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* Add machines that allows you to make your own cider from cider apples.
* Add machines that allows you to make your own cider from cider apples.
* Allow people to define new source blocks and other types of special blocks in the blocklist/custom blocklist.
* Allow people to define new source blocks and other types of special blocks in the blocklist/custom blocklist.
*village's scroll should be upgraded so that you can chose what categories you want to go to like the menu should include project and construction, population, buildings, resources.
* Add the ability to define a resource chance in buildings, (ideal for adjusting the rariety of mining resource finds and others.
* Add the ability to define a resource chance in buildings, (ideal for adjusting the rariety of mining resource finds and others.

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This is the suggestion page for Core suggestion that change or add to gameplay. Please keep it organized and when you add a suggestion write a small summary in the summary bar when you edit the page. Use Bullet Points.

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Core suggestions

  • I love this mod and really liked the changes to the Hindi Culture. Any chance you will be doing similar with the other cultures? One frustration I have is that the "guards" never go to the guard posts/towers. Can you possibly fix this, for all the cultures that build them (i.e.: Normans, Japanese)?
  • Rework currency to use Emeralds for a more Vanilla feel. Allow it as an option, at least.
  • Add machines that allows you to make your own cider from cider apples.
  • Allow people to define new source blocks and other types of special blocks in the blocklist/custom blocklist.
  • village's scroll should be upgraded so that you can chose what categories you want to go to like the menu should include project and construction, population, buildings, resources.
  • Add the ability to define a resource chance in buildings, (ideal for adjusting the rariety of mining resource finds and others.
  • I have read all of the suggestions, and I think that one of the most popular ideas here is the mca addition. Please consider actually making villager interactions, not the boring stuff there is right now. In MCA, you can actually hire, marry, and interact with the villagers. you would be able to arrange a marriage with a child, so that when they grow up, you automatically marry them. Kinniken and other millenaire makers, Please at east consider working with WildBamaBoy to create a mod like this. I have both mods currently installed, but I spend much more time around the millenaire villages and the mod would be a lot better if I could live in the Milenaire villages and interact with the Millenaire villages. This change would, in my opinion, make the mod a lot better.
  • WALLS: Villages (when finished with most upgrades) would build a huge square wall just outside of the village radius, hamlets would not have this upgrade. If a village were to be raided and it had walls soldiers would stand on top of the walls and shoot arrows down on the enemies, also raiders would have to go in the entrance of the wall, no teleporting through it. (This has been covered elsewhere. It is not possible.)
  • TECH TREE / ADVANCEMENT: I was thinking villagers could unlock new techs such as horseback riding or Iron Forging or Iron mining or Fertilizer so wheat grows 40% faster in farms. I dont think the techs should get so advanced that the villagers advance into Modern times or too far, I think the top tech should be something like Faster gold Mining, (or something). Techs in my opinion should just take time depending on what tech you are getting. For example: Getting a wheel barrow so villagers could carry more stuff would take about a day and something like Horseback riding would take like 4 days minecraft time. And some techs would require certain buildings. For example: You would need the Quarry to unlock Faster Mining or Iron Mining or way later on even Diamond Mining. Controlled villages would allow the player to choose what techs they wanted (if they had the right requirements.) I hope you like my idea I think it would make growing villages more rewarding and more interesting.
  • RELIGION: I don't mean just Hindu's believing in Hinduism or Normans believing in Normandy. I was thinking if you became a prophet/met a prophet you could get him somehow to start a religion. Certain religions would give villagers certain buffs. For example: Byzantine could worship a choice of any Roman god like Mars god of war and then each soldier would have more health or do more damage. Churches or religious villages would increase this buff or would allow you to believe in multiple things. And depending on what they believe in they could say different things and act different. And this doesn't have to just be byzantine I am pretty sure there are different Hindu gods and Mayan gods, but I am not sure about Japanese and Normans
   Les byzantin sont orhodoxes, les normands chrétien.
  • The player should be allowed to choose what the central building is when they create a player controlled village, like possibly a small gui that allows the player to select what the central building will be from a list of choices such as for the byzantine village a Fort, Village Hall, or Orthodox Church
  • Simple Suggestion: English name of plot that is available for player to buy and/or a small icon of what it will look like.
  • FIX A HUGE MULTIPLAYER EXPLOIT! With the current system it's possible to make unlimited denier. If a player is the controller of a town he has complete access to the towns storage, this needs to be changed somehow. If a controlling player gets a friend to sell a ton of items to the town to make denier, the controlling player can then just give back all the items to his friend and repeat the process. I suggest one of the following two options to solve this problem. Make it so the controlling player must supply the denier by either putting it in some sort of banking system or the towns storage itself. This will make the controlling player actually have to pay for resources coming into his town from other players. Or, simply put some sort of configuration option that disables the controlling player from taking items out of the towns storage chests. For purposes of town expansion he should still be able to put items inside, just not take them out. Until this issue is solved I must ban the wand of summoning all together with takes out a large part of the fun in this mod.
  • In a raid, if the village's offense isn't greater than or equal to the enemy village's defense, then they should call their ally villages(villages with excellent with the raiding village), to help them raid.(Unless their ally villages are excellent or somewhere in the green zone with the enemy village)
  • Instead that the resource collection is pretty much building based. It would be cool to see the villagers hunt, chop trees that isent in there fence area, and other work things. Now I don't know if they already do this exactly but, you know. It would be cool to see villagers lure cows to their animal farms.

I don't really agree with all the building based things. I would like it more that instead of a tree farm/area, the village would build a lunmber jack hut or something, the lumberjack would then cut trees in a area around the hut. It would be cool to see the fishers not being in the water when they fish, then it would be like normal when you throw a line from the fishing stick thing. The fisher would then wait until the villager got a bait. It would altso be nice to see mineshacks instead of giant holes that dosent get bigger or anything. It would be the normal mineshack, with wood supports and stuff.

  • Random events. I don't really know a lot of all these cultures. But seeing history happen would be nice. Just saying.
  • Bad people in the villages. It could be anything, murderes, primitive black market dealers, thiefs, kidnappers, rebellers (This would fit well with my above idea). Maybe the guards would ask you to investigate or do it themselves. A prison would be á good building. You would be transported to there if you don't resist when you do something bad. War prisonners would altso be put in here. The prison would be like a normal prison, you know, a primitive prison. A execution place would fit, all the cultures would have different ways to execute people.
  • A way to work for the villages/villagers. Instead of the normal, get wheat, deliver it, get money thing, you will get the amount of money you deserve.. You can be a farmer (you will work in the farms, and you will bring the food to your boss/vilage elder and when the day is over you will get paid, how much wheat you brought in, if you re-planted the seeds again and delivered the remaining seeds to your boss/village elder.) you can work in the forge (you will craft things for them, armor, weapons, tools. You will get payed acording how many items you gave your boss/village elder and how much they are worth, diamond # gold # iron # stone # wood # and so on.) If you are shit at the jobs, your rep will take a hit but it's the other way around if you are good at the jobs, and it will stay the same if you are just medium good at the job. Now you can work as other things but you get the basic point. Secondly it would be cool if you could become the boss of a work place (farm, forge, woodcuttery, and so on) and you could hire unemployed villagers and they would would work for you, and deliver everything to you but you altso needed to keep them payed. This would be cool but nothing that is required. To expand on this idea. You would be able to command your work people. fx, if you commanded the military, you could make them patrols, order them to attack mobs on sight or wait until the mods does something aggressive. If you were the boss over the, smith, you could command people to ´have something always in stock. Btw the villagers would buy from you and you would earn money/deniers, (you would be able to decide the prices).
  • A custom spawner block(s) that uses damage values to determine village/lonebuilding type placed (a field needs to be added to the files assigning their damage value). This would accomplish a couple important things: 1. Specific villages and buildings could be placed by mapmakers(especially valuable for making a Millenaire based adventure map). 2. Could be given as the reward for completing creation quest, which would restrict players ability to place villages (especially valuable for servers), player would be given the specific block for the controlled village for that culture, allowing them to place that village and only that village, 1 time. Block needs to be mineable so that player can move it and try again if they pick an invalid spot to build. Goldblock should be left for devmode only. This may require 1 block per culture to allow users to create more village and lonebuilding types.
  • Support for all vanilla blocks, items and crops so that they can be used as building materials, traded goods, and grown by custom cultures.
  • Would be nice to have a config file that town no-spawn creatures could be added to. With mods like mo'creatures that are adding destructive creatures like the Ogre, Golem, etc, it would be nice to ban them from destroying the towns. (like done with the creepers)
  • Add stone tools into the game. They get a lot of stone from the mine and the players and yet do not make stone tools.
  • Add a general direction from the starting point for quests such as Creation Quest. My minecraft world is HUGE.I have yet to find the edges of the map. I have been searching for hours for the Alchemist Tower and cannot find it. I am in fly mode so I can see large areas at once.

My quest reads "Find the Alchemist Tower in a mountainous area, then report to the Knight..." If you could get it to give me a direction, it would be greatly helpful for large maps. "Find the Alchemist tower in a mountainous area to the WEST..."

In regard to the above the alchemist's tower is not created yet. The next time an extreme hills biome is created the alchemist's tower will appear there. Its not in a set place. Also there is no end in a minecraft world there are no edges. Chunks are created as you explore new places.

- There is _nearly_ no end to minecraft - the PC version does have edges but if you use the standard 1 meter to a block sizing it covers the surface of the earth or greater (depending on version) - the XBox 360 version is only 1km by 1km though!!!
  • Add in a data file the ability for building plans to not calculate a specified block ID into their building plan/upgrade requirements, much like the hard coded torch that does not require coal. This could allow placement of things that can't normally be obtained like fire for a fireplace, grass (not the grass block), or dead bush in deserts. Or perhaps a instead a data file that specifies alternate recipes, where a blank could be a valid value.
  • Add the ability to place Item Frames with specified items in them during construction. I understand that this might not be in any way possible given how Item Frames work.
  • Add a true/false flag in blocklist.txt to make a block "free" for building plans.
  • Prespawn Landmarks enableable from the config file. Will spawn landmarks and other placeholders for quests as the appropriate chunk is loaded even if the quest has not been activated by the player. This will allow the quest areas to fit inside of a reasonably small world and will allow players to find the quest locations more easily. NPCs and events related to the quest will not occur until the quest is activated.
  • More intricate side quests. The player can play a role in village relations, for example by delivering a trade package from village A to B, sabotaging another village, leading a strike team to raid another village, finding lost children in (landmark), etc.
  • Lot Allocation. Pre-allocate village lots, reserving space for smallUser, mediumUser and largeUser areas. Buying petit terrain would prevent you from buying petit maison for example; however there would always be enough room in any village for player housing. (edit: you can still build your own in the petit terrain, or either set a larger village area allowing villagers to build further, even your houses)
  • The Game needs a more medival feel going for it. You need to add core characters or even randomly genorated charactors like lords that have feifs, castles, and towns. there should be empires not vilaages. Your need to have the violence and ignorance of the 11th century with slavery and lords over throwing kings. it needs to have two modes for the causual people and the super hyperspeed blow the hell out of everything people. on causual empires go slower and arnt to violent... but on hyperspeed, empire constantly rape on another and death is everywhere and theres so much fighting and you need to join a side to live and cannons and guns and explosions and.... hyperspeed.
  • Add flags (another wand?) that signals that a building needs repairs, would basically signal the re-construction of the building (done via spot repair, or complete redo?)
  • Change the color of the text over a villager's head when they have a quest for you. The current gray text is the same color as their name and doesn't stand out when many villagers are all standing in one spot chatting, as they like to do. I suggest maybe magenta for Creation Quests and Green for all other quests.
  • When there are multiple informational pages from a villager, a village sign, the help screen, etc.; in addition to the arrows on the bottom of the pages, allow the scroll wheel to move from one page to another.
  • When villagers have multiple topics to speak with you about preface it with a menu to select from instead of having to hit escape to get to the next topic. This most frequently comes up when a villager is available for hire and also has a quest for you.
  • Add an Quest Timer HUD. Ideally this would only display when you have an active quest that has a time limit. It's position on screen should be configurable. It should be able to support multiple skins so developers can fit them into their texture packs.
  • Add a Quest Log. This would keep an entry for each quest the player has done (including all the dialog). Many people like to look back at what they have done or search for clues to what they should be doing. You could also remove the currently open quests from the help screen and put them in here. It would be nice if this was tied to an actual in game item given to the player on first log in.
  • Can there be a quest for an enslaved city, and you have to somehow free the people? I don't know, it just sounds awesome to have to protect a village from an evil power (Evil king, sorcerer, another town?)
  • Add button into mod menu so you can force mod to check/reload/fix/recalculate himself. It's very annoying to save/load every time you use teleport or anything gets stuck.
  • Have Millenaire co-exist with the vanilla villages and villagers. Other mods like Forestry and MystCraft adds their own villager to the game and Millenaire tends to disable all of them (villagers and buildings alike). Spawn point for a Millenaire village does not necessarily have to be at the same place as a vanilla village.
  • Add a mechanic to flip Millenaire villagers/bandits from hostile to non-hostile and vise versa. This would have potential for quests that might allow you to join the bandits or be a penalty for failing a villager's quest.
  • Make so it's able to control all types of villages in all types of cultures when it comes to the point when you be able to make controlled villages ! (currently available only the fort types of villages)
  • Make compatible with Adventure Mode
  • GAME TECH ADVANCEMENT. (this isn't tech tree which was already suggested.) It adds "Experimentor" villagers who will try to experiment things, explaining their usage. If trader/merchant buys for example gunpowder for the first time it brings it to experimentator or alchemist and says:

I don't know the use of the powder. I hope you can indentify it as you are the master of manipulating of matter. And then alchemist takes the powder and tests it: crushes, tastes it, burns, uses button or lever provided power and finally reveals the usage. "This powder can explode." After research(revealing) the trader can buy or sell the powder as item. And it will explain the use. "The Gunpowder can be used to make a cannon". Cannon is then also available to buy.

  • Vehicles - horse carts, cannons, horse-drawn "tanks" or even mechas
  • SKILLS. There should be skills like in RPG. Skills are Attack, Defense, Farming, Building, Mining, Woodcutting, Pickpocketing, Alchemy, Ranged.

Attack will make you attack stronger and add some crit chance, Defence will make you reduce damage and chance to dodge it, farming will make plants grow faster and drop more seeds, building will make you destroy manufactured blocks easier, mining and woodcutting will make you destroy natural blocks and trees easier, also will add fortune chance(so one log will drop 2 logs instead of one, by percentage), pickpocketing will allow you to thief from villagers, zombies and skeletons(their items) by percentage. If you succesfully steal sword from warrior he wont attack you but if you fail he will try to stun or kill you(and reputation will be reduced); also it allows you to pick locked chests(if noone sees you) by percentage; the more pickpocketing XP you have the more % of success chance. Alchemy will allow you to craft things(on alchemy table) - for example you can convert a plank to 2 sticks or experiment with solids and liquids to make anything; it also gives you ability to construct vehicles with components and power them(for example dispenser mecha) and ranged will make your arrows slightly more "homing" to the target and will display where you need to shoot to hit the exact moving target.

  • Give roads a use such as during rain dirt and grass slow you down because they become muddy also gravel and stone roads should give you a small almost unnoticeable speed boost also building and mining should be slowed when raining

  • I been playing your amazing mod but there a few things missing. A thing I suggesting is expanding territories for villages. What I mean is villages can expand their land. If the land not owned by another village they take it. If there is a village that owns it then they go to war say bob villages what to take this chunk then they go to war with village jack because he owns the land. If their repetition staties are low they will go to ware but if positive they can't go to war. You can add config files as well like if villages can take land and how much land can they take before the can't anymore. Another thing is land editing villages will cover and build on lava and water to make land for there village as well if there a miner and their stone that needs to be mined because land is not flat to build on or it's out of atmosphere range. But if there no miner in the village this can't be done.
  • Different types of soldiers and weapons. Rather then having one soldier have every weapon why not have different soldiers with different weapons. For example one could be the swordsman,one would be the archer,one would be the spearman,one would be the shield and another would attack on a horse. It can also vary in different cultures. This would make raids a lot more interesting as we would see a proper battle happen. There should also be a commander who leads the raids.