Creation Quest: The Chamber of Lava

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The Chamber of Lava
Mayan QuestPyramid-LavaPool.png
Type Storyline Quest
Preceding The King's Shaman
Succeeding Warrior's Sacrifices
Start King's Shaman
End King's Shaman
Time Limit 1048 hours
Reward Reputation
4 Chicken Curry
4 Cacauhaa
Reputation 128
Experience 4


The King’s Shaman will direct you to go swimming into the lava pit at the bottom of the pyramid, and he provides you with 4 Chicken Curry and 4 Cacauhaa. This is a dangerous part of the quest. You will need to drop to the bottom of the lava pit, move to the outside wall and swim up. You will arrive at an antechamber with multiple enemies and spawners. You will face zombies, skeletons, creepers, and spiders. When you arrive in the main chamber, look for four small holes near the ceiling. Two of the holes are on the North side and two are on the South wall. There are three spider spawners inside each of these high rooms. On the East side are two rooms with three enemy spawners each. The West side contains three connected rooms (one larger room with an adjacent room on each side. Each of these rooms contains three spawners. The largest of these rooms also contains spider spawners behind the Western wall. Enchanting your armor and weapon is a good idea. And bring plenty of torches (if you have the Suntorch mod, I would highly recommend using those).

  • Please note that I gave dungeon directional based on my "Mapwriter" mod orientation, and for reference only. I have no point of fact to guess that all buildings/dungeons will be laid out in the same directional format.
The lower exit of the lava pool.
Some of the mob spawners in the chamber.