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Found inAuberge


Merchant. Goes from inn to inn, trading goods from one village to an other. It is his fate to roam for the good of all the villagers.
Villageois normands


Introduced in 0.6 these NPCs live in inns, from which they go and pickup goods for exports based on the village type and deliver imports to the Town Hall. The player cannot interact with these NPCs like they can with others.

  • After 2 days in the village, they will attempt to find another village to go trade with.
  • If they can find a suitable village, they will instantly move to it at night along with their stock.
  • If the other village had a merchant already, he will move to the original village.
  • Merchants allow villages who cannot produce a needed good to get it, but they are by design slow (only one move every 2 days) and unreliable (they jump at random from suitable village to suitable village)