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Building found inVillage Costumbre
Village Jub'uy
Village Milpa
Width10 meters
Length10 meters


Grove. The location of the main supply of wood for a village. The Maya would keep a centralized area for the harvesting of lumber. Once stripped bare they would move into new areas often migrating their villages when they did.
Buildings Parchment

A plantation with mainly Oak and Jungle trees. The Mayan Lumberman works here, chopping down the trees and planting back saplings. When first constructed, the building is made up of dirt walls. The upgrades remake the grove with respectively cobblestone, stone and stone slabs.


StoneCobblestoneWood (any)
Upgrade 170
Upgrade 270
Upgrade 370
The first upgrade of the grove, remakes with cobblestone.
Second upgrade, stone remake.
Third and final upgrade, remakes the grove with stone slabs.