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Custom Culture - Medieval Poland (update - now with Stained Glass and Clay!)
Category: Custom Culture   Culture: Other   Author: Ysil   Version: 0.4


So... I guess that we are going back on the track with this one. Honestly, I\\\'d love to work on this project and I have waited for long to finally be able to complete it. Since we are long after the 1.7 update (while 1.8 is at breaking dawn), it is my solemn duty to announce that we are back in business and we are certainly going to finish this project (and release a demonstration pack soon enough).

Our team is focused on developing a custom-culture addon to Millenaire Mod, regarding Poland from medieval times. This addon will provide you with a fully developed culture, starting from a humble patch of land, rising to become a small, independent kingdom. This will also include few additional resources, and perhaps some usability items. Stay vigilant for more info.

EDIT: Because medieval and golden age period is quite flexible in the meaning of history, please to not point out silly things like historical mismatch. We are trying to do the best we can, to provide you with a high quality addition, to this glorious modification.


This addon is NOT YET FINISHED. And by `Not Yet Finished` I mean the download link provides you with a contact info and additional stuff regarding this project.

You have been informed.


Plans so far:

6 types of Villages and 3 types of Hamlets

* Gród (Military Village)

* Biskupstwo (Religious Village)

* Wieś (Agricultural Village)

* Faktoria (Industrial Village)

* Lenno (Player`s Village)

* Miasto (City with Hamlets)

* Folwark (Agricultural Hamlet)

* Opactwo (Religious Hamlet)

* Osada (Industrial Hamlet)



* Ysil - main builder, coordinator and owner
* Geralt2211 - second builder, coder
* Lishe - lesser builder
* SIL - lesser builder


Proposed Buildings List:

Town Centres:

* Twierdza (Fortress) - Military Village (done)
* Katedra (Cathedral) - Religious Village (done)
* Dworek (Mansion) - Agricultural Village (done)
* Ratusz (Town Hall) - Industrial Village (done)
* Zamek (Castle) - Player Village (done!)

Core Buildings

* Armoury - Zbrojownia (done)
* Archives - Archiwum (done)
* Bakery - Piekarnia (done)
* Barracks - Koszary (done)
* Brewery - Gorzelnia
* Builder`s House - Dom Budowniczego (done)
* Butcher`s Shop - Dom Rzeźnika
* Carpenter`s House - Dom Stolarza
* Cattle Farm - Obora
* Church - Kościół
* Farm - Gospodarstwo
* Forge - Kuźnia
* Grove - Zagajnik (done)
* Herb Garden - Ogród Zielny (church add-on)
* Hops Farm - Uprawa Chmielu
* Inn - Zajazd
* Library - Biblioteka
* Lumberman`s hut - Dom Drwala
* Marketplace - Targowisko
* Quarry - Kamieniołom
* Pig Farm - Chlew
* Priest`s House - Prezbiterium (done)
* Sheep Farm - Zagroda
* Tavern - Karczma
* Tower - Wieża
* Well - Studnia

Extra Buildings

* Graveyard - Cmentarz
* Grave Mound - Kurhan

Player`s Buildings

* Small Plot - Mała Działka
* Small House - Chata
* Large Plot - Duża Działka
* Large House - Dom
* Enormous Plot - Wielka Działka
* Manor - Rezydencja

Stand Alone Buildings

* Bandits Cave - Jaskinia Zbójców
* Bandits Camp - Obóz Zbójców
* Renegade Lord Castle - Zamek Renegata

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Agricultural Village Town Centre - Mansion (Dworek)

Military Village Town Centre - Fortress (Twierdza)

Industrial Village Town Centre - Town Hall (Ratusz)

Player Village Town Centre - Castle (Zamek)

Religious Village Town Centre - Cathedral (Katedra)