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Millenaire Rework of Vanilla Villages for Minecraft 1.7.10
Category: Custom Culture   Culture: Other   Author: druha   Version: 1.1

This is a Millenaire rework of the vanilla Minecraft villages. This is an update for Minecraft 1.7.10 and Millenaire 6.0.

It includes a full, complete culture, both plains/forests and deserts villages, all vanilla buildings plus a new town hall, all regular NPCs with new textures, all NPC shops plus the new town hall shop, and quests!

The quests are designed as a tutorial to Minecraft, introducing you to each and every item in the game, how to obtain or craft it, all monsters, all animals and plants, and all world gen structures. There is also one secret quest for obtaining Bottles o Enchanting.

This culture comes ready for use in ExtrabiomesXL and Biomes O Plenty!

New content:
Quests: Chicken Jockey info added; added the new fish types; added new dyes from flowers; added stained glass; added water breathing potion
Buildings: Added new grove and mineshaft; added custom player building support
Villagers: Added lumberman and miner
Villages: Added custom player village support

Changed content:
Buildings: Modified roof of town hall so no more spawns on roof; increased size of lampposts should stop them from clustering and generating in deep holes; added leisure spot to lampposts to pread out villager clustering to chat; split forge into armorer, toolsmith, and weaponsmith (random chance); split farm into crop farm, fish farm, fletcher, and shepherd (random chance); split butcher into butcher and leatherworker (random chance)
Quests: Fixed a bunch of typos in quest text; reorganized some quests based on new content
Shops: Shops now always goods in stock even if they haven\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t made anything yet
Villages: Due to the addition of a lumberman and miner villages are almost self sustaining now

And a pretty easy installation:
1. Extract \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'millenaire-custom\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\' from the file and place in your \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'mods\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\' folder.
2. Extract \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\' from the file and place in your \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'resourcepacks\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\' folder
3. Select the new resource pack.
4. Enjoy!

Change log:
Version 1.1: Added missing lumberjack textures

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