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Good testing seeds -- Trancid 09:23, 1 December 2011 (UTC)[edit]

Seeing how most people still use the b-seed to check if Millenaire is installed correctly, but it doesn't seem to spawn villages nearby like it used to, it might be wise to search for other/newer/better seeds to accomplish this.

The shorter the seed, or the less 'numbery', the better of course. If you know of any that almost always work, please add them to this list.

Millenaire 2.2.8 (minecraft 1.1) :

  • 'IDDQD' - You will spawn in a mayan village. God mode, here we come!

Millenaire 2.0.9 (Minecraft 1.0.0) :

  • 'Freak!' - This makes you spawn about 100 meters away from a mayan village. You spawn between a big mountain chain and this village.

Millenaire 2.0+ (Minecraft 1.0):

  • '1' - Spawn in a taiga biome that always has a Lone Ruined Farm nearby. Large grassland to the northwest (Norman village), huge desert to the south (Hindi), and a Huge Mountains range to the far northwest (a Japanese village has spawned there once, but only if a Norman village hadn't already spawned in the grasslands first). Whichever biome you head for first determines the village that spawns. The grassland is also a good candidate for Village Wand use. Even without Millenaire, it's a good exploration seed, with almost every biome in the game within one map-viewing-distance. --WackoMcGoose 22:11, 24 December 2011 (UTC)

Millenaire 1.10.4:

  • 'MT' - A village is always present or will appear if you walk to the nearby desert.
  • '9113910254627166577' - Long number, but on each test there was a village in sight straight away.
  • 'millénaire' - Spawns a village within 60 meters. (reported on the forums, unconfirmed)

Pre-Millenaire 1.10 (Minecraft 1.8.1 and earlier):

  • 'b' - Will always spawn a village next to you.

Happy hunting --Trancid 09:23, 1 December 2011 (UTC)

Not true, Millenaire vilages do not work the same way as Testificate villages. felinoel ~ (Talk) 21:09, 3 December 2011 (UTC)
You are correct that Millenaire villages spawn in a different way than Testificate villages (still hating that name...), but you can try to make the starting situation as ideal as possible. If your seed generates a world for example where you spawn in the middle of a big flat desert, then the RNG will most likely spawn a Hindi settlement there. The type of settlement might be different each time, but being a desert, it can only spawn Hindi things there. This can be combined with other specific biomes to generate villages of specific cultures. Of course, if the ideal area is a plains biome, then the culture will be random, since every culture is allowed to build villages in that biome.
The idea behind the seeds mentioned above, is to optimize this chance as much as possible, giving it a near 100% chance to spawn a village near your spawn point. If yer not convinced, try it out yerself and use the seed '9113910254627166577'. I only did between 10 and 20 testruns with that on various times and days, but it had a 100% success rate of spawning a village upon entering the world for the first time. I hope my explanation makes some sense, because I tend to be terrible at explaining stuff, especially when it's a bit technical. --Trancid 22:14, 3 December 2011 (UTC)