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(A large number of my villagers have "(Missing!)" next to their names on my server. Having all users log in and out will respawn one or two of them, but most of them have been gone for many Minecraft days. Any known cause of this?)
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====Hey, so i noticed that youths of my village disappear for some reason (only boys). There are no buildings they can move into in the village.====
====Hey, so i noticed that youths of my village disappear for some reason (only boys). There are no buildings they can move into in the village.====
''[Currently unanswered.]''
====My norman villagers don't make stained glass windows, but need it for alchemist's house. What to do?====
''[Currently unanswered.]''
''[Currently unanswered.]''

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Millénaire Wiki Frequently Asked Gameplay Questions

Are you having trouble with bugs, or game crashes? Scroll down to the FAQ and Errors Explained below.

Important: This mod updates frequently. Updating may break your villages. Don't get attached if you plan to update.


For a full set of easy instructions to install Millénaire for Windows and Mac go here!
For common installation problems refer to the Installation FAQ here!

Interactions with other mods:

For known Mod compatibilities check here!

Known Bugs

Bug reports page is located here!

If you want to destroy all villages:

  1. Backup your .minecraft folder.
  2. SERIOUSLY — Backup your .minecraft folder.
  3. Remove the Millénaire folder from minecraft folder and Millénaire zip from mods folder.
  4. Enter the world that has Millénaire in it and check if the chests and signs are removed.
  5. Use MCedit to delete the village. If you do not know how to use that, then manually destroy all the buildings and fill in the holes that are made from building constructions. So that you'll have a clean patch of land without holes.
  6. Find the center block of the land and place a marker so that you can identify where to put a village spawner block.
  7. Use TooManyItems Mod to get yourself a village wand and the block that is needed for the specific village you want.
  8. Use the items. Place the block you picked on the marker you made earlier and use the village wand.
  9. Start again.


It says not enough space, what should I do? [Answered]

Go to this page for a full set of instructions and this solution will stay even if the game updates!

Note Note: Any changes you make in the millenaire folder will not affect the game until you restart Minecraft.
Note Note: Do not always believe your map! Just because it's all green do not assume there is enough room. By default a map shows you a greater area, not just the area within the village radius. Thus why you may have to increase the village radius.

How do I harvest rice?

You can learn how to plant rice from specific village leaders, such as the leaders from a Indian or Japanese culture.

I can't destroy a village: I killed all of the adults and used the wand to destroy the village, but they always come back.

Are you using the wand of negation or wand of summoning? IF your using negation and its not working then if you want the structures gone I suggest using the alchemists explosive, or if you want to do fun stuff install destructive mods and use items like the Tsar Bomba from the Rival Rebels mod or the 500x Tnt from the Too much TNT mod which should take raze the village but they will leave a large crater. If you want the villagers gone you probably want an OP weapons mod.

How do I make mud bricks? [Answered]

You must first buy a brick mould from the Chief (looks like a ladder in his inventory). Once you have this item, you need dirt and sand blocks in your own inventory then click the brick mould on the ground and a wet brick will appear. Once it dries the brick can be mined and either used to build or sold to the villagers.

North, South, East, and West are all mixed up?! [Answered]

No, no they aren't, the directions are set to what the game recognizes as North (aka: what Notch/Jeb says is North), not what random modders or players say is North.

No villages are near my spawn point? [Answered]

There was a change in the way biomes work so just make a bed and head straight in one direction until a village spawns. Turn to the peaceful setting so you don't have to stop at night.

What rank do you need to be for the villagers to build me a house and what is the best way to rank up? [Answered]

Needs at least Reputation of Favorite Trader, best way to rank up is simply to mine for and sell iron, or to harvest their tree farms. Basically, to trade with them.

When I upgraded Millenaire from originally a mod pack (like Yogbox), Minecraft gives me an error? [Answered]

The likely answer to this is that the mod pack you use alters the IDs of blocks made by mods so that they can fit and one of these altered mods is Millenaire so you will have to manually alter block IDs.

How does one get a specific kind of villager in my village? [Answered]

It depends on the type of village; some villages are created with specific villagers while others have other villagers, it all depends on the type of village you are in.

Will the danger zones stop the villagers from building? And if so what can I do to make them build there? [Answered]

For cacti just destroy them and just cover up lava, one layer IS enough. One layer is also enough for water. They will hinder construction.

How can one occupy houses? [Answered - partial]

You can occupy the player-specific houses purchased from the heads of your village once your reputation is high enough.

How does one get thatch for Japanese villages? [Answered]

Sell some wheat at the village centre. The villagers will start making thatch soon after. Or spawn it with /commands, toomanyitems, invedit, etc.

How does one get the carpenter to make timber frames? My small house has been waiting for a while [Answered]

For timber, you require both a carpenter to make it from wood, and a wife to collect wood for him. See below for how to get these people.

How does one get more people in your village!? I don't have a Carpenter! [Answered]

Every night, so long as the bed is not used/waited for a while before use, villagers have a chance to conceive and have a child. This chance is raised by there being cider/calva in their village tavern/Town Centre. Children grow slowly, or with a faster rate if there is bread present either in their village's bakery or their Town Centre if they have no bakery. Children will eventually grow to teens, who can then occupy empty spaces in buildings. This applies to every and any villager class, not just the carpenter. Make sure your village has enough materials to build new houses for the teens to move into.

How does one trade with the villagers? [Answered]

To trade, go to one of the locations in question and stand near the chests. If no woman is around one will arrive shortly. If one does not arrive shortly you may need to reset Minecraft. Right-click on her to bring up the trade screen.

Hold the left shift key while clicking on a trade good in the trade screen to trade 8 items at a time or the left control key to trade 64 items a click.

How does one get Byzantine tiles? [Answered]

Make sure your village has a workshop with two villagers in it and be sure to trade them lots of clay.

Can this be used for SMP? [Answered]

Yes! Millenaire SMP is available.

How Can I Remove My Millénaire Town? [Answered]

Delete all the Millénaire related files that you installed, then you can happily raze the village. Install the Millénaire files again if you want to continue playing the mod. Get yourself a village wand and a specific block (use the latest TooManyItems mod.) and spawn yourself a village.

Why won't the woman in a house do their job? [Answered]

Women only sell things and move resources. If there is no man of the house, nothing will get done there. This means that forges will not have tools, farms will not grow crops, etc. A child must grow for someone to take over the house, try not sleeping at night. (Remember, this mod is set in the 11th century)

Why are children not spawning? [Answered]

Most likely, it's because you're sleeping every night, which prevents children from spawning, they only spawn at night. Otherwise, if none of your houses have a pair of a man and a woman, for instance, if all the husbands die, no children can be created. Extra cider (more than 5) in the tavern will increase odds of spawning children of Norman villages.

When I press 'V' It says Command.noknowvillage!? [Answered]

Delete and reinstall Millenaire. Also, have you accidentally put the "Put in mods" folders in the jar? Not what you should do.

When I press 'V', 'M', or some other key that Millenaire uses a different mod that also uses it can't be used, how do I change? [Answered]

Open your /minecraft/mods/millenaire-custom/config-custom.txt file
add "quest_list_key= " and put whatever key you want after the = for example:
save the file and restart minecraft and the keyboard shortcut will be changed.

The people of a village are destroying my house! [Answered]

You built on their property, they will not care what is there; they will destroy it. To obtain permission to build on their land request the villagers for a plot or house. This does include underground homes as some buildings have basements. This can be prevented above ground by building outside the village radius.

Can I find a village in an existing world? [Answered]

Yes, but only if you go to areas that were not previously generated. If you had explored far, that means going far away. Use a mapping tool to find blank areas.

A remedy for this problem is to use obsidian or gold blocks with a command wand (see above)

My construction has been stuck at 100% for a long time. What's wrong? [Answered]

Exit Minecraft and log back in. If the problem persists, make sure you're fully updated. If this issue persists please post about it on the Minecraft Forum thread for additional assistance.

My Signs in the town hall are blank, so I broke them will this fix them? [Answered]

Do not break them. Doing so will likely break the code that brings up their menus. Two signs surrounding the bottom-middle sign are often blank, right click them and they will display the same info, though..

I don't see any progress on the building they say they are working on?! [Answered]

They are probably working underground, they always work from the bottom up so you won't see it until the end.

Some of my villagers disappeared. Why? [Answered]

There are two reasons. Either they died in some way and you have to wait for them to respawn or they went invisible and froze. This is a glitch but you can still see them on the village map. To fix this quit your game and come back in they should be back.

Screen fills up with "Error in updateEntity(). Check Millénaire.log." What should I do? [Answered]

First of all, ensure you've got the very latest update. These are often bugs that are fixed in later versions. Next, CHECK MILLENAIRE.LOG. It can be found in the Millénaire folder with the config.txt file. If the error log doesn't make sense to you, post the unique errors to the Minecraft Forum thread. Do not copy and paste the entire log if it's repeating the same error over and over, as that will hinder help. Always post error reports in [spoiler] and [code] tags, which can be found in the "Other Styles" drop down box. If possible, tell us what you were doing when this error started to occur.

I want to reduce lag but keep my village and keep constructing new/other villages. So how do I remove specific villagers I don't want without deleting the mod?

Use McEdit to delete the villager's house. That should get rid of the specific villager permanently. Use the latest version of MCedit as older versions would remove any blocks automatically that it didn't recognize (timber frames are an example).

My village is frozen. How do I unfreeze it? [Answered]

Villages freeze if you are too far from them. Simply get closer to it, or extend the active radius in "config.txt" and restart.

Teenagers in my village are growing very slow even though I don't sleep in bed at night. [Answered]

This is most likely several reasons; the teenagers might not have anywhere to move into so they will stay teenagers until new housing is built. Or your village does not have enough bread. A village with 5 or more cider in their tavern will also increase the chance of having children. Or you are just being impatient, give it time.

When I trade with my animal-product selling villagers, one item is greyed and says "Requirements: Needs Oven". How do I get them this, or when do they build it? [Answered]

Ovens come with upgrades to the building. Continue to supply wood, stone, cobble, etc. at the townhall and allow the villagers to upgrade the building. The "oven" is just a minecraft furnace, however they will only use it if THEY place it.

What can I do if a building is damaged? The villagers won't rebuild it [Answered]

Villagers currently do not rebuild buildings. If there are still upgrades to be done that would build over the hole, the villagers will still do that. Otherwise, you will have to replace blocks manually. Note that buildings do not have to be whole for them to function.

How can I stop the place of village by generation a world, if I want to set the villages manually? [Answered]

Change generate_villages in "config.txt" to false and then in-game use ctrl-shift-G before using the village wand.

Why won't the villagers build my house! They even have the resources? [Answered]

They will not build your house when or after they complete all other projects; you need to purchase it before this point. However, if you purchase your house afterwards, the "All building goals completed" state can be fixed by changing the village radius in the config. Alternatively, they might be still doing other construction - you may just have to wait, as some buildings have higher priorities than others.

What "Village Statuses" are available? [Answered]

Check the Reputation page.

My city has the no construction goal and I have 5 teen and 5 child what can i do?? [Answered]

The village is complete. You could add custom buildings or edit the village file to build more or different buildings, otherwise, that village will construct no more and you can buy their resources to build other villages.

If its a village you have summoned with the Wand of Summoning and is a controlled one, and you have built all the project list lists. You can use the Wand to make more Projects for your villagers. If you haven't done that already. You will get errors because of clashes between buildings sometimes.

The NPC's in my village are frozen in their homes is it because of the weather because I'm in the village? [Answered]

During night or thunderstorms villagers will stay inside; if it is not one of these then it's a bug.

When I right click on a sign or villager, it freezes me into it. How do I exit again? [Answered]

Try pressing escape, if not, then restart Minecraft.

Is it possible to build/populate your own villages (for example, build an exact replica of a town hall and town leader pops up, thus village is established)? [Answered]


How do you exit the town map? [Answered]

Try pressing escape, if not restart Minecraft.

How do I cancel a house I've ordered? [Answered]

As of yet, you cannot.

I burnt down the inn of my village, will they fix it? [Answered]

If it has upgrades that replace all the parts and the locked chests have not been destroyed, they will at the next upgrade. Otherwise, you must fix all damage.

How do I find bandits? [Answered]

if you ever find that a village is attacking another one, and you have not seen this villages leader, or any indication that the rep was falling,then it's probably a bandit camp When a bandit camp is attacking a village, you will notice that it is missing the village name behind it. For instance, kyas maya raiding players jubilee, kyas maya has no village type behind in its name.

How do I get my village to build something new?

If its a player created village you'll need to use your wand and select a building to be built. If its a randomly spawned village the only thing you can do is keep feeding them resources so that they can continue building

Will Village Wars, Events, and Rituals be added? [Answered]

"I mean, could your village be attacked at random times by Bandits or Other Villages, maybe with an indicator, such as a deep horn being sounded through Music/Sound? Also, could rituals for your acceptance into a town be performed by Priests or Shamans? And could Alliance/Treaty/Jail events be added, where the emperor/lord/king of a town sends guards to jail someone/ Ally with other kingdoms? Maybe it could be a Subquest, allowing you to gain a small boost with both sides' reputations?"

In the recent millenaire update, they added relationships between villages. If you have diplomatic points, go to another village and praise to improve relationships between villages, and slander to make the relationships crappy. See your village leader for more info.

My chieftain got killed in a raid! What do I do? His wife is refusing to trade with me, and without trading I can't up my village rep! Will he respawn? [Answered]

Yes, if there are any more men in the village he may respawn overnight.

I cannot sell anything else to my village, and they have insufficient resources for a construction project! What do I do? [Answered]

If you are the "chief" of the village, put the materials needed for the construction in the chests at your palace. Otherwise leave the village, spend some time out of active range, and return. The village may have generated the required resource in that time.

Another way to facilitate construction when the store is full is to buy something they have so that a space is made in a village chest for you to sell them what they need.

The Japanese village does not mine gravel, is this right?

They don't mine gravel because it might be in their code.

I stopped an upgrade of a building, but even started it continues to request the materials! What do i Do? [Answered]

  • Just turn on the upgrades for the building, give them the supplies, and once they start building turn off upgrades. They'll finish the current upgrade on the building, but won't do anymore until you allow upgrades once more.

Can I do anything to make a town bigger, and if yes, please explain because there's no more room in my town! [Answered]

"I ran out of room and I want to know if i can like upgrade the area or something."

  • You could change the "Village radius" in the config file or in the Millénaire settings menu.

About how long does it take bandits to attack? [Answered]

It depends on what you have the settings set to in the config.

Is there a way to get rid of a building from the village without getting rid of the whole village once someone has moved in? In other words, can you delete a building so that way a different building can be built in its place? [Answered]

Not that i know of. if you remove the house completely (no trace it was ever there) they will still count that area as a building and not build over top. Although if you own the village you can delete the building from the board in the main building then remove the building itself.

Why won't the Mahila kisan bring materials to the Murtikar? They both live in the Murtikar ka Ghar but she just wants to plant rice and sugarcane, NOTHING ELSE accept rest. I need those statues made. [Answered]

Manually bring some of the materials to the main building. This should unglitch her.

How do I talk to villagers in my village and how do you marry one? They say my name and ask me questions. [Answered]

You cannot marry Millenaire villagers, you cannot initiate a "chat" as they do with other villagers.

I found a spawned Japanese village, then after giving them many materials, I went 400 Metres away to my house, when I came back, all of the buildings are gone?

This must be a bug in Millenaire. Make sure you are on the latest version, and contact the author of this mod.

I try to open up the village map but after that I can't close it so im forced to close out, will this be fixed? [Answered]

Update forge to the latest recommended build. This should fix the issue.

All of the Millenaire blocks and items now appear as white when placed in and out of my inventory. [Answered]

Try restarting your computer, reinstalling Millenaire, and reinstalling Forge (in that order)

Accidentally Accepted Creation Quest [Answered]

I don't find hunting all hither and yon for the Alchemist, Sadu, etc., particularly entertaining, especially with the odds being messed with due to using Biomes o' Plenty in addition to Millenaire, so I usually just don't accept those Quests (which is a bit disappointing, as I love the quests in general). However, I was trying out the Minecraftia culture, and they linked in The Alchemist from the Normans as their creation quest, and I accidentally accepted it.

I would like to know if it is possible for me to do either of these two things:

1: Un-Accept the Quest. I am willing to edit out-of-game files to remove whatever flag is remembering that I accepted this quest in the first place. This would be the cleanest in terms of game effect. I know I have a long while before it hits, but I don't like having the looming failure and resulting loss of Reputation to look forward to.

2: Increase the odds of the key structures being generated as a lone building in appropriate biomes. If it didn't take so long to find the key structures, these quests would be much more attractive to me. I am aware that the rarity was built in on purpose, but I usually play with my boyfriend, who explores like mad long before I get a chance to accept this quest, which means I usually have to go way out of our home range in order to do these quests, and they seem designed to keep you from going home for quite a while, which interferes with other aspects of our play. It doesn't help that the mountainous regions that the Alchemist favors are also prime mining zones, and that's my BF's favorite Minecraft activity, making it even harder to find an appropriate area that he hasn't already explored. :-(

I found the place to delete the quest entry on the save. That works. Might try adding an entry for the lone buildings on some future world so that I can see the plots at least once, but for now, just leaving them alone is fine.

Everyone except 1 female is "temporarily dead." How/when do they come back?

If there are more adult men in the village, they will respawn. If not, the villagers won't respawn.

I have been leveling ground and removing hazards. and I noticed that the village map doesn't always notice when I have fixed something, which makes it hard to know when I am done. Dumping a bucket of water on the fixed blocks (and picking it up again once it is done flowing) seems to help, but not always. Is there a reliable way to make the maps update without exiting and restarting the world?

[Currently unanswered.]

I have "One of Us" in a Norman village, but they refuse to sell me the tools and weapons. How do I fix this? I have Yogbox, latest version.

You can only buy tools and weapons from the Village building named 'Forge'.

The Jou (female youth) in my Japanese village don't have any label after their names in the village scroll. They show up correctly on the census count and when I mouse over them on the map, though. Did this text get accidentally omitted from somewhere?

[Currently unanswered.]

I want to spawn in a Bandit Lair but i don't know how to, any help?

You cannot currently do this.

A large number of my villagers have "(Missing!)" next to their names on my server. Having all users log in and out will respawn one or two of them, but most of them have been gone for many Minecraft days. Any known cause of this?

[Currently unanswered :(.]

Trying to spawn a village using a gold block, I have a 50x50x1 area of grass made over the ocean flat world. It says it cannot find room for a town hall. Anyone know the minimum required blocks to spawn a Millenaire village?

[Currently unanswered.]

Village Buildings not being made? I put them down with the wand but nothing happens.

You probably don't have enough materials.

Hey, so i noticed that youths of my village disappear for some reason (only boys). There are no buildings they can move into in the village.

[Currently unanswered.]

My norman villagers don't make stained glass windows, but need it for alchemist's house. What to do?

[Currently unanswered.]