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1.6.4 Blocklist - backwards compatibility + new & forgotten blocks (1.1)
Category: Utility   Culture: Other   Author: lorddamien   Version: 1.6.4

Hi folks,

I\\\\\\\'ve added all blocks until 1.6.4, including pots with all vegies, all kinds of redstone stuff (buttons, droppers, levers..), activated trapdors to create shutters and big pots, ANVILS, etc..

I will be very happy if you can test it and report any issues within. Miss any blocks?

- Backup your blocklist file and color list, inside your .minecraft/mods/millenaire/ folder (copy it somewhere else or with a different name)
- Unzip this file contents to your .minecraft/mods/millenaire/ folder
- Now you should have all blocks working

List of everything working:

Ores and blocks: Ore emerald, Emerald block, Redstone block, Coal block, Chiseled Sandstone
Redstone stuff: Tripewire and tripwire source (AD), commandblock, beacon, Stone button (AD), Wood button (AD), weighted plate light and heavy, activator rail, hopper, comparator, trapdor active (Nice to do decorative stuff), lever (AD)
Nature stuff: flower pot with all vegies+mushrooms, carrots, potatoes, hayblock (AD), mycelium, fire (for fireplaces or quests)
Vanity (using some of Jamerance\\\\\\\'s* block list): Clay hardened and Stained Clay all collours, Carpet all colours, Cowebs
Useful stuff: Anvils (AD), Trapped Chests (AD), Ender Chests (AD)
Nether and Ender: Quartz Stairs (AD), Nether Stairs (AD), Nether fence, nether brick, nether quartz, quartz block, chiseled quartz, Quartz Pillar (AD), Ender portal block (AD), Endstone

Partially working:

Daylightgenerator: When using the import wand, there are many status so add it through png edition
Dropper and dispenser: Direction facing issues, similar to what happens sometimes with furnaces , 90% of the time works well
Heads or Skulls: When the skull is not in a wall, the direction doesn\\\\\\\'t work. Also it doesn\\\\\\\'t have skinning, so only skeleton skulls, yet, skulls! :)
Broken or Damaged Anvils: Really you need them? Too lazy to comply
Fire: As it has many states, add it please through png edition

Not working:
- Frames and maps: They are entities, not blocks, so it requires codding like with paintings. :(


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