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Teuton Culture
Category: Custom Culture   Culture: Other   Author: Xour   Version: 0.3

This culture has been a side project of mine on and off for quite a while now, If you find any bugs or mistakes the please post them in the Teuton discussion in the custom content forum or message me. A few of the buildings are going to be redone as they were just test structures.

Most of all I hope you enjoy this culture as an add-on to the fantastic mod that is Millenaire!

Version 0.3 Contains
-35 buildings and sub-buildings with plenty of upgrades
-50 new goals
-42 new villagers
-3 new quests
-5 lone buildings and 1 bandit camp
-A full language dialogue that I will be expanding
-3 towns and 1 controlled village
-Custom Blocks and Items

Changelog 0.3

-Ported to 1.12.2
-A bunch of bug fixes
-Teuton Armor
-Lots of tweaks to villages

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Discover the Teuton culture. (Texture Pack Invictus 1.0)

Trade and commerce are key. (Texture Pack Invictus 1.0)

Find grand fortified churches. (Texture Pack Invictus 1.0)

And help grow their economy. (Texture Pack Invictus 1.0)