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This is the suggestion page for suggestions for interactions, these suggestions could include changes to reputation, war, trade or any other player to village or village to village interaction. Please keep it organized and when you add a suggestion write a small summary in the summary bar when you edit the page. Use Bullet Points.

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Interaction suggestions[edit]

-If a culture, let's say a tiny starting maya village, interacts with a larger complete Byzantine one, the Byzantines will become more and more dominant in the mayan village and soon we will start seeing mayans wearing byzantine-style clothes and afterwards start speaking corrupt mayan with greek words. Or even convert to christianity

-Market chests in player controlled villages should stay locked so that the player can't loot them.

- A way to properly talk to the villagers which could increase or damage your reputation. If you didn't talk to someone for a long time, your relationship would decrease.

- Either add more text for the mobs (As every single child in my Mayan village only say "I play in the grass" all the time, which kind of gets a little annoy after a while), or a change in the way the coding works for languages so you could add your own text in.

- Either use Minecraft Comes Alive which has its code GPLed or a similar style where the player can actually marry a villager and have offspring with that villager! Also the offspring can be told to do chores but that is more of a secondary feature. This would really help immerse the player even more into the village since they could truly be a part of it growing.

-- I agree with the above. The player should be allowed to marry and have kids.

- More control over the villages. Such as, when you are a little more than friends with the villagers, you can bribe the village head to build a certain type of building. Or, Suggest it and there would be a 30% chance of him accepting the suggestion. And when you're the village lord, you can choose what buildings to build and/or upgrade. and/or the tasks/jobs of the people. [Response: When you gain a high enough reputation, you have the ability to create a player-controlled village of the culture you gained reputation with.]

- Allow the villages to go to war against each other and winner converts other village into the same culture type of village- [Response: That may result in laggy and oversized cities. - EandR]

- Allow the player to join a raid by speaking to the Chief of the village. When the raid will begin the player will be teleported at the raiders who are at the enemy village ! If the player join and help to win the raid, his reputation will be increased. If he don't join, nothing change but if he join and he lose the raid, his reputation will be decreased!

-If offspring is added to this, make it so you can create your own village with your child and if you convince your husband or wife, they will help too. You will also need to convince another family to help you too.

-Make it so you can get in fist fights and if you win you get money and better reputation and opposite if you lose.

- Allow villages to be tributaries to others, giving their overlord a portion of any resources they collect. Villages can attack their neighbors and try to force them to become tributaries, while tributaries can occasionally try to rebel. This would ideally result in some small kingdoms forming, each with a large capital and a handful of smaller tributaries.

-Villages that reach a certain reputation level with each other should be able to send soldiers to defend each other when they get attacked by bandits or other villages.

- Make it that if you control a village, you can make your village plan a raid (perhaps by right clicking the military sign, and choosing the village to raid?) [Response: This can be done now.]

- When using the wand to add buildings to a player controlled village, when a building is chosen a 'ghost' image of the building should appear in the world, and follows the cursor/cross-hair, before it's added to the building queue so the player has more controlled of how the village is built up. The ghost image should be the same size as the actual building and should have some sort of indication of where the entrance to the building is and where it will be facing.

- You should be able to by a shop in a village and earn a profit from it

- Cheaper trade prices

- You should be able to lead a village and order them to raid a near bye village and if you win then you take over their land and buildings and the resources

- Villages shouldn't spawn near default villages(squidwardnoises): the mod should check if the new village to generate will cover an existing testificate village. Currently, spawning villages can tear apart half of a squidward's village.

- If the Player enters a Maya-Village by riding a Horse they should react to it, because in the 11th century there was no Horses in middle-america. For exemple with negative Rep they should be afraid of the player (or of the Horse) with neutral Rap the are suspicious and with good Rep they are curious.

- Increase reputation gain from trading when selling resources which are listed as needed for a current building project, as incentive to help the village grow instead of just selling them high-ticket items for quick cash.

-depending on the size of village, project, and amount of workers, there should be more than one person building at a time

-I wish during raids, there would be a list of cords to which said raid is taking place. I personally interact with many villages so I can not remember them by name so if one of them is getting raided I am hopeless to find my villagers and 'save' them from the attack. And once you reach the reputation of 'One of Us'and own a house in that town, you should be accounted for as population and defenses.

-Should be an option to "fire" a villager you don't want anymore just in case they get lost and are of no use anymore.

-You should be able to "equip" villager with some weapons or armours. For example you right click on em and(besides trade(for trader)) options appear to what to give him in hand slot, head, boots, legs and chest. [Response: This can be done by simply selling the armor and weapons you want to the village, they will be distributed accordingly amongst the most capable in battle.]

-You should add a personalty to the villagers to better immerse the player so like one villager could be annoying or hate another on or one could be more neutral so when look at your village you know the villagers as more that that's the trader the leader and builder.

- If it pleases, perhaps you could add a toggle option for player-controlled villages to build, upgrade, and/or expand autonomously, like a normal village, as the player wills it, so he/she can't be bothered with selecting the location of and managing every building in the village.

- When the 'Remove Building' option is selected for a structure, builders should go out and deconstruct the building, salvaging its materials and leaving behind little trace of its existence.