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Note Notice: Is Something Missing?
If a mod you are using is not here, you may request it to be tested here. Perhaps a fellow player who is feeling adventurous may help you!

This page should hold content which is either compatible or not with the current release of Millenaire.

Mods Compatible As-Is[edit]

The following mods have been tested in gameplay and should work as-is, without any changes:

  • (add each mod as its own bulleted-list entry)

Mods Compatible With Adaptation[edit]

The following mods may have been known to cause problems in-game, but may work with some adaptation. (If the adaptation may involve using other software tools or file-system changes, please create a subpage for describing those changes.)

  • (add each mod as its own bulleted-list entry)
  • OptiFine

Mods Known To Be Incompatible[edit]

The following mods are specifically known to be incompatible with Millenaire for any reason not covered above. Typical reasons may be due to Java classes or other files which Millenaire depends upon being overwritten, or block-ids being hard-coded into the other mods' Java classes.

  • (add each mod as its own bulleted-list entry)