Creation Quest: Limits of the World

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Limits of the World
"Diggy diggy hole." - Sung by a dwarf named Honeydew.
Type Storyline Quest
Preceding Knowledge and Rituals
Succeeding The Book of Sadhu
Start Sadhu Vidya
End Sadhu Vidya
Time Limit 2x 1048 hours
Reward Reputation
Reputation 128
Experience 4


Now that the ocean has been fully explored, Sadhu Vidya suspects that you are almost done. Only two more parts remain for you to explore, starting with finding the roof of the world.


For the first part of this two-part quest, you will simply need to pillar up until you reach the upper limit of the world. If you have left the great tree of the Sadhu intact, you can use that as a nice starting position. In whatever way you want to go up, is up to you. You will know when you have reached your destination, when you cannot place any new blocks. Now head down and talk to the Sadhu again, to get the second part of this quest.

The next challenge can be a bit more challenging, you will need to go down to the bottom of the world. Again, whichever way you prefer, digging straight down, or making an impressive mine, is completely up to you.

You will know when you are near your target when you see the blackish unbreakable bedrock. If however, you do not get a message yet that you have completed the quest, then dig around a bit and see if you can get a tiny bit lower.

When you are done, head back to Sadhu Vidya.


For completing this quest, you will gain 128 reputation.


  • Before Minecraft used the Anvil format, you only had to go to a height of 128 blocks. With the Anvil format you will need to travel all the way up to a 256 block height.
  • Before Millénaire 2.6, this quest was the follow-up to Window in the Depth.