A Minecraft village mod

Bonus for Millénaire contributors

To thanks all the people who contributed or donated to Millénaire and will do in the future, Millénaire now includes a small bonus for them: a small house available for free from the village heads of each culture (except in MP). If you had already contributed to Millénaire, send me a mail to kinniken@millenaire.org with your Minecraft login and I'll enable the feature for you.

And if you want to contribute but don't know how to, here is a small list of areas where I often need help:

  • Translations: many are incomplete.
  • Textures: I am always looking for good artists for Millénaire.
  • Dialogs: the new dialogs feature requires many. New ones would be welcome.
  • Buildings: new models for existing buildings, or new ideas for lone buildings for example.
  • For ambitious people: new cultures! The Mayas, Japanese and Byzantines were primarily made by other people.
  • Wiki: the wiki lacks content, and many sections are out of date.

Before starting, send me a mail to kinniken@millenaire.org to tell me about it! (Except for adding content to the wiki - you can do that directly).

And icing on the cake, bonus houses indeed come with a free cake!

Millénaire License

Millénaire as a whole, and all parts specifically developped by Kinniken, are copyrighted to Kinniken (kinniken@millenaire.org), all rights reserved, 2011-2018.

Usage of the mod is allowed as well as non-commercial repackaging within modpacks as long as credit is given, including a link to millenaire.org.

Usage of elements of the mod in other mods or other projects is forbidden without authorization.

Contributions to Millénaire

Elements contributed to Millénaire, whether code, buildings, textures or any other assets, remain the intellectual property of their creator.

Contributing them to Millénaire grants Kinniken a non-rescindable license to use that content in Millénaire and associated projects, including the right to modify it as needed.

Millénaire Signature

If you want to show your support for Millénaire on a forum or a website, you can use this signature picture that is automatically updated when a new version comes out.