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The Millénaire Library, currently in beta, is designed to bring higher visibility to custom content created for Millénaire by making it easy for people to find the content in question and for content makers to upload it and keep it up to date.

Usage - Content Users

If you just want to use content, it's simple: everything is listed on the homepage. You can use the settings at the top to filter the content to focus on what interests you. Installing custom content requires a little familiarity with the way Millénaire works, more information will be added later.

Usage - Content Producers

To upload you own content, you need to create an account. This is very fast as it requires no confirmation, not even an email. Once this is done you can upload any content you have made. Until an admin confirms your account however all the content you upload will be hidden from regular user.

Future Features

The site is currently in beta, and some intended features are missing. In particular, expect to see the following added soon: