A Minecraft village mod


frFrançais (Français, French)100%
enEnglish (Anglais, English)100%
csČeština (Tchèque, Czech)57%
deDeutsch (Allemand, German)100%
dkDansk (Danois, Danish)10%
esEspañol (Espagnol, Spanish)93%
itItaliano (Italien, Italian)75%
nlNederlands (Néerlandais, Dutch)86%
plJęzyk polski (Polonais, Polish)60%
ptPortuguês (Portugais, Portugese)85%
ruPусский язык (Russe, Russian)91%
slSlovenščina (Slovène, Slovene)28%
svSvenska (Suédois, Swedish)37%
zh_tw漢語 (繁體字) (Chinois (traditionnel), Chinese (traditional))80%
arالعربية (Arabe, Arabic)54%
etEesti keel (Estonien, Estonian)48%
zh_cn普通话 (简体字) (Chinois (simplifié), Chinese (simplified))83%
ja日本語 (Japonais, Japanese)49%
ko한국말 (Coréen, Korean)86%
noNorsk (Norvégien, Norwegian)64%
ukУкраїнська мова (Ukrainien, Ukrainian)59%

Detailed Instructions

Millénaire is available in different languages​​. The French and English versions are updated directly by me, others by volunteer translators. Orange1861 is in charge of coordinating the efforts. You can check the status of the translations here and email him if you want to help update an existing translation or provide a new one.

  • First, let him know you will be doing it by email at Orange1861.65@gmail.com, as other people might be working on the same language. He will put you in contact if that is the case. You are not obliged to translate everything! If you do not have time to do everything, send me what you can. A partial translation is better than no translation at all.
  • Then, if your language is new for Millénaire, duplicate either the French or the English translation folder in "millenaire/languages" and rename it with the code for your language.
  • Open the files using a text editor with proper encoding support, meaning especially not Notepad on Windows. Good free editors include TextWrangler on Mac and PSPad, NotePad++ and UltraEdit on Windows
  • Translate all the text in it in that language to yours, save for the first half of each sentence that should remain in the "native" language of the villagers (French for the Normans, Hindi for the Indians, etc.)
  • Make sure you save everything in UTF-8 encoding
  • You can generate a report on how complete your translation is by setting "generate_translation_gap" to true and launching the game. This is useful to check for added strings in new updates.
  • Send it to me, and thanks!