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Teuton Culture
Category: Custom Culture   Culture: Other   Author: Xour   Version: 0.2

This is a first look at the Teuton culture I have been making, If you find any bugs or mistakes the please post them in the Teuton discussion in the custom content forum or message me, I do already know of a few bugs (including all the ones with the villagers that do not have skins) and a few of the buildings are going to be redone as they were just test structures. If there are any good builders out there that would like to help me out then feel free to contact me, other than that enjoy this test version of the Teuton culture.

Version 0.2 Contains
-31 buildings and sub-buildings with plenty of upgrades
-39 new goals
-40 new villagers
-1 new quest
-5 lone buildings and 1 bandit camp
-A full language dialogue that I will be expanding
-3 towns and 1 controlled village
-No player buildings as of yet

Change-log V\\\\\\\\0.2

-Upon Spawn console still says culture.teuton
-Farm isn\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t being collected from.
*Tried creating a new goal for farming wheat (not wheat home) with no success, the farmer always goes to sugar cane farm and does nothing with wheat farm, consider using the original wheat farm build (wheat farm home)
-Some of the dialogues have errors
-Deleted the Dialogues with errors (Key:Sun)
-More fixes to quest dialogues cleaned up a few errors
-Fortified Church Signs are in the wrong place
-Part of the roof is missing from the Fortified Church
-Errors in the log to do with the first line always being unrecognised
-[Name] changed the encoding to UTF-8 without BOM using Notepad++ and it removed the errors
-Alchemy Shop won\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t load any male villager no matter what the name is
*Tried recreating .txt with no success
*Tried changing the name of the villager with no success
*Deleted Alchemist and Alchemy Shop
-Upon Spawn console still says culture.teuton
-Lumberjack dosen\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t collect wood after building is upgraded
-Found some problems with .png upgrades and fixed them (didn\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t fix the problem)
-Removed upgrade
-Error was that the building contained wood blocks, seems that the lumberjack was tageting the building but unable to actually chop the blocks down (fixed) Upgrades have been put back in

-Merge Lumberjack\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s Hut and Lumber camp
-Merge complete (Birch and Oak now farmed)
-Create Building variation where the building\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s can be made of oak, birch or jungle.
-Lumber farm
-Builders Hut
-Birch and Stone
-Oak and Cobblestone
-Birch and Stone
-Oak and Cobblestone
-Choose a definitive build style and separate into 3 sections of low class, middle class and upper class relevant both to number of upgrades and status of building.
-An error on my behalf where the Birch slabs on the lumber farm B roof weren\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t inverted looks nice, consider using it on some more buildings
-Make the Merchant House smaller and then expand to current size
-Changed the merchant house to have an upgrade adding the 4,5 and 6 rooms.
-Redo the inn
-Create a Hospital
-Create an Alchemy Store
*Started but is still buggy
*Has now been delted due to unknown problems
-Create more quests
-Deliver Resources quests
*Needs Dialogue
*A few bugs
-Bugs Fixed
-Dialogue added
-2 Quests
-Merchant House Banisters feel to low, remove the bottom layer
-Review Fortified Church
-Edited pillars and added upgrades

-Resource Store (1 upgrades)
-Added stone pillars to corners on original spawn
-Fortified Church (4 upgrades)
-Added Sub building Archer camp
-Added A1 upgrade
-A0 edited to have Oak Wood pillars in wall
-Added A3
-Added A4
-Lumber farm (1 upgrades) (1 Variation)
-Added Upgrades to Birch and Oak designs, adds +1 tree to farm and replaces the building corners and doorway with either Birch or Oak wood (not planks)
-Removed due to bug that stopped lumberjack harvesting after upgrade
-Re-added as bug was fixed

-Done 1 skin
-Farmer (Cattle and Sheep as well)
-Done 2 skins
-Done 1 skin
-Dye Farmer
-Done 1 skin
-Glass Smith
-Uses Smith skins
-Done 1 skin
*Is currently deleted

-Buildings need to finish in a more grand style
-No villager crafting for Packed Cobble (need to create craftpackedcobble.txt)
-Economic District has too many villagers and buildings upon spawn
-Buildings reduced by one (merged lumber camp and lumber hut)
-Buildings Reduced by two (returned to wheat farm home removed wheat farm, farmer hut and sugar cane farm form start.

Custom Blocks/Items:
-Implemented Custom Items/Blocks
-Fine Stone
-Removed cross from top and bottom of block
-Engraved Stone
-Polished Stone
-Packed Cobble
-Polished Wood
-Improved texture
-Polished Planks
-Old Wood
-Teutonic Broadsword
-Texture Dosen\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t show up in game
-Error was in the naming of the texture (fixed)
Texture dosen\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t look great, probably remake it.
-Teutonic Armor (all 4 pieces with base textures similar to iron and stats that vary on par with diamond)
-Won\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t load in game, can\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t find the item name

-Need to update mod items to 1.8/1.9 for future update
-Need to add a custom crop for culture
-Fixed a few selling mistakes
-Changed the folder format to be in millenaire-custom/mods

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Discover the Teuton culture. (Texture Pack Invictus 1.0)

Trade and commerce are key. (Texture Pack Invictus 1.0)

Find grand fortified churches. (Texture Pack Invictus 1.0)

And help grow their economy. (Texture Pack Invictus 1.0)