Creation Quest: The Sadhu

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WARNING: This section or article may contain spoilers!

The Sadhu
The Sadhu underneath his tree
Type Storyline Quest
Starting Requirements 'Friend of the Village'-status with a Hindi town
Preceding None
Succeeding Initiation
Start Hindi Village Leader or his Wife
End Hindi Village Leader or his Wife
Time Limit 1000 hours
Reward None

We have known you for a long time now, and you know we trust you as one of us, despite never asking who you were or where you came from. Originally, we thought that you were simply a man from an other nation that like us had been carried here on the fateful day where the earth shook and we found ourselves in this strange land, where the seasons never change and the rivers do not flow - someone like those strange men in their stone pyramids, or the white-faced men skilled in the forging of iron. But we have observed you long, and you are different. You seem to have no memory of an earlier land, and thrive here as if you belonged. And yet we have never met anyone else of your kind. If you know more than we do and do not want to share it, that is your right. But if as I suspect you wonder yourself what strange world you roam and what is your place in it, you need wisdom I do not have. One man only that I have heard of can help you: my old guru, Sadhu Vidya. I have not seen him in many years, but I know he wanders in the forest, chosing tall and strong trees for shelter. When you meet him, convey to him my thanks for the wisdom he shared with me.
A Hindi Villager

The Sadhu is the first quest in the Creation Quest chain.


Now that you have become a well respected member of the Hindi community, it is time to figure out why you and the Hindi are there, and who created the world. The first step is to seek the wisdom of the Sadhu Vidya.


To open up this quest, you will first have to raise your reputation with a Hindi village to the status of 'Friend of the Village', or 8192 points. This can be done through trading with the village for a total of 2 Deniers Or, assuming you start at neutral and did no harm to the village.

After your reputation is sufficient enough, visit the central building and talk to the village priest or the wife of the village chief to accept the quest. Now, prepare yourself for a possibly long walk.

Example of a forest biome
To find Sadhu Vidya, you will have to travel to a part of the world where no chunks have yet been generated; and you will have to be 1000 blocks from your original spawn point. From there on, explore out until you find a new chunk with the Forest or Forest Hills biome. Do not confuse it with the other type of forest, the Taiga, nor the Jungle - you need the one with oak and birch trees. If you have ExtraBiomesXL installed, the Sadhu can also be found in the Forested Island biome and the Rainforest biome.
Example of a taiga biome

If you are in doubt at any point, whether you are in a forest or taiga, simply look at your chat. At some point, it will tell you that there is a new village with Sadhu's name in it. This will be your cue to scout the skies for an abnormally large tree. When you have spotted the tree, head towards it and find your future friend, Sadhu Vidya.

Talking to Sadhu Vidya, will gain you access to the next quest in the chain, Initiation. It is highly advised at this point, to set up a base near where the Sadhu is, because you will be here for a while. Hollowing out the tree for a quick refuge is always nice, but it is best to not demolish it completely. Although it has no consequence for your standing, the tree will prove useful later on in the chain.

Also, keep in mind, that the first quest is not actually completed, until you have returned to the original questgiver. This is also a good time to bring in some extra supplies. Before heading back, do make a good note of where the Sadhu is located, though, since the range of the village list (the V-button by default) seems to be limited to 2 km. Whichever way you will use to do this is up to you. If you are confident enough, the V-key will be enough, otherwise press F3 and write down the coordinates, or use a mod to set a waypoint back.


Unfortunately, there are no rewards for completing this quest.


  • Sometimes when finding the Sadhu Vidya you may recieve a message: All chests have been unlocked. Inside the locked chest is a Wand of Negation.
  • If the Sadhu disappears between quests log out and back in and he will be there.1
  • Some players have reported that they have seen him as far as 10km away from the village, and that he only spawns in newly generated terrain. So if you have already uncovered a large area of the map before starting this quest then you will have a long walk ahead of you. try travelling in an outward spiral from your already searched areas.1
  • Sadhu Vidya doesn't always offer the quest to you. Generally waiting for a short bit will fix this.
  • For players using the Extra Biomes mod, the Sadhu's tree can also spawn in a Forested Island, a Rainforest and a Jungle biome.
  • To talk with Sadhu it may help to be holding a Denier argent

Known Bugs[edit]

  • Sadhu Vidya is sometimes not clickable, not allowing the quest to be finished.
  • If you start the quest talking to the wife of the village priest you will not be able to trade in that village until you have finished the quest.

You can trade with the village before you finish the quest if you push the escape key to get rid of the quest screen and the trade screen will appear. This will not stop the quest.

  • Sadhu Vidya, as well as certain other NPCs, might disappear when you come back to where he is. A simple solution for this is to save and quit and load your world again. He should be back.