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Support for lots and lots of Biomes from various mods (plus vacant houses for five core cultures)
Category: Utility   Culture: Other   Author: RiverRunning   Version: 1.1

This Addon is a combination of mexifelio\\\'s, SoNick\\\'s and Ticlon\\\'s Addons for biomes with some fixes for Millenaire 6.0.0 and therefore is almost entirely their work - all thanks goes to them but this way you get all their work in one nice package :)

Compatible with Millenaire 6.0.0 or earlier (and possibly more recent too).

Includes support for the following up to Minecraft 1.7.10:
Mincraft 1.7.10 or earlier
Biomes o\\\'Plenty
Plenty o\\\'Biomes
A Significant Number of Biomes
Better World Generation 4
Your Simply Horses

To Install:
Copy the _cultures_ folder into _.minecraft/mods/millenaire-custom_
N.B. If you have modified any of the buildings, lonebuildings or villages this may overwrite your changes...

It also includes a slightly bigger Hindi kiln, a vacant house as a starter for each of the five core cultures and slightly bigger groves for the cultures using those. To remove these delete the _custom buildings_ folder from each culture\\\'s directory in the _cultures_ folder.

v1.1 - Included 1.7 Minecraft biomes (oops!)
v1.0 - Original

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