Creation Quest: A Second Blip

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A Second Blip
Strange red plants.
Type Storyline Quest
Preceding The Anomaly
Succeeding Jamais deux sans trois
Start Alchemist Vif-argent
End Alchemist Vif-argent
Time Limit 1048 hours
Reward 1 Norman Broadsword
2 Tripes
1 Cider
Money 0 Denier Or 15 Denier Argent 0 Denier
Reputation 512
Experience 16


The Alchemist's assistant, Robert, has found a second anomaly. After the mixed success of the previous mission, the Alchemist wants you to head out and see if you can find more information at the new location.


This quest has a few similarities with the previous quest. This means that most of the information will be the same. It will deviate roughly near the middle of this section though. The Alchemist will also provide you with an excellent sword and a bit of food. This will not be your regular food though, and will be quite useful.

First of all, the usual advice, store all valuables in your house. Only take the necessary items with you. In this case, some things to dig around and get back up, a lot of light sources, a good armor and a weapon or two. You will need this. Also, you might want to adjust your difficulty rating depending on your experience. For the best general experience, play on at least Normal. If you've played Superhostile maps or things alike, or if your name is Vechs, set your difficulty on Hard. If the quest turns out to be too hard on Normal, tune it down a bit on Easy. Please note, that this will make it a lot easier, but if even this is too hard, you can always try peaceful, but this kind of breaks the quest, so really, only use it as a last resort...

After accepting the quest, you should be notified of the new location. The anomaly can be tracked as any other village or building, by using the V-key. Despite the anomaly being higher than the usual bedrock, it is still a far way down. So, find the spot where the anomaly is located and head down to the bottom.

When you get close to the bottom, you will notice an abnormal, smooth layer of bedrock. This means you are on the money. Dig around a bit and you should find that this layer is actually the ceiling of a building, with on one side an entrance. Now, prepare for battle and head through the iron door. You can choose to break the door down or put a lever or some other device to open it. The latter might be preferred due to the challenge in there.

Before facing the possible horrors of the next room, you might want to know that the Tripes heals hearts and not food. It also has a few charges, but do use it wisely.

The first room you encounter seems rather peaceful, but as soon as you open the next door, the pain will start. After killing the mobs that have already spawned, the first thing you should do is preventing more of them making your day miserable. In this building, the cave spider spawners are in a seemingly unreachable place due to a one-high gap between bedrock. Simply place blocks along the entire line to block any newly spawned spiders off and you should be fine. Don't forget to use your Tripes if you are getting low on health.

After you have dealt with the second room, it is time to investigate the last room in the second anomaly. Make your way through the next door and you should find yourself standing in an alchemy room. Search for any loot you may find and bring it all back to the Alchemist. He will surely figure out what its uses are.


For completing this hazardous quest and delivering 16 Netherwart, the Alchemist will not only give you 15 Denier argent for your troubles, but also 512 Reputation and 1 Cider.