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*Bookshelf listed twice in the trade menu at village centers
*Bookshelf listed twice in the trade menu at village centers
*Errors in Construction of Byzantine buildings
*Errors in Construction of Byzantine buildings. [[Byzantine:Basilike/pl|Example (2nd and 3rd screenshots)]]
*Ticking Error causing game crashes.
*Ticking Error causing game crashes.

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This page is dedicated to bug reports. Keep it clean, organised, and with enough information on each bug (what version, what was the context, etc.).

In order to keep the page informative: Focus on bugs in the latest version. Or for MC nostalgicans: Concentrate on bugs in the latest version of the major branches (e.g. 0.6.5 instead of picking 0.6.x)


Before posting about any bugs read this!

  • You can't sell timber frames to any village except Hamlets, the little villages that come with Gros bourgs and Japanese villages. Furthermore, the Maisons du Charpentier build once there is demand for timber frames and the latest versions make Carpenters higher priority than timber frame upgrades. If your village is seemingly stuck with an upgrade for timber frames, without carpenters to make them, give the village the required resources to build carpenters' houses.
  • You can't make statues and you can't sell them. You will need to get a stone carver to get statues.
  • If using the Finite Water mod, water around generated villages becomes static. Even when you break a block and expect the water to even out (As with the finite water mod) it neither flows like vanilla Minecraft or evens out.
  • Villagers tend to partially destroy any trees that you have planted in the village as they walk past them.
  • If you a playing a multiplayer game on a server or Lan you need the EXACT same version of milléniare and forge with no changes in the config files. Other wise it will result in the people who joined the game to crash as soon as the come close to a building/ villager or if someone holds a millénaire item.
  • If you are using a dedicated server make sure the machine will be able to run a dedicated minecraft server. A cheap laptop won't cut it and it will result in lag and may result in crashes.
  • Millénaire is also a CPU intensive mod. Most people try dedicating more RAM to minecraft but that does not help much. If you get lag spikes your CPU may not be powerful enough.

Bugs in 4.1.2

  • When trying to access server with outdated Millenaire, it says that the server is using Millenaire 4.1.0 when I am 100% sure it was using the new 4.1.2. -felinoel
  • Internal exception: java.io.IOException: Received string length longer than maximum allowed (18>15)

this error happens in ANY controlled village when you attempt to zone a plot for construction. it happens 60% of the time.

  • The Byzantine villages have a too low townhall target limit for byzantine tiles preventing some upgrades to be built (e.g. last tavern upgrade). Suggest to raise limit to 128 blocks. Resource requirements for other buildings might be checked.
  • Upgrade 4 for the Byzantine fort removes the double chests on top of the main building leaving only one double chest and one single chest which is not enough. As player I regularly had to buy all the stuff from the village to make room for building materials required to expand the village. Suggestion is to add a storage building to the fort or dramatically reduce production of wood and wool as these products spam the chests.
  • The Mayan builder is stuck in a constant "Searching for Materials" state that can't be stopped with anything. During the night he goes to sleep, then in the morning he resumes his search. I have given plenty of items to him but despite him taking them he doesn't move.

Bugs in 4.1.1

  • Light Blue Wool unable to be traded or crafted by byzantine villages for necessary construction.
  • Error resulting in Millenaire looking for a byzantines in another culture folder.
  • Bookshelf listed twice in the trade menu at village centers
  • Ticking Error causing game crashes.
  • Village Merchants may not be accessible even when holding their stalls.

Bugs in 4.1.0

  • Impossible to configure some of the blocks ID from the config file. At least BlockOrientedBrick, but there might be more.

Please update the config file and code accordingly to let us set every block ID, so that the mod can run alongside with others.

  • The diplomacy feature still doesn't allow you to slander or praise a relationship with any village.
  • Game crashes when interacting with village shop and cannot interact with any village signs. Village chieftains interface shows up as blank. Bug seemed to have happened while village was planning raid and temple was being built. Village type was hindi.

Bugs in 4.0.2

  • Villagers won't build new buildings, the person will just stand around inside the town hall, but the construction zone is somewhere else, this causes a complete hault in village growth. (they will upgrade buildings)
  • The diplomacy feature doesn't allow you to slander or praise a relationship with any village.
  • In Japanese villages, Japanese women take all the iron and make upgrades barley possible. (Note that this only happens when the villagers build a army forge or regular and a teen girl moves in.)
  • The wand of Negation does not work properly. (Tested in both SSP and SMP) the pop-up window comes up, but there are no options/buttons to click.
  • When Villagers are trying to build a byzantine market, there isn't an option to sell light blue wool to them.

Bugs in 4.0.1

  • Server Version doesn't create config files (yes I know they are in mods/millenaire...). And doesn't use them (copyed in old ones.)
  • The diplomacy feature doesn't allow you to slander or praise a relationship with any village.
  • Village hamlets spawn very close to each other and/or their main villages making space an issue.
  • Villagers don't close door sometimes,most notably the hindi ones
  • Tapestries,statues move up

Bugs in 4.0.0

  • Raising the village radius, in the config file, makes checking the village map crash minecraft. Reverting back to the default one makes the Millenaire map work again with no problems. As a side note, seems radius 70 (default is 60) does not crash minecraft, but works fine, while 80 and over crashes it.
  • Sometimes builders will not go to the next plan to build, but will either stand close to it doing nothing, or go around the village resting or doing other things, while his status will remain "building" even if he is not doing it. http://imgur.com/a/UYZHb#0 Eventually he will continue on it (took him 3 in game days for him to decide to continue).
  • Missing villager texture. Without a certain reason or something happening, the texture of villagers might disappear. You will need to close minecraft totally and reopen it to make it come back. http://i.imgur.com/6yVCA.png
*What mod is being used in this image? the one that displays the NPC in the corner.
  • Wet mud bricks will be sometimes placed from the Hindi npcs on random spots of the village, instead of the place they create them. As it seems though even trees might be placed on spots there should be, so it is not just the mud bricks. http://i.imgur.com/6LFBH.png
It seems a user has found the cause of this issue, when carrying an item and then being attacked and switching out to a weapon to fight, the villager will place the item instead of just switching out to a sword. -felinoel
  • Villagers that use the new pathing bug out the doors,they come near the door and the door starts opening and closing faster than the speed of light, then they get stuck in front of the door and the door doesn't even do anything, not a serious bug, but looks ugly and silly.
  • Villagers, especially female ones and the chief disappear randomly and a game restart is required to get them back.
  • In the Emporikos village type in the Byzantine culture, the center building has its door dropped, and the inn has it's bed misplaced.
  • Sometimes, village building signs will not work.
  • The tapestries,statues and things like that get moved a few blocks up for no reason
  • The wife of the japanese village boss in every village behaves badly(constantly "taking resources from home")
  • Japanese women take all the iron and the upgrades are impossible
  • Chests are misplaced in the norman fort,japanese quarry
  • Random holes in a japanese building
  • Wand of Negation doesn't give you the option to delete a village or lone building.
  • In stratiotike (Byzantine) the diplomacy feature doesn't allow you to slander or praise a relationship with any other village.
  • The Merchant Viking that sells amulets and herboriste wont trade.
  • Norman's farm upgrade 2 is bugged. (Puts walls and blocks where they are not supposed to go)

Bugs in 3.4.0

  • Right-clicking on either villager in a Japanese Lone Mine causes Minecraft to crash with a "Ticking memory connection" message. Other villages and lone buildings seem to be fine. Found a second Japanese Lone Mine that works fine, so this bug only effects this particular lone building (the first Millenaire thing that was generated in this world).
  • And again: Exception in server tick loop (still the same as in 3.3: Dedicated Server crashes repeatedly. Frequency increases with more Villages. Some Mods installed, but no problems without Millenaire.)


    at java.util.ArrayList$Itr.checkForComodification(Unknown Source)
    at java.util.ArrayList$Itr.next(Unknown Source)
    at codechicken.chunkloader.PlayerChunkViewerManager.calculateChunkChanges(PlayerChunkViewerManager.java:155)
    at codechicken.chunkloader.ChunkLoaderEventHandler.tickEnd(ChunkLoaderEventHandler.java:40)
    at cpw.mods.fml.common.SingleIntervalHandler.tickEnd(SingleIntervalHandler.java:22)
    at cpw.mods.fml.common.FMLCommonHandler.tickEnd(FMLCommonHandler.java:138)
    at cpw.mods.fml.common.FMLCommonHandler.onPostWorldTick(FMLCommonHandler.java:282)
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.r(MinecraftServer.java:689)
    at ho.r(DedicatedServer.java:270)
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.q(MinecraftServer.java:599)
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.run(MinecraftServer.java:497)
    at fy.run(SourceFile:849)
  • Villagers that use the new pathing bug out the doors,they come near the door and the door starts opening and closing faster than the speed of light,not a serious bug,but looks ugly and silly.
  • Villagers,especially female ones and the chief disappear randomly and a game restart is required to get them back.

Bugs in 3.3.2

  • I get a lot of concurrent modifications in my 3.3.2 server (also using mo creatures 4.4.0). Here is an example:

Exception ticking world entities

    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.r(MinecraftServer.java:685)
    at ho.r(DedicatedServer.java:270)
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.q(MinecraftServer.java:598)
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.run(MinecraftServer.java:497)
    at fy.run(SourceFile:849)

Caused by: java.util.ConcurrentModificationException

    at java.util.ArrayList$Itr.checkForComodification(ArrayList.java:782)
    at java.util.ArrayList$Itr.next(ArrayList.java:754)
    at yc.h(World.java:2149)
    at in.h(WorldServer.java:514)
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.r(MinecraftServer.java:679)
    ... 4 more

Not sure ofc if it's millenaire but the previous version of mo creatures ran for days without crashing, now the server crashes at least once per hour.

  • Crash of client when trying to trade with village(reproducable).:

To reproduce log into the public availible server mc.mwn.dk and try to starte trade with the shop in the village "Gaanv"

Thx. for your time and help.

  • I get an error when i try to enter a world (existing or new) with both CodeChickenCore and Millénaire installed:

I have Forge, Optifine, TheBombzenAPI and Autoswitch installed into the jar and Treecapitator, CodeChickenCore and NEI in my coremods folder. Everything works when i remove Millénaire OR CodeChickenCore (and everything depending on it of course). On a sidenote: I saw Autoswitch on the incompatibility list but it worked with MC 1.4.5. and it works with MC 1.4.6. EDIT: I tried it again and now everything works fine.

Bugs in 3.3

  • Still crashes when loading world, even when trying starter world. No known fix yet. (At least for me anyway)
  • Dedicated Server crashes repeatedly. Frequency increases with more Villages. Some Mods installed, but no problems without Millenaire.


  • I have to report that there is an issue if a village is located beneath a floating island. There is a Japanese village below mine and every time they upgrade or build a building, they dig a giant hole in my island, even though it is above their village and not interfering at all. --Sonicfast01 01:35, 20 December 2012 (CET)
  • There is also an issue in Mayan villages where the builder will stop building. They will stand at the main building and say they are gathering resources, but never stop doing this except to sleep. Killing them, moving them, changing repeatedly from night to day and reloading the game does not fix it. --Sonicfast01 01:39, 20 December 2012 (CET)

Bugs in 3.2.7

  • Flatworld/Tunneler's Dream preset causes villagers to not leave their house. Communication triggers work, but no one comes to visit when you want to sell/buy. (Present in 3.2.6 as well). Tested with Japanese village spawning nearby and using the wand to create a village.
  • Every time I close my MC or it Crashes, all languages and reputations are set to neutral an Minimal

Bugs in 3.2.6

  • Japanese children are really small. Smaller than normal size.
  • Merchant of norman gros bourg buys useless stuff (900 glass), can't trade with village (items out of stock)/village does not buy my goods.
  • Villagers still don't move from initial spawn and keep getting "pulled" back. its really annoying, and the village never grows. (Only happens in single player. Servers don't seem to have problem. Haven't tested LAN mode)
  • Since updating from 3.2.5 the "Exception ticking world entities" server crash has stopped or been vastly reduced. Now ~75% of the time when opening a saved world the server crashes with "Exception in server tick loop" followed approximately 10 seconds later by the client crash "Ticking screen". The loading screen reaches "Downloading terrain" then cuts to "Shutting down server", followed by the crash.
  • Not tested extensively but found that briefly loading a world with no (or few) villages, then loading your 'normal' world, appears to prevent the crash on the "Downloading terrain" screen. Tested 5 times with a world with no villages or a world with 1 norman village, then loading a world with a Gros bourg within active radius. Without the 'starter-world' it crashes on loading ~90% of the time. With the starter world it loaded successfully every time so far.
  • Using Mystcraft on a server, log back in after logging out inside an age. The server prints a null pointer error. When back in the overworld, interactions specific to the player are ignored (such as reputation with a town).

Bugs in 3.2.5

  • Villagers will not move from intial spawn (mayan culture cofirmed others not) if they are inside a building
  • it does happen with other cultures, when they first spawn from youth to adult
  • Crashes from 2 minutes in to 10 minutes

(I have no clue if I did this right so can someone check it and delete this part when they do?)

  • Issue with server tick loop. I can definitively say that this specific crash was caused by bandits, as the game got confused when i tried to kill them. I.E. wouldn't let me kill them, then went to crash 30 seconds later. crash log here

Bugs in 3.2.4

  • "Exception ticking world entities" ConcurrentModificationException

Occurs with no other mods installed (MC 1.4.4, Forge, Millenaire 3.2.4, Java 1.6, Mac OSX 10.6), doesn't happen with only Forge. Easy to reproduce: start a new world (survival) with a seed that places you near a vanilla MC village. Walk in any direction until a Millenaire village spawns. Return the to vanilla village. Somewhere on your return journey this crash happens. Tested with vanilla structures turned off, still crashes every 5-10 minutes with this or the "Exception in server tick loop".

Bugs in 3.2.3

[SSP] The farm in the Seigneurie is still misplaced.

Bugs in 3.2.2

[SSP] The farm in the controlled norman village is (as happened before) builded properly, but the sign doesn't work. As soon as update 1 is done, it is being misplaced. [SSP]Signs in Norman villages will sometimes display the names and occupations of children that were born in that house and have since grown up and moved out. The expanded information that you see when you right-click the sign is correct, but the normal version remains wrong. I have yet to see this in any culture besides Norman, but that's the only culture I've spent a lot of time with. This has been seen in several previous versions.

  • [SMP]Tested with Normans: the Villagers will stop being able to teleport through walls when stuck, and will walk directly at walls not thinking there is a door.
  • [SMP & SSP] Villagers who just move into a house freeze when the change into an adult. it says they are doing something, but they do nothing. restarting the server/closing and reopening the world fixes this.

Bugs in 3.2.1

I haven't used this version yet. that's what the problem is.

Bugs in 3.2

  • Was getting hundreds of errors that basically said "blank is present more than once in /mods/millenaire/languages/ru/blank.txt" and "blank is present more than once in /mods/millenaire/languages/fr/blank.txt"
    • Quick fix for the above bug, copy the en language folder twice, delete the fr and ru language folders, rename the new en folders as fr and ru.
  • Blank icons and textures for most Millénaire-related items and blocks. Just a couple of amulets have their corresponding icons and textures.
  • (Reappearance of a bug from 2.7) The leader of the Mayan Costumbre village (and his wife) seem to be living on the roof of the Observatory, rather than inside it. The wife can be made to teleport down into the trading room by repeatedly entering/leaving the room. The village leader, however, can only be reached by climbing up to him. Both NPCs can be nudged off, but will teleport back up there within the day.

Bugs in 3.1.7

  • Sadhu is spawning in jungle biomes as well as forest biomes (assuming this is a bug since I haven't found anything yet mentioning a change in his spawn. Do correct if I'm mistaken; and this was, in fact, an intended change, please).
  • Reputation does not save after closing out a world and logging back in on Linux
  • "Exception in server tick loop" still happens, Mac OS X, Millenarie 3.1.7, latest forge (301), REI minimap, Mo'gen + materails detector. Have not (yet) seen this error on Windows 7 using exactly the same versions. Note that Java on mac is 1.6 and on w7 1.7 (I think).

edit from another user : I'm on windows 7 and am still experiencing this ConcurrentModificationException in 3.1.7.
Lemonater47 12:54, 11 October 2012 (CEST) It may be that the "Exception in server tick loop" on mac only happens with java version 1.6 I have not tested using java 1.7 but i haven't seen any bug reports with jave 1.7 for mac. I suggest getting it. I don't have any crashes for my windows 7 either and that automatically updates to the latest version. 1.7 on mac only works for lion and above so if your using snow leopard or below your screwed. The "ConcurrentModificationException" ive never had i have no idea why it happens to some and not others.

  • Exception in Server Tick Loop happening for me on windows 7, Millenaire 3.1.7, Java 1.7. Possibly useful tidbit: it seems to only happen when I'm working near a vanilla village.
  • [SSP] The building update control panel in the seigneurie is still being reset after leaving the panel.
  • Reaching 2nd upgrade of top house in Mayan Military Village builder stops upgrading. Only trying to gather resources but never finds back upgrading. Posted since earlier versions of Millenaire.
  • Norman Gros Bourg spawned without town leader. Trading is possible, but not house-buying, diplomacy or some quests.

Another bugs detected:

  • in Norman culture the farm of the Player's village is'nt correctly builded (seems like the structure is moved to the left and in 1 st upgrade status there is no correct sign)
  • while upgrading players fortress you shouldn't acess the chests (otherwise the new chests will be locked forever)
  • all the mines from the village don't work at a flatland-world
  • [SSP] In my Mayan Agricultural Village, the builder just sits in the Royal Ball Court gathering resources. The resources he gathers are never put to use, he just keeps gathering more. I've tried reloading mod, and killing him but nothing helps.

Bugs in 3.1.6

  • In the seigneurie, I tried right-clicking on the main head lady, an she said "How can you even think of trading when the village is devastated?!". The problem is that I didn't even hurt any of them.
  • Villagers will still freeze and become invincible for periods of time in more developed villages (mentioned as "playing red light, green light" in a previous post)
villagers will freeze for a short period of time when they move into new buildings, this always happens.
  • [SSP] In the seigneurie, the control panel is constantly being reset. As I click stop updates, all seems to work fine, but when I reopen the control panel, it has returned into allow updates. I haven't seen the villagers upgrading a building yet, but I'm not sure.
  • When a raid happens between a Mayan (Attacker) and a Norman (Defender) village, the Mayans that are going to attack the village froze just outside the Norman village. For a few seconds they can move, another few seconds they will froze, and in another few seconds they will return back to their position a few seconds ago. When the Mayans is frozen, they cannot be attacked. And this keeps happening on and on. The Norman villagers are still waiting for the Mayans to attack at their Town Hall. Therefore, nothing is being produced at the Norman village. Nothing at all. Is there anyway to stop a raid? This happens to my world. Is the distance between the villages too far apart causing this? They are approximately 285 metres apart.

Is this a matter of "red light, green light"? I mean wasn't that suppose to happen at servers only?

  • Minecraft crashes about three minutes into gameplay when around the NPC villages. Everything in the mod works fine until it crashes though. I've force updated minecraft and re-installed MinecraftForge and Millenaire over, but it still crashes. I'm not sure why this happens, and I'm playing in singleplayer mode. Is it a problem with MinecraftForge or Millenaire?
  • Reputation does not save after closing out a world and logging back in on Linux

Bugs in 3.1.5

  • [SMP] The Mayans are trying to upgrade a building, but the builder just says "gathering resources for construction" and doesn't leave to upgrade the house. The builder will take materials (stone), yet doesn't use them to upgrade the building.

Solution: Is there a solution to this issue?

  • [SMP] A village has no signs, and right-clicking on a villager results in player being ejected from the server. Surrounding villages appear normal.

Solution: What village are you referring to? A similar issue was posted several comments down.It was a Norman village close to another Norman village (just across a river.) I posted the error message in the discussion page.

  • [SMP] Sudden game crash and corruption after approaching several high-tier villages/buildings.

Temporary Solution: Back up your player files by copying them into another folder, then delete the originals from the player folder. Have the players log in to the server, creating a new player file. This causes the player to spawn into the world at the initial spawn point (hopefully away from the corrupted location). Using INVedit open the backed up player files and save over the newly created player files in the player folder. The player will not be the same level, but will reacquire the equipment held during time of corruption. With that, stay away from corrupted locations until the bug is resolved.

  • [SMP] Mayan bug causes villagers to play "Red Light, Green Light"; the villagers will freeze and become invincible for approximately 6 seconds, then become active for 1 second or less.

Possible Solution: Stopping and restarting the server may or may not fix this issue.

  • [SMP] Using the Wand of Summoning to create buildings in the player-controlled Norman village on the edge of town may cause the game to crash.

Current Solution: Stopping and restarting the server will correct the issue (unless the process is repeated).

  • [SMP] Player-controlled Norman villages may have their town information deleted from the server. Although villagers may appear to be doing their business as usual, some villagers will be bugged (ex: accessing a merchant's wares from the Marche will cause an instant crash). Quests cannot be accessed, nor does the village trade with others.

Solution: None at this time.

  • Signs in the japanese agricultural main building are constantly blank, leaving and entering the game makes the signs disappear completely.
  • Yumi bow arrows still don't fly straight when fired at full power. The hitbox of the arrow still hits the target but the arrow flies off somewhere else then teleports to the place it was supposed to hit.
  • All the crash reports I have seen for the crashing every 10-15 mins. Known to occur in windows 7, Linux and mac operating systems. So its not OS based.
  • Can't stop upgrades. Exiting menu its reverts to all things upgrading again.
  • Can't plant rice and possibly other mod farm plants even after "Learning" it. All seeds revert back into inventory after right-clicking, sleeping, and exiting/returning from/to game despite having their requirements/needs met.
  • A lot of people are reporting a "Exception in server tick error" when they play Millenarie (me included). Looks like some kind of sync problem between client and server part. Rumor: only happens when village is active. Last time I got it I was moving around at the very edge of the village, right where the "no endermen and creepers zone" starts. Game also got very sluggish right before and I had problem picking up mined blocks.
  • For some reason, after some time village traders don't come to you anymore when you enter main buildings, so makes it impossible to trade. Moreover even though the chests are said "locked" you can take whatever you want from them.
  • I have also experienced random chunks turning into water.
  • Wooden half slabs are not recognized during exports. If you edit the building plans manually then the import works fine.
  • Missing support for birch/pine/jungle half slabs and stairs in building plans

Bugs in 3.1.4

  • Still can't open worlds to LAN. (All other players who connect will crash when they get too close to a village. The host is fine).
All players have to have the same version of millenaire and the same version of forge, Also any changes in the config files will result in the game crashing.

Bugs in 3.1.3

  • When you log out in the Nether, End, or Twilight Forest(mod) and log in after, Minecraft will crash and the world will no longer be usable.

Bugs in 3.1.2

  • Opening Chest (maybe only large) will cause a crash.
  • When you log out in the Nether and log after in then Minecraft will crash and the world is no longer usable.

Bugs in 3.1.1

  • In a LAN server only the host can play, other players who connect get kicked when they move too close to a building.
  • I've noticed lag spikes that happen quite frequent while near a village in Singleplayer
  • Crashes when trading in Norman village. Multilayer version. I have a crash report but where to post ? MC 1.3.2
  • Crashes in and around NPC villages with an active village nearby

Bugs in 3.1

(Prepare for the flood of bug reports)

  • The Sadhu and his Tree generate without the quest being given (clean minecraft install, new world, 1st lone building is the Sadhu, no Indian Village yet generated)
  • Minecraft regulary crashes every 10-15 minutes and comes up with an error report. It was singleplayer and not open to lan. The Error Report is here http://pastie.org/4585230
  • Millenaire armour (japanese armour and norman armour) shows up as white blocks when you put them on. If you are wearing a full armour set you are completly white. Using a 32-bit java for mac.
  • The Installer doesn't reconize the Forge mod and claims its never installed even though its at its latest version. (Mod loader is installed) UNINSTALL modloader as it conflicts with forge
    • Millenaire installer NEEDS to be updated as it doesn't recognize forge 4.0. Manual installation still works.
  • Minecraft crashes at startup, but is claimed to be the fault of the forge mod.(Mod loader is installed) UNINSTALL modloader as it conflicts with forge
  • Bug with Millenaire *cough*experimental*cough* compatibility with 1.2.3: Error report:http://pastebin.com/xAnSs0tT
3.1 isn't supposed to work with minecraft 1.2.3 no one is going to fix crashes for something its not supposed to work for in the first place, word of advice, update minecraft
  • When you open the village scroll in single player it says TEXT NOT FOUND FOR THIS BOOK.
  • The Yumi bow doesn't shoot straight at full power, the arrow veers off in a certain direction. The arrows hitbox carries on the same path and will hit the target but the arrow sprite goes off in another direction.

Bugs in 3.0.0r3

- [SMP] Right clicking on Millenaire signs, sellers, chests or timber frames still crashes the game.

- [SMP] Accepting "The Anomaly" Alchemist quest triggers an exception in the server which does not crash the server but kicks whoever attempted to accept it. Upon logging back in the quest is still available, and will crash every time it's accepted. http://pastie.org/4373170

- [SMP] Destroying chests crashes the client with an internal error, but you can rejoin. The chests don't drop there items.

  • Unable to advance on first part of Alchemist quest. I have found the building but the alchemist will not talk to me and I when i talk to the NPC who gave me the quest, he says that I have not met the conditions for the quest.
    • tags.txt
      • cropplanting_rice, cropplanting_turmeric,culturecontrol_hindi, culturecontrol_japanese, cropplanting_maize, culturecontrol_mayan, culturecontrol_norman, alchemist_1_intro, alchemist_tower_list
    • quests.txt
      • quest:alchemist_1_introknight;step:1;startTime:10000;currentStepStartTime:30443;villager:startvillager,2837666268994010251,323/70/255
    • actiondata.txt
      • alchemistqueststatus:1

- After Destroying(Any millenaire block) Dirt wall block saving chunks screen appear and then it goes black screen. - Doom Angel Blade

  • (very minor) buildcraft pipes are able to take items out and put them into the locked village chests. (could be issue with buildcraft, millenaire, or both)

-I've accepted the finding the Sadhu/Alchemist quests, and successfully found them. But I can't communicate with them when I right click. I tried going back to the quest giver, but I still haven't finished the quest.

  • (Minor) A Norman Village will not purchase my plain timber frame despite the fact that it requires it for the next construction job. The village is relatively new and has no way in which to produce it themselves. An endless loop.

Bugs in 3.0.0r2

- [SMP] Right clicking on any timber frame, millenaire chests or millenaire signs crashes the client. Also during raids attackers wont move or get hurt. On occasion the timber frames of the market will disappear. Norman tapestries can't be placed or used in the quest 'lost tapestry'

- "After playing a few hours in a Singleplayer game I settled down near a Hindi village. I defended it 2 times from enemy raids. Every now and then the female villagers appear to be stuck in the mainbuilding showing 'fetching Resources' as their status. (Not taking shelter from the raids, it is something else). A few hours later all of a sudden I got this error, as I was mining underground: http://pastebin.com/6RJ1Rknr

- "When I finally understanded how to make bricks (the whole dirt, sand and that item thing), I started to do. A LOT. Then, when they got 'sun-dry' I started to 'mine them'. Suddenly the SAVING CHUNKS screen appeared, and after a while the screen blacked out." (This happens with a lot of mac users and is a common problem.)

- With regard to the Japanese Shoko (Archive) variant A. It has a hollow roof which is perfectly dark inside and two blocks high. This allows a lot of mobs to spawn inside the roof. In the morning, every guard and the often the builder will go to attack the mobs, but they cannot reach them. This causes lag as well as preventing building and village defense. This has been present for several versions now.

-[This bug is encountered in an SP game] The inhabitants in the Carrière (quarry) in the Seigneurie (Norman controlled) disappear, reappear for 1 second or less and then disappear again. The inhabitants are starting their jobs, but because they dissapear, nothing happens and therefore no stone, cobblestone and glass is being produced. It seems like they are constantly reset, as I am unable to kill them. They take damage but actually never die. The inhabitants are however constantly visible on the village map and the village scroll.

- Bazaar (present since 2.7.x) is not included on the Hindi buildings parchment and lacks translations in many languages.

- "Close to my spawn is a single house with a man and child, i quickly get to killing them and taking the house as my own, however they kept respawning. I removed all millenaire blocks from the location,and instead of respawning they would appear then disappear randomly. i finally decided to move places and promptly turned the whole area into a lava pit, with me gone they promptly spawned in the lava pit and took no fire damage swimming in the lava as if it was a swimming pool :S "

EDIT(Another User): To the above bug, this is not a bug. Villagers will continually respawn in lone buildings until you have used the Wand of Negation. Destroying the building will not help, as the mod itself still considers it a building. (Not sure if you're complaining about the respawning or the lava immunity... which I believe is part of their anti-stuck mechanics...)

-SP I'm encountering the stuck alchemy quest with abnormality #1 or whatever, i dug down, and was in creative, so i dropped right on to the chest. It contained an iron door O_O I walked around and still didnt get credit.

Bugs in 3.0.0r1

♦In a Shiyuuchi (Player controlled Japanese village), a male youth will move into the army forge as a miner if the army forge is built after the quarry, and the quarry is not occupied by a male villager. Heisha is built incorrectly. (Outside front)http://imageshack.us/f/28/20120726125152.png/ (Inside) http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/195/20120726125202.png/ (Outside Back)http://imageshack.us/f/171/20120726125304.png/

♦The Lord and Lady who are supposed to be living in the fort in the centre of town are living in the market and are shown as merchants.

♦Unable to trade with merchants in Norman markets

♦No creation quests are not available in both Hindi and Norman villages even with 'One of Us' Status.

Older Version Bugs


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