Quest: Frustrated Lumberman

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WARNING: This section or article may contain spoilers!

Frustrated Lumberman
The frustated lumberman in question in front of his home.
Type Mayan Side Quest
Preceding none
Succeeding none
Start Mayan Lumberman
End Mayan Lumberman
Time Limit 48 hours
Reward Money
Money 0 Denier Or 15 Denier Argent 0 Denier
Reputation 1280
Experience 16
Repeatable Yes, but not with the same NPC


The local lumberman complains about his axe being useless. He would be a lot more productive if the Mayans could make better axes. Perhaps you know a solution.


To get this quest, all you have to do is find a Mayan lumberman and a bit of luck. The quest has a 50% chance per hour to become available to you. Mayan lumbermen live in axeman's houses, which can be found in virtually any Mayan village.

Don't bother giving him one of the axes you have created, he won't be satisfied with it. What the lumberman really wants is a Norman axe. You can buy this item for 10 Denier argent at a forge. You can find the forges in any Norman village, except in the agricultural and the ecclesiastic village.

When you've obtained the item, head back to the lumberman and give it to him. He will reward you handsomely for your troubles.


For giving the lumberman the axe of his dreams, he will give you 1280 reputation and 15 Denier argent. Since buying the axe cost you 10 Denier argent, your money reward will effectively be 5 Denier argent.