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Warning: This program is out of date, and hasn't been edited for almost a year. Use with caution in case of possible brokenness or disappointment!


Cadastre is an external tool for creating graphically new buildings.

It is developped for Windows in .NET.

It allows in the same interface to manage:

  • Several levels of a building
  • All the level image files
  • All block types
  • All properties


Version Changes

  • Add possibility to see in different views
  • Add rule marks on sides of the editor grid
  • Supports themes (see in config file)
  • Add support of encodings (see in config file)
  • Change the transparency marks
  • Fix reported properties issues
  • Fix 'semicolon in text file' issue
  • Fix image saving issue

Thanks for your support!


  • Display an image instead of the colour (customizable)
  • Add the transparency tool
  • Unknow properties are supported
  • Large plans are supported
  • Supports multi-properties
  • Fix the block types list size
  • Double-click on block type adds it in favorite list, double-click it in the list removes it

  • First publication in beta mode



Note Note: The idea came from this topic: Help:Programming a Building and Village Editor

How to help:[edit]

  • You can make your suggestions and bug reports on this page.
  • This tool can be translated in any language. The texts are in text file in the folder "texts". Its name is the 2 first letters of your language (you can a complete list of the abrevations, here). For the moment, there is only en.txt but adding a language is equivalent to add a new file copied from this.

Suggestion and bugs:[edit]

1.2 Suggestions[edit]

  • Add a copy and past functions.
  • Add different brush sizes (default 1)
  • Add marquee with flood fill.
  • Add a 3D preview.
  • Add an option to auto load sub-buildings.
  • Program optimisation (its very slow with plans that are 100x100 px in size).
  • This is how I work inside an image editor:
    Create the image A0, set the ground on frame 0, start building on frame 1, copy frame 1 to frame 2 and make changes, copy frame 2 to frame 3 and make changes and so on for that layer.
    Copy image A0 to A1 and set it to 40% transparency, add new layer and work on the frames inside the new layer.
    Copy image A1 (with layers) to A2, create a new layer and set the previous one to 40% transparency (so now I can see both A0 and A1 at 40%)
    Do the same for all extra layers. So If I'm working on A15 I can see all layers A0 - A14 as 40% transparency underneath the layer I'm working on.
    Looking at the layers on A3 it would be something like this:
    A3 - [0] [1] [2] [3] - Working layer
    A2 - [0] [1] [2] [3] - 40% transparency
    A1 - [0] [1] [2] [3] - 40% transparency
    A0 - [0] [1] [2] [3] - 40% transparency

    Can something similar this be implemented ? as it would make creating buildings very easy.
  • 40% transparency to first building and previous upgrades to it, on the same level, it would make adding upgrades allot easier.
  • Add an ability to use new, custom block types.

1.1 Suggestions[edit]

  • On the plan editer (the main part) you have small black stars to mark transparency (which is fine) could you change it so it stands out a little more or dim the block a little as its very hard to see on blocks like wood.
  • Add your programme to the Library :)

1.0 Suggestions[edit]

  • On the area where you display the blocks can you change it so that's ots set to a set width (that you can change).
Its a little annoying where it moves everything to the left depending on the length of the text.
  • What would be nice is to display the block instead of the colour (where you can) as it would be easier to find the block your looking for.
The ability to set the transparency of a block would be nice (like in norman quarry_A2.png)

This is a very nice program - keep up the good work. ~ Ghost1972 10:17, 28 September 2011 (UTC)

1.2 Bugs[edit]

  • Still has the same install error as 1.1
  • Sub-building properties can still get overwritten with the properties of the main (maybe it would be better to not read the Sub-buildings with the main ?).
  • Out of memory error when opening my new culture (Norman walled town) if you open the main (town_A.txt) building. (its on the library)
    Opening over 20 sub-buildings with the main and every plan that has frames of 100x100 is definitely NOT a good idea.

1.1 Bugs[edit]

  • Install error: The user "CREATER OWNER" the programme runs under had no "read" access rights set-up as a result it could not read its own config file or the block images. I had to manually set the permissions under the "security" tab.
  • Crash with "System.IndexOutOfRangeException" if a plan .txt file has a semicolon at the end of the line.
  • Arrows on blocks for left,right,top and bottom are the wrong way around. ie for "doorLeft" the arrow is pointing right and for "woodstairsTop" the arrow is pointing down.
  • The programme will show a black small question mark for characters such as "è".
  • Images are created with an extra 1px separator on the far right end causing errors in Millénaire.
  • Properties setup for the first update (A0) will be copied to each new update (A1 - A2+) which you can't remove and not wanted.
  • Sub-building errors:
    When you open the main building, the editor also opens up the sub-buildings but names them as the main building which causes confusion.
    If the main building is then saved it will also save the sub-buildings overwriting the sub-buildings properties with the main which breaks them.
  • Program will crash with "System.IndexOutOfRangeException" if it tries to write to a read-only file.
  • Adding a new update (A2) and then deleting it will also clear the first update (A0).

1.0 Bugs[edit]

  • On windows 7 64bit your not able to change the value of the properties (looks like they are set to read only).
  • Missing properties: type, tag, subbuilding, french and english (french and english are old deprecated properties but they still exist).
  • Unable to set properties male, female and tag more than once (Norman loneabbey_A.txt).
  • If a file is opened with an unknown property the program will crash. (Norman Fort_A.txt)
  • If a file is opened with an unknown colour the program will crash.
  • If you open a large file (mayanpyramid_A.txt) the graphic designer section becomes off centre. You have to zoom out and its very hard to see.