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Marriage?!!! (The WIP Wife Dowry Addon)
Category: Village Buildings   Culture: Other   Author: felinoel   Version: 0.4

I am unsure of the limitations of player housing so this might not work, but IF a player housing can be populated by NPCs then one could essentially create a player house with a wife/husband populating it.
If that doesn\'t work though one could possibly take a regular house then and add on a subbuilding that is a player home?

Of course if this works this will be handled differently than a regular player home, it might even be free possibly but since it is also a player home it could be called a dream home or something like that for you and your betrothed and then you would be moving in together once that is built.

So this is ALL concept at the moment, I am not in the position to be capable of testing this out right now but if someone could test the below update to a player house and just toss it in the Norman buildings folder and test it out for me that would be awesome and if this works I should have marriage houses made for all of the cultures very shortly after it is confirmed to work.

Post your test results here!

Version 0.4 is now out! This one has custom dowries for two people made by request and features a custom Japanese wife and two custom Norman wives. The old Norman proof of concept wife build is still there and if anyone wants a husband or a wife from a different culture let me know!

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