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Song Culture (Chinese) UPDATED!! Now with lone buildings and quests!!
Category: Custom Culture   Culture: Other   Author:   Version: 2.0

This Culture has been Updated!!!
New Villages and New Lone Buildings:
Bandit Barracks
Bandit Camp
Lone Farm
Lone Pagoda
REMINDERS: the lone pagoda from the lone building pack was copied.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Miscellenous\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\".
Army Forge
Peasant House
Chicken Farm
Gunpowder Factory
Tile Factory
Lumberman Hut
Trading District
Silk Farm
Silk Factory
Fort(Town hall)ORIGINAL
Imperial Palace()Now Original!!
and more!!

New Quests and one creation quest. This thing is still buggy, But if you see a monk with a quest. Try to right click it, If the game still crashes, then report to the Song Dynasty Forums..

The known crop of this culture is rice, and if you want to change the skins of the villagers, You cannot trade silk to the town hall, This is still a WIP feature. The gunpowder factory, can also produce compasses and other cool stuff..Just put iron and coal to make them do it.

Compatible with 1.7.10 and above

Known Bugs:
Argicultural Village, they have no chests in the beggining. It will make the village paralized.
Silk farmers or workers cannot harvest or make clothes.
Player Controlled villages cannot order buildings. Dont use it for a while.
The Tavern cannot sell or buy anything. If you want to fix this, you can fix it if you know. But if you dont know, wait for the next update.

Next Update Planned:
There will be new creation quests and simple quests which will finish the whole content. There will be also a mod called\\\\\\\"Song Materials Mod\\\\\\\" which will add new items and armour.

If you want to donate for this culture:
CONTACT ME: or visit my facebook page, Leave a download link.
The wiki for this culture:

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Discover the cutavation of rice

Military Village

Argicultural Village

Imperial Village, There are more villages to discover!!

Bandits in the barracks