Quest: Cousin's Birthday

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Cousin's Birthday
Type Norman Side Quest
Preceding none
Succeeding none
Start Norman Merchant
End Norman Girl
Time Limit 5 hours
Reward Reputation
Reputation 128
Experience 4
Reputation Penalty 196
Repeatable Yes


One of the girls in town is having her birthday. Her uncle wants to give her a nice surprise, a Cake.


This quest can become available at any time, but it only has a 10% chance per hour of being available to the player. To start this quest, you will first have to find a merchant. They can be found in almost any Norman village inside the inn.

The merchant will tell you that it's his cousin's birthday. He wants to surprise her by giving her a Cake. Unfortunately, he is busy, so he asks you to bring the cake instead.

If you accept the quest, you will get the Cake from him and have five hours to bring it to the birthday-girl. She will be ecstatic when you give her the Cake.


For making the girl's birthday a happy day, you will gain 128 reputation.