Quest: Sick Child

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WARNING: This section or article may contain spoilers!

Sick Child
Type Norman Side Quest
Preceding none
Succeeding none
Start Norman Wife
End Norman Wife
Time Limit 48 hours
Reward Money
Money 0 Denier Or 2 Denier Argent 0 Denier
Reputation 512
Experience 16
Repeatable Yes, but not with the same NPC


One of the villagers' son has fallen ill. You being a traveler of the world must know what to do.


This quest can become available at any time, but it only has a 50% chance per hour of being available to the player. To start this quest, you will first have to find a Norman wife, who you can find in virtually any Norman village.

The distressed mother will tell you that her son hasn't been feeling well lately and hopes that you might know a solution. Something worth noting though, you cannot accept and complete the quest without having the required solution with you.

Children tend to love sweet things and the Hindi have a type of food that will be just right. You will have to find some rasgulla. This sweet treat can be bought for 20 Denier at any Mahal, Mukhiya ka Ghar or Qila.

After you've gotten the rasgulla, head back to the boy's mother, give her the sweet treat and accept her thanks.


When you've provided the correct food to the mother, your reputation will be increased by 512 points. In addition to this, you will also receive 2 Denier argent.