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The Creation Quest is a search for the answer of the age-old questions, where do we come from, why are we here, who created this place and for what purpose. Because you seem to be of this world, the villagers think of you to be the perfect person to find the answers to these questions.

Currently, only the first three chapters are available, dealing with the Indian, Norman, and Mayan villages. Future chapters will involve the other Millénaire cultures.

So, pack up your bags and be prepared for an epic journey to find the Answer to the Great Question, of Life, the Universe and Everything.


Opening the quest chain[edit]

To open up the Creation Quest chain, you will first have to raise your Reputation to "Friend of the Village" with a Hindi, Norman, or Mayan village, depending on which chapter you would like to play. The general way of doing this - provided you haven't hit one of them - is by selling products to and buying products from the village, until you have traded for an amount equal to 2 gold Deniers. To check your current standing, talk to the village chief, as his text will give a rough indication on where you stand.

After completing this feat, the quest chain will open up. When talking to the village chief or his wife, your first quest will pop up. Keep in mind, before accepting the quest, that there is an in-game time limit on each one of them. Although it is very lenient, it is better to be prepared, because some of these quests will consume a lot of in-game and real-life hours. Note also that if you fail a quest due to reaching the time limit you will be able to start the last mission again by returning to the character that originally gave it.

Chapter 1 - The Sadhu[edit]

Creation Quest quest chain
No. Name
1 The Sadhu
2 Initiation
3 Botanical Samples
4 Exploring the Forest
5 Hindu Epics
6 Exploring the Desert
7 Marsh Expert
8 Holy Weapon
9 Fear and Knowledge
10 Exploring the Mountains
11 The Great Dive
12 Window in the Depth
13 Knowledge and Rituals
14 Limits of the World
15 The Book of Sadhu
Extra Leadership

Chapter 2 - The Alchemist[edit]

Creation Quest quest chain
No. Name
1 The Alchemist
2 A Welcome
3 Stone Collection
4 A Burning Need
5 Explosive Needs
6 The Great Dig
7 Explosive Matters
8 The Anomaly
9 A Second Blip
10 Jamais Deux Sans Trois
11 Spreading Knowledge
12 The Experiment
13 Mind and Matter

Chapter 3 - The Fallen King[edit]

Creation Quest quest chain
No. Name
1 Dark Omens
2 War Preparations
3 The Camp
4 New Sacrifices
5 The Obsidian Pyramid
6 The King's Shaman
7 The Chamber of Lava
8 Warrior's Sacrifices
9 New rituals
10 The Source of Evil
11 Broken Door


Besides numerous items, money and reputation that you will obtain from doing the Creation Quest, at the end of each chapter, you will also obtain a special gift.

After completing chapter one, the Hindi Chapter, you will gain leadership over the Hindi. This will allow you to build controlled Hindi villages (villages where you can place the buildings yourself). This one of two ways of getting leadership, the other being to reach "Natural leader" rank in an Indian village.

After completing chapter two, the Norman Chapter, you will gain leadership over the Norman. This grants access to the same as the Hindi leadership, only for controlled Norman villages.

After completing chapter three, the Mayan Chapter, you will gain leadership over the Mayan. This grants access to the same as the Hindi leadership, only for controlled Mayan villages.


  • Before Millénaire 2.6, you had to do the chapters in order to open the next one up
  • In version 2.6 and 2.6.1 you could start the Alchemist quests before having completed the Sadhu quests. A bug prevented the Alchemist from spawning though, leaving you stuck in the first quest.