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This is the suggestion page for Item suggestions, these suggestions could include blocks, food, tools, weapons etc. It can be changes to existing ones or new ones. Please keep it organized and when you add a suggestion write a small summary in the summary bar when you edit the page. Use Bullet Points.

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Item suggestions[edit]

  • Add Obsidian Armor for Mayans, Yes they used armor made of cotton and stuffed with salt rocks, but the properties of minecraft world is different, just like one can simply piece to togather diamond armor from diamonds, theortically the same could be done from obsidian with obsidian armor, and unlike on earth the Mayans in MC have incentive to make such armor with the Byzantines and Normans roaming around. Can't just think of the real world with these civs have to keep the MC world in mind too!
  • Add a slab sized bed for Japanese.
  • Add the chakram for the Indian culture. It can be thrown or used as a blade, and it looks like a disk.
  • Add weapons for the Mayan cultures, maybe a sword textured to look like a spear? or any other ideas, . . .
  • Add more spices and food recipes for Japanese and Indian.
  • Rice should drop more seeds when harvested. It seems to be random 1 to 2 seeds per plant, weighted to 1 seed. A 64 plant strip yields very litte extra.
Or rice should grow MUCH faster. Or drop seeds, like wheat(drops 1-2 wheat AND 0-3 seeds, making farming of wheat times more productive. Not sure, but seems, wheat go through 7 studies of grown faster than rice through only one. Same thing with turmeric.
  • Add "Cooked Rice" and "Fried Rice" the latter combines with carrots and potatoes? (Have both satisfy some hunger, with the latter satisfying more of course).
  • Add Emeralds to all villages for money exchange with the default villages with a equal buy/sell price. (Perhaps selling and buying emeralds in Millenaire villages should be allowed, so that deniers have an exchange rate of x->y)
  • Option to disable the use of the village wand on servers. I tried removing it from the traded goods and townhall txt files but it didn't work, it was still in the shops of new villages.
  • In the English Translation (as well as the other translations, if applicable), the block 'dirt wall' would be more accurately named 'sod' or 'cob'.
Check discussion page
  • Have the Japanese make mochi and sake with rice.
  • Bamboo for the Japanese.
  • For Japanese, make cutting boards and dried sea weed for sushi.
  • Reed hat for Japanese farmers. Hard to make hats in MC and reed hat maybe for a future culture.
  • I highly suggest changing the obsidian tool sprites, especially the mace. I personally think they look horrible for being so awesome sry.(I agree, using some black/dark texture or keeping the purple, but the stick is horrible)
  • I think an armor suit for the Mayans would be awesome. I could be a jaguar suit or something else like that.
  • For Normans or Byzantines, you can do a crossbow. It can have the same range as the Yumi Bow but have a higher damage and take a longer time to reload.
  • Make Byzantine religious villages buy Nether Quarz Blocks from player, then build/upgrade a temple from it.
  • Pictoral Signs. Give each shop a 'sign' that has a texture on it (simple pictogram) that accords to that shop's purpose, such as a cow head for a beef farm, pig snout for a pig farm, chest for a market, etc.
  • A Mayan hot cholate drink should be added. You could get the cocoa beans from the tree farm.
  • Soil blocks for villages to farm potatoes, melons, and pumpkins.
  • an charcoal production via charcoal pits. should be necessary for iron tools/armor etc.
  • Clay Pit and Pottery for each culture. for example to create some unique style blocks like amphora and something like that. Maybe those pottery items increase the efficiency of farms and cooking crafting of villagers.
  • Remove KB2 from the Byzantine mace and add some damage and delay. The fact that you can't put it in an enchantment table because it starts enchanted with one enchantment makes it a very undesirable weapon by the time it's attainable.