Mayan:Tunich In-ti'a'al

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Tunich In-ti'a'al
(Stone Mine)
Building found inVillage Costumbre
Village Jub'uy
Village Milpa
Width12 meters
Length16 meters

Stone Mine[edit]

Stone Mine. Mayan Villages grew to use insane amounts of rock, most common of which was limestone. This stone was quarried from shallow mines near the village limits.
Buildings Parchment
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StoneCobblestoneWood (any)Oak Wood
Upgrade 1182
Upgrade 2141
Upgrade 3148
Upgrade 451

Stone mines are basically the quarry's in Mayan villages. They mine for stone In shallow mines near the surface. Mines (sadly) do not produce any ores or minerals, so a Mayan village still needs the player to sustain them with Iron. Panasoni