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The Inuits
Category: Custom Culture   Culture: Other   Author: felinoel   Version: 0.9b

Years ago while playing Millenaire I thought to myself, I like the snowy biomes, it would be nice if there were some Millenaire villages that could spawn in them.

Since that day I have been making the Inuits culture, it may have taken quite a while and may have a bug or two for now, but here give the latest version a try and post about it, especially if you see a bug, a specific request for oak logs, or Hindi blocks in a building.

Version 0.9b of my Inuits! This version has the carving as a specific block, not as a 3d model as was intended, the 3d model will be available in Minecraft 1.8 when Millenaire comes out for Minecraft 1.8. For now, enjoy the alpha version of the Inuits 0.9! We are so close to version 1.0, when the addon mod is complete! See the link to download version 0.9b in my signature!

What is left to do:
*Additional goals
*Independent village type

To install: Inuits Materials is a separate mod entirely, put that in the mods folder of Minecraft, next to where you installed Millenaire itself. Then go to the \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"THIS is what you use to add the Inuits\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" folder and put the new goals in Millenaire\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s goals folder, replace the Millenaire block list with this block list, replace the file with this one, and put the inuits folder in the Millenaire cultures folder.

For detailed info about the culture, see here:

For bugs or any issues with this addon mod message felinoel or post here:

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