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This is the suggestion page for culture suggestions, these suggestions should either be new cultures that fit into the 11th century or changes to the existing cultures. Please keep it organized and when you add a suggestion write a small summary in the summary bar when you edit the page. Use Bullet Points.

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Culture suggestions[edit]


  • Maybe add a Polish culture because the Polish architecture has beautiful tall towers and big churches. Also almost each village had a protection wall all around and there usually were 4 gates. The walls around the villages of the Polish culture would add a cool military look to the game. The buildings were usually made of red bricks and stones of different sizes. The paths and roads were also made of big stone. There should also be a castle village that would have hamlets(like the mahal in the hindu culture). There would also be a huge lookout tower in every single village but maybe different designs. eg. A Military lookout tower would be the biggest of all towers and two or more storeys for lookout and archers.


  • Maybe add Vikings either as a friendly village or as bandits, maybe some native Americans (north america not Mayans for obvious reasons)/Aborigines/an African culture of the time.
  • Add the Bulgarians as a culture. They fit the time period perfectly. They built houses out of leather and they are know for being good at fighting on horseback. They are extremely religious and their graves were made inside a small hill and they buried the dead with their tools. Houses made out of either spruce wood and oak wood or a mix of cobblestone with sorts of wood. Their castles are more open and they are known for their mining and smithing skills. Used to be nomads (explains why they like horses and why they built houses out of leather). They hate byzantines.

  • The Islamic Empire appears to be a prominent figure in the 11th Century world. I personally know little about them, although if you added them it would be a nice addition.


  • The Welsh would be an interesting addition, considering that they had a huge conflict with the (Anglo)-Normans in the 11th century as they fought for independence from the crown. Also, the Welsh language is pretty awesome.


  • Adjust the Japanese (and any other building that falls into this) so that the overhang on the wall (wall's roofing) is on the outside, this is for a pratical reason, to help keep spiders out.
  • Add the Roman Empire as a culture, I know there is the byzantines, but not really the same. Would love to be wearing the roman armor with sword. (Wish MC had shields).
  • Replace the (red) brick in the byzantine small house with something like birch wood or sandstone or even the byzantine tile. The red brick with that design is just ugly.


  • Add ancient Egyptians with pyramids and underground lost tombs with chest filled with armour/weapons and antique artifacts.
  • JOUSTING! Add jousting as an activity to the norman culture, in military villages. The horses and knights would have special armour with unique colours and coat of arms. Jousting should only include high class norman military men, such as king and guards. Also jousting could be a tournament with a grand stadium with the villagers attending as spectators. There should also be available a bookie who will allow the player and villagers to bet on a competitor. Kings and guards from other military villages should be able to compete in the jousting. Also, it would be AWESOME if the player could compete if their reputation was high enough and had completed necessary quests, and getting far in the competition would bring the player lots of deniers and reputation, although not without it's risks - a very small chance of death if the player gets knocked off their horse, loss of reputation if the player jousts badly, the cost of the upkeep of the horse, armour etc. also if the player could easily customise their own coat of arms and banner colours. what would be amazing is if players could joust against each other in server... although this would be an extremely big project... i hope you like the idea mod makers
  • Perhaps add Anglo Saxons into the mix, I say this because I think it would be good because of the Normans already in the mod. (In case anyone wonders why the Anglo's and the Norman's would work, it's because they invaded what is now called England, the Anglo Saxon people's home).
  • I believe Great Britain could be added into the mod from the High Middle Ages (1066 to 1272), as it would fit in with the 11th century feel. The biomes it could appear in could be either Plains or any Forest biome. It could also add some interesting new elements to the mod. These include:

New Blocks: While some houses could reuse the blocks from the Norwegian villages, they could also add Damp Stone Bricks, which are like normal bricks but instead are more black and grey and look just slightly cracked in places.

New Items: A Medieval Longsword (Or just simply Longsword) would be the weapons used by medieval knights to defend their villages, as well as Medieval Axe, Armour etc (Or Chainmail Armour could be used instead for Knights). A Crossbow could also be added, which would be more powerful but would take more time to pull back fully.

New Mobs: Different villagers that could be added include Servants and Peasants (Ragged looking clothes), Yeoman's (Less ragged and slightly more richer), Knights (Defend the village) a King and a Queen (rules the village)

New Buildings: Different buildings and places that could be added include potato farms, shops, animal farms and big buildings for royals. A jail could also be added, and if you do something bad (e.g. hitting a knight multiple times) then you have to go to an underground dungeon (coded like a basement with an entrance above). Once the village has been built up enough, a wall could be built around the village (If not possible, then a wall around the Kings throne, and upgradable to be slightly thicker), with a gate for the entrance using fences to look like a portcullis.

New Chapter: It could also add a new quest into the mod (Defeating a castle and then giving what's inside the chests to the poor with other things you have to do along side it maybe?).

  • An Africa tribe could be added into the jungle biome, as well as a Viking tribe by an ocean biome.
  • Perhaps you could add in the Holy Roman Empire. They were very large then, having control of most of what now is Germany, Austria, Switzerland, etc.
  • The Empire of Aksum might be a culture to put in.
  • The Khmer Empire would help maintain the spread of cultural diversity of the cultures, or the Italians or Arabs.
  • Have a bandit culture, which is constantly hostile to the player until a sort of mission is completed to allow access to the bandit town.
  • A Nordic culture which is able to build docks - They should only spawn in cold coast areas.
  • The Wari (Huari) Culture, Chinese Culture which could rival the Japanese, Aram Culture, Babylonian which could have Statues of kings which Babylonians could pray or worship, The State of Chu, Elam, The Kingdom of Kush, The United Monarchy (Isreal and Judah) which could have a Cathedral which villagers could pray and the Zhou Dyanysty. (All of these are sovereign states in the 11th century period) If these are added, they would add a entire new way of playing minecraft, from mining diamonds to running a entire empire, This would be more realistic, and would add a higher goal, with more quests and such.
  • The Kievan Rus culture would be a nice addition or finish up the other Russian culture in library.
  • You Should add the Turks.They were a middle eastern kingdom that started small but conquered most of the middle east and Africa.The we're Muslim but the style of architecture and weaponry/armor/ culture has always interested me. if you don't want to add this culture that's ok.
  • Nomadic tribes should be added, nomads create small mud huts when they arrive at on spot. Every 6 minecraft days

the nomads take all of use but leave the huts. The huts will despawn. They don't sell much, only things in the area; such as rainforest: ocelot pelts and meat, cocoa beans, desert; cactus fruits, swamp: vine rope, mushroom stew, forest: apples. Will settle down if find open coal ore near water.

-Maybe put a village in a mushroom biome, to make mushroom biomes more interesting. Maybe you could make it part of the Creation quest, there would be a special compass that would point to a mushroom biome with the original people or something, i donno. It would be nice to have special cultures in mushroom biomes. (not since mooshroom biome is almost impossible to found, or either not related to any Xth century event. Mushroom biome is a reference to "Tintin et l'étoile mysterieuse")

  • Add Mayan player-controlled villages.

This culture also has a unique building, a Music Building that is used for concert using Gamelan, Gendang, Gong, and more (search it at wikipedia for javanese traditional instruments). It gives bonus worker speed at building and upgrading (by happiness).

  • Make the Testificates a culture of their own. Bring their AI up to the level of other villages and List them as "Natives"
  • Sorry my english, I'm not practicing it for a long time. I recommend the Papal States as a new culture. The center would be a church that, in the beginning, is a chapel and become a Gothic cathedral such as Notre-Dame. The leader of the city would be a bishop and the members of the city would be priests. The city would have a monastery, which could be the house of the citizens, and other buildings, as a carpenter, woods, artisan, market, jeweler, guard house and others that already exist. It could also be a new quest chapter. In this episode we would have to help in choosing a new pope, beginning the quest searching the college of cardinals (which would be like the tree of Sahdu or the Alchemist), after we would have to find items of the Church, bring cardinals who are lost, give materials for the organization of the Conclave, until the end, when you are recognized as a leader of culture, you become the pope by acclamation because you helped with the quests. This new culture could be found in the biome of plains and forest.
  • Add an "Ancients" culture. They could be advanced and could be talked about in the villages. Only one of the "Ancients" villages could spawn in a world and they could be part of the creation quest.
  • Mayans have to be developed. Right now they have a lot of Aztec stuff. After it, Aztecs could be added to the game, sharing singularities with Mayans and having their differences too.

  • An option in config.txt to use old bûcheron behaviour from the Millenaire early Beta 1.05_01 days where they would chop trees anywhere within the village radius and would plant saplings anywhere within the village radius to replace them, without any need for grove buildings. This behaviour was far more fascinating to watch than the grove behaviour and was only removed from the mod early on because it caused villagers to destroy players' buildings and because it caused pathfinding lag. Now that Millenaire has improved pathfinding and tracks building footprints, paths, and player-owned land more carefully, this feature could be reintroduced as an optional feature for players with powerful computers for a more immersive and entertaining experience! --JT 00:27, 26 July 2013 (CEST)

  • Vikings - they could be the group for the ocean biomes. It would be nice to have additional boats
  • Mongols - now that minecraft has horses, it would be cool to see them utilized by a culture
  • Saint-Empire romain germanique, je propose de mettre le Saint-Empire Romain Germanique en tant que culture car ils possèdait pratiquement toute l'europe centrale pendant le XI siècle avec une grande ressamblance avec les normands; en biome neige en utilisant plus du bois de Pin et la pierre dés le début des villages ayant un style plus barbabares et plus tassé.


  • Add in the Aksum empire.
  • they were known expert archers and had a unique group of weapons, gile knife, shotel sword.
  • they lived in a land with jungles, deserts, and grasslands.
  • they posses a well documented relegious, martial, and architectural history.

Being from the fertile crecsent they would possess alot of plants and foods like

  • wheat
  • millet which grows even during droughts
  • bottle gourds that can act buckets
  • Flax that could be used to make string
  • teff whose seeds are made into soup and fibres that are mixed with mud or clay to make stronger building materials
  • they also made a light cloak like armor from linen an woven fibers as well as a heavier chainmail reinforced version.

gwyllgi ---

  • Add the Spanish culture, with rifle, cannon, and Spanish armor.
  • They have horses, wine, olive oil.
  • Millenaire Villager can trade with Vanilla Villager.

  • Make an Elder culture that can teach you all the crops, sells all the blocks, build complex buildings, and has armor and tools that are stronger than diamond.There would be one village, which would be all the types combined, which players would think it was an alien culture. the leader would look like the old guy from the karate kid and the villagers would be a mix of all the cultures. The players buildings would be the biggest that can be offered by any culture and be made of obsidian strength blocks. They would spawn in any biome and there is only one per world and they would spawn in a 1000 block radius from the players spawn point. If this is implemented give credit to me ghostrider2539

  • I have read some very nice ideas like the Egyptians and Arabs. But I also recommend a tribe Eskimo ice biome for the total (so be sure that each biome has a culture). In addition, you can make the Nether World a better place by adding a hostile faction that inhabits those damn fortresses. A tribe that could be connected to the idea of ​​the Ancients, as suggested by others. And maybe you could devote a chapter and a boss in this faction, which once opened the Nether Portal, invades the Overworld with legions of soldiers.
  • I know that I gave you that idea out a bit 'optics' historical-medieval ", but remember that even in ancient times believed in a world of" hell "... so why not create you own a faction of the damned, with structures, ranks, etc etc-

[Sorry for the rather poorly written English, I used Google Translation]Daxo92 01/FEB/2014

  • If you will implement Turks, add Seljuq dynasty to it, and get them a little war between Byzantine.
  • Cause it is between 1001 AD-1100 AD
  • Please add Balts. Their special building includes beehive collector and they can buy/sell amber.

  • Under world generation, add settings for time periods other than the 11th century. This will allow for different cultures spawning only in different worlds.
  • I do in fact understand that Kinniken only cares for the 11th century, but I don't believe he would care if the cultures were in different worlds [Reflex9876]

  • Add a Greek or Hellenistic Culture, I know that there are Byzantines, but they are a mix of Greek and Roman, and, as the Byzantines in game say "We are not Greeks, we are Romans."
  • Maybe do some sort of northern Greek culture that is a little more horse-based than the southern Greeks, like the Thessalians or Macedonians.
  • Also, are there any plans to allow the cultures to build over areas of water or mountain (there is a "Clearing Block Mod" by AlexanderGames that works along those lines? Or add quests to the Japanese and Byzantine cultures? And possibly simplifying the Sadyu's quest line by replacing the different biome area requirements? Especially if someone choses to play in a "flat" world?

  • Seeing as this mod simply is based around developing the culture and architecture of a civilization, a perfect civilization to choose would definitely be the Chinese. As the Chinese are one of the oldest civilizations on Earth, they have much to offer in the way of culture, architecture and technology. The Chinese developed gunpowder weaponry somewhere around the 14th Century and also had very interesting monuments they've built, e.g. The Terracotta Army or the Great Canal. The Chinese also have the Forbidden City; which would serve as a wonderful basis for a main building, albeit decreased in size. The Chinese also have a unique resource the entire medieval world coveted: porcelain. That could be added as a mineral resource, adding to the game's impact on the world. Furthermore, some of the suggestions here want more a unique culture that adds a lot to gameplay, and I think the ancient Chinese culture would offer a wonderful chance to add new blocks and items to the game.

EDIT: I also had completely overlooked the Chinese repeating crossbow, and their interesting family shrines they have in their houses. Most ancient Chinese families had a shrine in the middle of their homes, and most relatives lived together inside of them; adding a room to the house to accommodate their wives. Anyways, I thought it would be interesting to implement the whole shrine idea in their houses. Also, knowing that the language will be a huge issue to implement, I recommend using the Pinyin system of transcription rather than actually adding Chinese characters, though I think Minecraft does support them.

  • Make some culture better at things like a level 1 Japanese farm being as good as a level to of any other culture or Normans being better miners and such so ever culter has another way of standing out

  • Some politics would be great in this mod: Occupying other towns, territory disputes, small armies with commanders, taxation, and a capital city for each culture with increased size, walls, and royalty. Conspire with town leaders to influence politics and policies of the realm, gang up on stronger towns, or possibly start a new 'faction'. At any rate, the mod's current village-relationship system (Diplomatic points) has very little actual impact on the world and could use some improvement.

It would be great if you could add the holy roman empire and the country of England.the holy roman empire would spawn in forest and in tundra biomes, while the english would spawn anywhere near the coast, due to their future sea empire. It would also be great if you cad the incas, and mabey gave the cultures some extra mobs to ride ( alpacas and elephants) Thanks for concidering!!!