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The Wiki is the main source of informations concerning Millénaire. As I (Kinniken) does not have the time to contribute much to it, keeping it up-to-date and relevant for users is done mainly by the community. Anyone knowledgeable about Millénaire and willing to help should feel free to do so. Before making major changes however, especially to high-visibility pages, it is advisable to discuss it. This page's talk section is intended for that.

Key pages[edit]

The following pages are the most important in the Wiki and particular efforts should be made to keep the up-to-date:

Regarding British English and American English[edit]

Millénaire itself is written in British English, for no other reason than because it's what I (Kinniken) learned and use. Out of coherence the Wiki would ideally follow that. However this is secondary to the main task of building up the wiki's content and US contributors are welcomed to contribute to the wiki in US English. Same for other variants of English.

Edits to change from one to the other are thus heavily discouraged, except if the goal is to harmonise the spellings within a page or a section of a large page. In that case British English is preferred, unless the bulk of the text is in US English.

The letter "s" at the end of words[edit]

English is a very complicated language to learn and many Europeans have the tendency to add the letter "s" to the end of some words that don't need an "s". Ores, Sheeps, Ammos, Informations are all incorrect even if you are implying that there is more than one. They are spelt without the "s" on the end, so Ore, Sheep, Ammo and Information instead,. For example, you need to mine a lot of "ore", one "sheep" two "sheep", I have a lot of "ammo", There is a lot of information. Most other words when you're talking about more than one do have an "s" added (cows, planes) just these four words (and a few others) don't have an "s" added at all, there isn't even a rule to let you know which words have an "s" and which don't. English speakers can just tell it doesn't sound right.
Sorry about the English lesson but it is a very common (and I mean common) problem and the English language originated from about ten others (French, German, Latin, Dutch, and Scottish to name a few.) which explains these strange rules and words.

Translating the Wiki[edit]

Enabling as many people as possible to play Millénaire has always been a key goal, and translation is a big part of that. While the biggest efforts should go toward translating the mod itself (contact me directly for that, [email protected]), translating the Wiki is important as well. The priority for any language should be the translation of the Wiki homepage and the key pages listed previously.

In order to create a new translation for a page, you need to create a new page with the same title, followed by a slash and the two-letter code for your language. Example: "Millénaire_Overview/es" is the Spanish translation of the overview page. This means that the page title stays in English. If anyone knows of a way to avoid that and this have the language bar at the top work, please contact me ([email protected]).

Translating the Millénaire homepage[edit]

The Millénaire homepage can also be translated, beyond the existing French, English and Spanish versions. To do that you need to translate and provide the new text for You can then contact me via email ([email protected]) for me to set it up.