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Note: This list is intended as a high-level description of tasks known to be needed. Most of them can be done by anyone, so please go ahead and help if you have some time!

Update for Japanese Culture[edit]

  • Village Articles
  • Buildings list Update
  • Update and make Villagers Articles

Migration-related tasks[edit]

Following the migration from, some work remains to be done:

  • As there is no way to move pictures and other files automatically, most pages in the new wiki have lost their pictures. What is needed is manually downloading pictures from the old wiki and re-uploading them in the new one using the "Upload multiple files" feature.
  • Some pages might not display correctly in the new wiki or might even be missing. Comparing pages in the new wiki with pages in the old one and fixing things if needed would be very useful.
  • Anybody knowledgeable in MediaWiki admin that could suggest extensions to support the following features from Wikia should contact me (Kinniken):
    • A slide-show feature (like the one on the old Wiki homepage)
    • A graphical way to add categories to pages

Other tasks[edit]

There is always more content to be added or updated to match new Millénaire releases. In particular:

  • Templates for Hindi villagers and items (like the existing ones for the Norman ones)
  • Checking that all culture's villagers, buildings and items have a proper page
  • Many articles have outdated text/and or pictures. Don't hesitate to update them if you know the content no longer matches the current Millénaire releases.
  • Articles for each culture. (Norman)