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Millénaire Wiki Frequently Asked Installation Questions

Important: This mod updates frequently. Updating may break your villages.
Don't get attached if you plan to update. Always be sure to back up your world files.

For a set of instructions of how to install Millenaire go here

How to Install the Millénaire mod[edit]

For a set of instructions of how to install Millenaire, click here!

Manual Installation[edit]

To install the mod, follow these steps:

1. Download Forge and install it.

2. Download the latest version of Millénaire from the official page.

3. Open the Millénaire .zip file in your downloads.

4. Go to the folder 'Put in mods folder' within the Millénaire file.

5. Copy and paste the three things inside to your mods folder (in .Minecraft)

Important notes:

   Delete META-INF from the Minecraft.jar
   Place the contents of "Put in mods folder" in the mods folder (.Minecraft in Windows) 
  (alongside bin, saves etc.) 


   There are no Millénaire classes to place in the Minecraft.jar anymore. 
   This is replaced by the zip in the mods folder.

If the mod is running properly, it will display this line stating that it is active when you first enter a world: "Millénaire is loaded. Explore and press 'v' to locate villages."

A more in-depth installation guide for Windows can be found here.

Automatic Installation[edit]

*** The installer is currently broken and doesn't recognise Forge, please use the manual method or try a launcher/loader mod. (29 September 2012) ***

After downloading the installer, run it.
On the top left there will likely be a check mark, this is saying that the installaer has successfully automatically found where your main Minecraft folder is to save the mod in.

  • if instead there is an X, press the select folder button and manually find it for the installer.

Under that is a spot that says whether or not you have ModLoader installed.

  • If instead of a green check there is an X click the download button to go download it.
  • If it is already downloaded but the installer still says that it isn't, click the select button and manually find it for the installer.
    • Once one of the two above have been done click the install button to install ModLoader.

Under that is whether or not you have Millénaire installed and whether that installed file is the current version of Millénaire.

  • If it is an X and you haven't installed it yet, click the download button and install it.
  • If you have installed it but the installer can't find it, click the select button to manually find it for the installer.
    • Once one of the above is done click the install button to install Millénaire.
  • If you would like to change the language then choose your main language and fallback language before clicking the install button.

Congratulations you have installed Millénaire!


For common FAQ of gameplay issues, page link here!

Interactions with other mods[edit]

For known Mod compatibilities check here!

Known Bugs[edit]

Bug Reports page located here!


Q: Why does my security software say the installer application (the actual application not the readme etc.) is a virus? I also noticed it is called worm.win32.autorun and hence he word worm leads me to believe it is a virus.

A: There was a zip file around version 1.10.2 packed on the wrong computer, resulting it to trigger the antivirus software. This mistake has been corrected in later versions. Simply download a newer version, and it should check out all right.

Q: How do I download the mod?

A: Download Millénaire Here! Click the link of the version you want to download. After you click the download link it takes you to an page in which you have to wait for five seconds until you can click a "skip" button at the upper right corner of that page which will give you the download.

Q: How do I download the installer?

A: Download the installer Here! Click the link of the operating system you use. After you click the download link it takes you to an page in which you have to wait for five seconds until you can click a "skip" button at the upper right corner of that page which will give you the download.

Q: Help! My game Crashes when I trade with the villagers!

A: You probably have an old version of TooManyItems mod. Start from a fresh .jar and install ML, The latest version of TooManyItems, Millenaire (Latest) and then your other mods.

Q: It says "error in update entity"!

A: Make sure you have installed Millénaire properly.

Q: Black screen on start up.

A: Make sure you have deleted META-INF from your minecraft.jar. If this doesn't work, make sure you installed the mod right with the latest version of Modloader.

Q: It says that it loaded correctly but I can't find a village.

A: Press 'v' and it will tell you if there are any villages within 2km. If there are none, give it a minute to make a few and search for them. If that still doesn't work start a new world with the seed 'b'. If there still isn't a village, make sure you installed it correctly.
Please note that a lot of the boimes have changed as per Minecraft 1.0. This may result in the b-seed not working. For more possible testing seeds, please click the 'Discussion' tab button at the top.

Q: It says Unable to find Building Plans!

A: Your Millénaire folder is not placed properly. Reinstall Millénaire, and make sure that the folder called Millénaire is directly inside .minecraft.

Q: How do I update?

A: Download the new version of millénaire and replace the existing files from your .minecraft folder. Though updating villages may break your village. Don't get attached if you plan to update. As stated Above.

Q: No message displays on startup.

A: Try a new world, preferably seed b. Messages will not be displayed when playing an old world. It will only display when you go to ungenerated chunks of land, Thus spawning a village.

Q: How Can I Remove My Millenaire Town?

A: Delete all the millénaire related files that you installed, then you can happilly raze the village. Install the millénaire files again if you want to continue playing the mod. Get yourself a village wand and a specific block (use the latest ToomanyItems mod.) and spawn yourself a village.

Q: I have a village with lots of buildings but nobody is there? Where did they all go?

A: You likely upgraded Minecraft and played around on the world where your village was before updating Millenaire to the version compatable with your current version of Minecraft. If you didn't back-up your Minecraft save files, Minecraft has overwritten the data containing the information about your village. If you have a back-up of the save files, you can upgrade the mod loader and Millenaire version to the latest version and restore the save files for your world where everything should work just fine. Otherwise, you have the ruins of a village that no longer functions. You can destroy this village if you would like another village to take its place at the same location, or simply create a new world. Sorry, your villagers are gone forever that you had before.