Norman:Elevage Bovin

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Elevage Bovin
(Cattle Farm)
Elevage Bovin
Building found inVillage agricole
Village d'artisans
Village écclesiastique
Village militaire
Bourg autonome
Width15 meters
Length15 meters
Raw BeefLeatherTripes       
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Cattle Farm[edit]

The renewed Cattle farm - Lvl 1
A Lvl 3 Cattle Farm
A Lvl 3 Cattle Farm from the inside.
Cattle farm. Cows are raised here, to collect leather and make filling Norman tripes.
Bâtiments Normands


Cattle farms are a large building in Millenaire. They require a space of 15x15 meters.

They used to be much bigger, with room for all four animal types, but since 0.4.2 it has a smaller design and only hosts cows in the barn. At night the cows spawn in the pens. Then the farmers kill the cows and make Tripes.


  • The Cattle farm needs to be upgraded to be able to have an oven.
  • Cattle farmers now use wheat to breed their cows instead. However they will spawn if there are none left.
  • Tripes need to be cooked in an oven before they can be sold.
  • If you feel sick of building this, just wait for the carpenter.


CobblestoneWood (any)Oak WoodGlass BlockWoolPlain Timber FrameCross Timber Frame
Upgrade 141
Upgrade 233
Upgrade 393
Upgrade 4546
Upgrade 5193
Upgrade 626
Upgrade 718769