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Norman Shovel
Norman Shovel
Item ID1780
Available fromForge
Selling Price
  10Denier Argent0Denier
This high-quality Norman shovel is as durable as an iron one, but is as fast as a gold one. The tool of choice for serious diggers, available at a Forge close to you.
Objets normands
Normal Tool Set.


Enables the miner NPC to collected resources faster. He collects a maximum of about 80 blocks a day without the tool, and 120 with Norman tools (as per patch notes for ver. 0.4.3).


  • Durability: 1561 uses
  • Strength: Equivalent to an Iron Shovel
  • Speed: Equivalent to a Gold Shovel

Note Note: The in-game parchments are outdated as of the 1.12 Beta.