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This is the suggestion page for Other suggestions that don't fit into any other category. Please keep it organized and when you add a suggestion write a small summary in the summary bar when you edit the page. Use Bullet Points.

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Other suggestions[edit]

  • Have the mod check for updates during initialization.
  • having a rich procedural generation of quests with objects to find, messages to deliver, monsters to kill and loot to get
  • permitting users to write quest extensions for the mod
  • {DONE}Maybe make a GUI to make changes to the mod such as spawn rate of the villages or how quickly they gather or things of the nature that users can already change via file but instead simplify it to an in-game option
  • In the GUI, make sure that the default values are included in the options, so that mis-clicks are easily reversed. This is not currently the case with village radius (Default is 65, but the options only include even tens).
  • Move configuration file(s) to .minecraft/config/millenaire directory. This way, when updating, you don't overwrite your old configurations. With this, you should probably also make it so that it automatically generates the configuration file so it doesn't need to be manually placed. (Mainly speaking of the config containing Block/Item IDs)
  • Pets for villages. Dogs, cats, birds and even fish. Dogs can help defend the villagers.
  • This idea has run through my head for a while but now i can't hold it here any longer.. After completing the last creation quest and upgraded to the max all of the villages i spot ive found that the mod pretty much stopped here and went bland after, yet there is awesome potential right after.

For one, with enough population, a village chief could order youngs to become settlers for another village run by himself which would benefit from it and allow the construction of new special buildings while turning the chief into a "count" of some sort, also with him being the owner of multiple village his "capital village" would see it's building range being enlarged and the said village could turn into a city with proper streets. In short, it would go like this

-2 village owned = Baron -1 small town +4 village = count -1 town + 2 small town 8 village = duke -1 city + 3 towns + 5 small towns +15 villages = King

Each title earned allow new constructions, and each title earned allow the said chiefs to appoint other chiefs to control his many villages, which could even be the player if the relation with the chief is high enough. I know the idea may be vague but im sure it could really multiply the mod's longevity, and bring it to new horizons.

  • Any village nearby an abandoned village may take the resources of the abandoned village. Unless the village doesn't have enough room. Then, they would take only what they need and come back later when and collect the rest when they have enough room.
  • Villages can fight over resources of abandoned village. ( If two or more villages are near an abandoned village, they fight over the resources.
  • Empires for cultures, for example the Byzantine Empire they took over many different countries and in the mod it could be to where if your a leader of a village there can be a scroll called "War Scroll" and it tells you what wars/battles you have fought and gives you the option to go to war with a country/village and if you win you can command that village and they give you deniers like other villages/countries in history.
    • After all buildings are completed, have the villagers search for other cultures or villages then establish trade routes with caravans(which need protecting from bandits.) Have them build roads, tunnels and bridges along those trade routes. have them put walls around their cities.
  • Roads should give off a speed boost to workers that use them. Also, it might be too much to code in, but roads between neighboring cities would be pretty cool too.
  • Roads aren't auto placed in buildings, rather a road border around the building and the road blocks to the door are added by the building (the road is also upgraded by the building). Make the villagers prefer using roads over empty space unless the road is blocked (cliff, break in the road, ect.). Adding to the idea above, it might be easier for roads between a town and it's Hamlets. Road stair blocks (not slabs) for steeper grades, like the fort stairs. - willvette
  • If villages are near a stronghold or a abandoned mine they could elect "champions" and "dungeon crawl" to try to take back the mines or strongholds. If they succede they can then rebuild and use those places. Players could also talk to the village leader and if they have a high enough reputation can be put on the list or "champions".
  • Beacons: Using an item or perhaps just keyboard controls, players can establish a beacon which when pressing the V key (normally used for showing the location of nearby villages) will show the location of the beacon as well as nearby villages. A step allowing the player to name the beacon would also be helpful if multiple beacons were active.
  • addons: A little addon to link Millénaire's quest with customNPC's quest list/tab.
  • Make a secret achievement that, with ic2 installed, that when you nuke a japanese village you get an achievement called "VJ day"
  • Make a 1940s version of Millenaire using Flans mod weapons and vehicles. Use cultures like Japan, Germany, The US, etc. Make buildings like weapon factories, aircraft factories, and so on.
  • Custom Events make events that happen like a harvest festal if they have a certain number of wheat witch will increase food production also bad ones like a barbarian raid witch will burn down some crops or house as well as many others to make the game less repetitive and give more goals to work for and all in all make it seem more real.