it cuts across the corner of the base of the fort, effectively ruining the path when the moat is added. It might be possible to make paths more grid-like, make it require a space of three blocks to either side, etc. - The player should be able to sell iron ingots directly to the norman armurerie

  • Mayans, besides of corn, they had farms of pumpkins and cotton, which would work as silk and wool for Byzantines.
  • Peut-être réduire le taille des batiments centraux japonais assez impossant pour le premier niveau.
  • Add in a capitol for the different cultures.The capitol should spawn at least 8km from the spawn point. Add in a special map that you can only trade for after about 4 or 5 upgrades to the town centerpiece. The capitol should be at least three times the size of a normal village and should have at least two village centerpieces from that culture, on their second or third upgrade. the capitol should have different sections(living, farming, religious) and should get different culture's as they grow bigger.this would make the game more realistic. in the capitol you should also allow more buildings to be commissioned instead of just living areas. you could also add a dungeon underneath the city with a ton of loot and mob spawners.
  • Give soldiers of all cultures the ability to have wives and children, that way having soldiers doesn't significantly slow the growth of a village.
  • I have not played much but if they do not build bridges over rivers that would be a nice addition.
  • When extending village_radius to 60 or 70, the village map doesn't allow display of the entire area. I would suggest that the village map either allow scrolling, breaks the map up into quadrants, or auto sizes somehow to the village_radius. Love the mod though, other than the random server boot that has all the villagers die and their chests unlock :)