Guide on making a Town Hall

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This guide gives advice on building a custom Town Hall.

It is the second in a series of guides which lead to custom development of a whole culture:

  1. The Guide on making Custom Buildings.
  2. This Guide on making a Town Hall.
  3. The Guide on making Custom Villages.
  4. The Guide on making a Custom Culture.

Designing a Town Hall[edit]

Every village requires a central building, which we will refer to as the Town Hall. The Town Hall has several properties which must be defined in its design for it to work properly, including a Main Chest, a Selling Position, and the layout of its Signs.

With this update comes the ability to make a completely custom central hub to your village, which need not be the Town Hall of the basic pack. Kinniken has already shown this by modifying the Fort into a Town Hall, and by making the "townhallagricole" for Village agricole. We shall be looking more at the second one, as it shows that a completely new building can be made into a Town Hall.

What Town Halls Need[edit]

To be a Town Hall, your building will need four things: chests, nine panels, a standing position and the parameter "shop:townhall" in it's text file. If you want to use "shop:vikingtownhall", you can, but you need to make sure the file name matches the same name of the file in the shops folder. If you wish, you can also put a selling position in if you want the trigger for trading to be in a different place to the standing position, but it isn't required.

The panels are the most complex part of building a Town Hall, and require a bit of thought for how to set them up in a building plan. As you can see in any of the current Town Hall building plans, there will be a parameter called signs followed by the numbers 0-8, but never in numerical order. What do these numbers stand for, you ask?

Panels: Translated[edit]

- 0: This is the panel you find above your Town Hall's entrance in the current buildings. It displays the village name, type and population. On right click, it displays the list of villagers.

- 1: This is the bottom central panel you'll find on the back wall of your current Town Halls. It displays up to two of the materials required for the building project. Right clicking on it displays the the current stock of that village.

- 2: This is the bottom left panel on the back wall (may be bottom right in Fort, if could be confirmed would be brill). It's the first overflow for when a building project requires more resources than panel 1 can show. Works exactly as panel 1.

- 3: This is the bottom right panel on the back wall (again, may be left in Fort). This is the second overflow, and again, works exactly as panel 1.

- 4: The is the top left panel in Town Halls, the top right in Forts. It displays the building project. On right click, it shows the possible building projects, which are now divided into the priority levels I mentioned above.

- 5: This panel is on the top right in Town Halls, top left in Forts. It shows the current construction project that is going on. Right clicking will bring up the list of buildings currently in the village.

- 6: The top middle panel shows the population breakdown. Upon right-click, it acts like panel 0, showing the villager list.

-7: Added in 0.5.5, is the village map panel. Upon right-click, it displays the layout of the village and where future construction is possible, among other things. Auto-added to pre-0.5.5 Town Centres

-8: Military Strength panel. Upon right-click, it displays the combat stats and equipment of all villagers with defender and/or raider tags.

Which panel is which is determined by the order you've put them after the signs tag, the first number listed relates to the panel closest to the top right of the bottom floor, then from right to left, then down the collumns, then up the floors. This means that the panels on the lowest floor will always be before panels on a higher floor after the signs tag and the upper panel between two on the same florr comes first, and the furthest right comes first out of two on the same row and on the same floor.

Sign direcrions.jpg

On a seperate note, if you try to have a panel repeated twice in building, only the last occurence is used, the other is blank and uninteractable. The same thing also happens if you try to move a sign between upgrades.

Differentiating From Current Town Halls[edit]

If you want your new Town Hall to be used by any village that uses basic Town Halls, just follow the old naming convention for variants and make it something like townhall_C. If, however, you want it to be used in distinct villages, give it a different name, like the townhallagricole_A, or my petithall_A. You need not have either the word "town" or "hall" in the name, as evidenced by fort_A, so you could have a village centred around a temple_A if you wanted. And, of course, if you have the time and motivation, you can make multiple variations, such as temple_B or petithall_C, which will be used in your custom villages.

Custom Buildings[edit]

Feel free to play around with making the custom buildings for your new village! If you wish to have several different buildings that each home guards, go for it! Want to make your farm upgrade to contain a bakery, like my petitfarm_A? Of course! Considered adding decorations that would fit in with the new theme that would look out of place in 11th Century Normandy? Do it. Just remember that if you only want these buildings to appear in your custom villages, add them to the never parameter on your other village files, and include these modified village files if you upload your new village and buildings for others to use. Alternatively, if you put the max number as 0 on your buildings, they shall only be built when forced by your village text if you put them in a start, core or secondary placement.