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This text describes a feature added to Millénaire in version 1.7.6 that enables the player to export buildings created in-game as PNG building files in the format described in the main  building-making guide.

Creating a plan[edit]

The principle is simple: at the north-west corner of the building to be exported, place a sign (free standing) with the following text: "export" on the first line, then the name of the building plan on the second, then the level below that of the sign at which the extraction should be started. The default is -1 meaning that is saves only one block beneath the sign, so if you want to include a basement or other kind of underground structure then make sure the block where the sign is placed is exactly one block above where you want to save. Then place two other signs to the south and east of the first one, in a straight line, to indicate the end of the building. Using a wand on the first sign will create the corresponding plan in millenaire-custom/exports. You can copy it from there to whichever culture the plan belongs to.


Handling of upgrades[edit]

If a building plan of the name indicated already exists in the exports directory, Millénaire will generate a building upgrade instead, by exporting only differences found between the building in-game and the plans previously exported.

Limits of the tool[edit]

It is not possible to set "active" block types using the exporter (like the main chest, the standing position, spawn points...). Those must be added manually to the PNG file. Also, extra settings in the text file (like NPC types residing in the building) have to be added by hand.

Importing a plan[edit]

In a similar way to the exportation of plans, you can import a plan from millenaire-custom/exports (simply copy a building plan from one of the existing cultures to be able to import it). To do this, create a free-standing sign with as text "import" on the first line, the plan's name on the second, and the upgrade level wanted on the third if different from 0.