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This is the suggestion page for compatibility suggestions, these suggestions should be mods you want millenaire to be more compatible or integrated with. Please keep it organized and when you add a suggestion write a small summary in the summary bar when you edit the page. Use Bullet Points.

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Compatibility suggestions[edit]

  • Add a way to allow cultures to spawn in any specific biome that are specified in a /millenaire-custom/cultures/hindi/biome.txt file instead of having to edit each type of villages.txt file (to easily allow and add new Biomes'O Plenty and new ExtraBiomesXL biomes in the future).
  • Biomes O'Plenty - It appears the extra biomes for the Byzantine buildings (.txt files) have been added, but they are still missing for Norman, Japanese, Hindi and Myans. Please add.
  • Crop compatibility with RedPower2 Seed Bags.
  • Could you put some things from the Metallurgy mod in there. Like the Weapon Merchant could sell some of the lower teir weapons and armor. Same with the Tool Merchant with the low teir tools. Also, could the Miner sell ores from the mod and vanilla MC? -Spirus_Dragovich
  • I think it would be cool to have the villagers accept IC2 coins when trading, or to add the ability to convert/craft Millenaire coins from IC2 coins. Maybe have a 'coin exchanger' trader?
  • Millenaires attack passive creatures from other mods(DivineRPG) and the creatures kill them because they have big life/damage. Can you put a config file to avoid millenaires trying to hunt all entities?, like an exception list. thanks

The mob is here -> (but have 400 HP not 200)

  • Villages are protected from creeper and enderman, Could you add an option to add protection from other creatures like Ogre from Mo'Creatures mod ?
  • +100 to the above 2 suggestions. I believe they are protected by Mo'C mobs; if we could offer the same protection from Grimoire of Gaia mobs that would be great!
  • I would have loved to see a mix between millenaire and Better Than Wolves. Perhaps a Better than millenaire mod in the same way that the better than buildcraft concept. I would love to see the Btw content being used in the villages, like windmills, gates to the walls and so on. You could also add the Balkan's weapons mod. Guards with muskets, spears and warhammers and great castles with cannons. I think these 3 mods could create a great minecraft experience without overshadowing the Vanilla feel all the mods share :D
  • A compatibility layer for working with TerraFirmaCraft would be nice. A person who might know how to integrate new TFCraft items into this would do wonders to improve both of these mods, really.
  • Compatibility with Mystcraft would be awesome. The only real issue is that Millenaire ignores the current world you're in and instead generates the town in the normal overworld. I'm not sure how simple it would be to recognize and work with extra worlds but it'd be cool if it did.
  • Add the ability to allow for custom soil blocks to be compatible with other mods that add new crops. Also allow for some way for villagers to plant and harvest various flowers from both vanilla and mods.
  • Add the ability to allow for custom spawn blocks for creatures, like the cowspawn, pigspawn, etc.
  • Add a config file/option for item id list of armors and weapons from other mods that villagers can use. By default villagers will only use vanilla or millenaire weapons and armor.