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Enhanced Textures
Category: Texture Pack   Culture: Other   Author: Ymeztoix   Version: 1.7.10

Hi everyone, we all love this mod, but the textures, in my opinion, and I know most of you guys will agree with me, need an enhancement, a minecraft-ization specially, because some items don\\\'t look like minecraft stuff, you will see what I mean.
This texturepack just modifies the Items and the GUI, I\\\'m very lazy to modify the entities, because they are a lot, and I\\\'m that kind of person who can\\\'t only change one, if I change one, I gotta change the rest of them, and I don\\\'t want to do that. I tried to improve the actual armors, but... in the textures they looked good, but in-game they looked like ugly boxes, so I dicided to not include those textures in this pack, sorry.

For the guys working on this mod at the moment: You can use this texture pack for the comming update (if you like it, obviously), I would be very happy to help the guys working on my favorite Minecraft mod.

Please, take in mind that I\\\'m not an expert texturer, so, sorry if something is wrong, or unaesthetical. Also, english is not my mother tongue, and I learned most of it playing video games, sorry if something is bad in this text block.

Installation (If you\\\'re dumb... like me)
-Copy the file (it should be called \\\"Millenium - Public Version\\\" and it should be a .zip)
-Open the Start menu, write %appdata% and hit enter
-Open .minecraft
-Paste the file inside the \\\"resourcepacks\\\" folder

Ez as that.

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