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In the world of Millénaire, villagers can offer you quests to do. These are generally little 'missions', but there are also a few larger ones. Some quests can only be reached when you reach a certain reputation for that village. Most quests also offer rewards in the form of items, Deniers and/or reputation.

Storyline Quests[edit]

Storyline quests are a chain of quests, resulting in a big reward. At this moment, there are two chapters in this type of quest, the Hindi chapter and the Norman chapter. Unlike the side quests, storyline quests tend to take up a lot of time and effort, but also have an easier time limit.

To open up a chapter, you will need to have a certain amount of reputation. The rewards are various, but each chapter ends with a big reward. The type of quests you will encounter will also be very diverse. They can be ordinary like the side-quests, but also very special and generally very much into the spirit of Minecraft.

Side Quests[edit]

Side quests, or normal quests, are generally short quests that involve doing a certain task within a short period of time. This can be anything from delivering an item to a nearby NPC, or saving a miner from dying of poison.

At the moment, there are four main branches of side quests, being General side quests, Hindi side quests, Mystic (Mayan) side quests and Norman side quests. Each branch has one or multiple quests, generally given by a specific race. The general side quests can appear for any race.

As mentioned before, the quests themselves are rather short and can be completed within a few in-game hours. To unlock the quests, you also need to have a certain reputation status towards the village where you want to get the quest. Sometimes you even need to have a specific item with you to effectively start it.

Most of the side quests also have strict time limits, to prevent a player from running off with an item that was given to him or her. The rewards will reflect the difficulty of the quests, as well as how valuable any involved goods were. The reward can be anything, like reputation, money, items and/or experience.

Most of the side quests are also repeatable, but not always at the same NPC.

Lists of Side Quests[edit]

General Side Quests
Missing Friend
Hindi Side Quests
Confidential Mission
Delivery Needed
Jewel Delivery
Japanese Side Quests
Fishing Frenzy
Mayan Side Quests
Find The Eggs
Frustrated Lumberman
More Feathers
Dark Omens
Strange Reports
Norman Side Quests
Alcohol Needed!
Broken Sword
Cousin's Birthday
Husband's Lunch
I Need A Real Meal
Letter To Send
Lost Tapestry
Sick Child
Stone Needed