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Norman Buldings improvement
Category: Village Buildings   Culture: Norman   Author: felagund   Version: 1.0

Here is a new version of all normand buildings.
The buildings act just as the originals but their look is different.
Don\\\'t use with existing villages !

To install, just unzip the files in .minecraft\\\\mods\\\\millenaire-custom\\\\cultures\\\\norman\\\\custom buildings

Some buildings require unusual ressources for Normands (pin wood mostly, a little bit of birch wood and netherack).
You may need a little more space than usual cause some buildings are slightly larger than the default ones.
you can increase (if you want) gros-bourg radius (in the file .minecraft\\\\mods\\\\millenaire\\\\cultures\\\\norman\\\\villages\\\\grosbourg.txt) or don\\\\\\\'t build some player buildings (the fields for instance).

The buildings have been made using purebdcraft texture pack (but it\\\'s ok with the default pack).

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The fort

Player estate