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Building found inVillage d'artisans
Village écclesiastique
Village militaire
Bourg autonome
Width12 meters
Length16 meters


Quarry. Inhabited by a miner and his wife, and from where he will dig up seemingly infinite supplies of stones and sand.
Bâtiments Normands
Underground layout of the quarry while being constructed
A finished Quarry.


The Quarry is used by a miner to obtain cobblestone and sand. However the miner mines slowly: a maximum of about 80 blocks a day (120 with Norman tools). When upgraded, it will contain a furnace that will smelt sand into glass and cobblestone into stone. The furnaces have a finite amount of planks in them and require you to trade Wood to the village so the villagers can convert them into planks for the furnace; and while you can't sell the planks to the town, you may use them to build with or for your own furnace (if you use theirs, they will steal what you smelt).


StoneCobblestoneWood (any)Oak WoodGlass BlockWool
Upgrade 11613
Upgrade 2461
Upgrade 31131527
Upgrade 41351
Upgrade 5216
Upgrade 61591